: looking for people to learn off or learn with?
Hi I'm not the best but I'm down to play some bot games with you mate :)
: Prices of new skins
Of course everyone wants to pay less for stuff, but the reality is you pay for what you get, and riot has opted to go for better quality skins that cost more but are ultimately worth it.
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: Dear RITO
You realise you don't have to "Put up with it", right? Nothing stopping you quitting the game :)
: I am wildy against the amount of damage in this game, _(honestly there needs to be a 20% damage reduction across the whole board)_. And for the most part, I disagree with 1-shotting, its nearly impossible to 'counterplay' when Draven flashes out of the fog of war and removes you from this world, before you have time to understand what is happening. However there are some _(very few, but some)_ instances where 1-shotting is acceptable imo. Zoe is one. Unlike champs like Draven and Jarvan, Zoe's entire kit is built around 1-shotting. This means that unlike the other two, either she 1-shots you and you die, or she cant 1-shot you, and she's useless. Her combo requires a lot of setup and is easily countered. Her sleepy trouble bubble gives you enough time to get behind minions or activate any defences you have, e.g. spellshiled/Zhonyas/Self-buff etc. And all parts of her combo have enough clear warning about what she's about to do and where it will be coming from. Second is Veigar. Veigar's whole identity is 'that terrifying little shit that pops you.' remove his 1-shot ability and it removes all he is, you cant have an infinitely scaling mage, and expect him not to be able to 1-hit things later in the game. What is balanced about Veigar is that he can 1-shot you, but unlike Draven/Rengo etc. he can do it easily ONCE. After his ult is gone he has to hit his W for any meaningful damage, and its hard for him to do that without his E, and that is both hard to hit and has a lengthy cooldown, so after he has 1-shot you, his damage has a lot of counterplay, meaning your team can easily dispatch him. He cant just jump into a 1v4 and burst down everyone. This one I say with a little more reluctance: Jhin's 4th shot shouldn't be a 1-shot, but it should have enough damage to feel like one. If it was up to me, id make Jhin's basic attacks unable to crit, and any crit chance he has increases the damage of his 4th shot. As it stands now, the 4th shot is definitely stronger, but not enough to truly deter many attackers. It should be that when he has his 4th shot up, even shit like Zed is afraid to go in on him. However this also means that his regular attacks are less powerful, to balance it out. After all, he is more of a burst ADC than a sustained one. And he has to get through his first 3 shots before he has access to his 4th, so its not like he can just press a button and suddenly have it available, which gives champs time to either kill him, or get the fuck out. ________________________ Those are the instances off the top of my head, where 1-shotting is appropriate. Rengar leaping out of nowhere and putting you through the blender? **NO.** Draven killing your entire team with 6 auto attacks? **NO.** Jarvan pressing R? **NO.** Kat shunpo/ult to you _(and you dying in the first 0.2 seconds of her ult)_? **NO.** Assassins should be able to 100-0 squishy champs pretty much at any time. However they should have to land **all** their kit in order to do so, _(the number of times I've managed to avoid all Zed's shurikens and still been melted, is ridiculous)_. Sustained damage champs _(with the exception of Jhin's 4th shot as mentioned above)_, should never, under any circumstances, ever be able to 1-shot you. Azir/Cassiopeia/Ashe/Vayne/Aurelion Sol/Jax/Kindred/Kog/Nasus/Darius etc etc. their damage is 'sustained' which by definition means they should have to be attacking you for a while in order to kill you.
Papa Sesshomaru, I have a confession to make. Recently, I have been doing so badly that i have resorted to playing crit zed. I know, I know, and I'm sorry, but I just can't resist the feeling pn flash r'ing to someone, autoing them once and then running away and watching them scream in frustration as boop boop boop THUNK. literally it's so funny and I'm not even sorry
: Having A Depressing Experience with this game
:( my advice is to just take a break man, that's what I did and now I'm back going 37/2 :)
BrnK (OCE)
: Except for the part where you are making things up. https://imgur.com/a/UHiFc
Ninox (OCE)
: Do you own Graves?
Yes I do, and have been receiving mastery points as usual for the past two days.
Rioter Comments
: Popularity and age of a champion. Camille is new and not very popular, so she hasn't had the chance for a new skin yet. Hell we're only just getting an Illaoi skin now. Lux has been in the game since like the Beta, almost every champion from back before Season 3 has many skins simply because they are old. With a few exceptions here and there *cough* Sion/Yorick.
Sion has plenty and spending heaps of time on a skin for a champion that barely anyone plays is a bit of a waste of time don't U think... But I think it should be at the very most 2 years between skins for each skin.
: me too i get placement in bronze 1 after won 7 games
I got B1 with 2 wins LMAO. Obviously riot thinks I'm better than I am!
KaynMid (OCE)
: Obligatory rant because i got banned and thats the latest thing to do.
Nice! I've actually inted two or three times when I had teams who hated me for their own FK ups, and haven't got banned, only one chat ban for toxicity... Like I deserved to get banned and I didnt... Fix ur shit riot (not asking for a ban tho lmao)
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: Ornn's Unstoppable (Please read)
Agree with ur pt on the unstoppable but his ultimate should have hard counters.
: Looking to try wombos in Bronze!
Hey hey hey I play Yas and malphite, add me and we can talk it through? Ended B1 last season but didn't play much ranked... Also my op.gg is bugged or something I'm not sure so don't rely on that but I'd love to have a ranked partner! I only play flex though... Is that okay? Edit: going away for 2 days, I'll be on Tuesday at the latest.
: I love the 2nd one, so hungry right now. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Hey.... I'm sure uve got a lot of spare rp... On an unrelated note, add me?
Klëd Bot (OCE)
: Kled/Aurelion Sol skin when?
They are both INCREDIBLY unpopular so there's not too much chance of them getting a skin too soon, although aurelions been out for two year and kled for 1 1/2 so...
AlexDotP (OCE)
: I can see where you are coming from, I don't watch many streamers so I don't know about Tyler1 but if that is true then it is quite unfair and bs. Just like Youtube defending the mighty Paul brothers! But really, should be banned or all unbanned. Even non toxic players gets banned, im not saying about myself but im sure there are some who got banned for no reason. World now is all about money and popularity isnt it.. smd
Tyler1 went through 2 years of reforming, he deserved his unban.
Niji (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Knevets,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=EMH9B0WA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-06T08:29:53.797+0000) > > agreed , or the people who throw %%% and gay out, also send a support ticket as well as a screen shot, f-word I can agree with but I really feel like casually using the word gay isn't that bad. Gay had its own meanings before it was applied to homosexuals and I'd say its taken on a new meaning in the past decade or so. Its just become a general "That sucks" sort of word. Unless someone uses it in a way like "I hate gays" or something I don't see it being that big a deal.
Gay meant happy... and you know damn well that no one uses it like that anymore...
Hi, I'm really sorry that this has happened to you but what most likely happened was somebody under the same wifi in that internet cafe was running some or those no-no programs that triggers the ban. My suggestion would be to submit a ticket and try as best you can to get talking with a REAL person, whether it be through the ticket system or maybe even just call them up and ask to speak to someone! If you have spent $700 it's definitely worth it going to lengths to get ur acc back. One last thing - riot has a tendency to not even talk to people who have been banned for "scripting", so if you get a copy + paste response from the people in support, make sure to keep trying elsewhere. I really hope this helps and feel free to add me as a friend if you get your acc back! Max {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
esp (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Naw,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=UyhdRsAG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-19T15:07:47.093+0000) > > Troll post? they infused blue ess and ip together. What do you mean you got non per game? Like it says.. You don't get any blue essence upon completion of a game. All you get is xp.
U get BE for first win of the day... do ur research before u start complaining. But I do agree that they should up the amount of BE in total. But a bad ig currency system doesnt affect gameplay at all... sounds like a bad player finding an excuse to quit.
yujiri (OCE)
: But he's a HEMOMANCER!!! ;-; {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Anything is scary if u say it's unex-HEMOMACER!!!
: Your report's system is disgusting, Riot
Judging by this post, u sound like u deserve to be banned {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Holy crap, who put the instant feedback system onto 'Hitler mode'?
My friend got a two week ban for telling saying "I'm not toxic you're the one who's been calling people %%%s". He said that word %%%, instant two week ban. But when someone is insulting their team in all chat, saying everything but the words that trip the ban hammer, they get away with it. Every ban that is more than a chat restriction should be checked by a real person, it would take less than 2 minutes per chatlog.
: Im loving Zoe, and every night when I'm able to play, I try to play her as much as I can. I almost never do though because she is either banned or picked first. But that is soooooooooooooooo much more preferable to blind pick and risking there being 2 Lee Sins in every game... So im not too cut up about it :P
Been maining lee sin recently, feeling like I'm betraying u man :/ but he's just so much fun and so flashy if you're good that I just can't help myself :P{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Fitzky (OCE)
: I liked the original idea they had for it, which was pretty much fervor of battle but it stacked endlessly. It sounds op at first but when you look at the other runes it really isn't that bad. If it was like 4-6 ad per stack for melee and 3-5 per stack for ranged it doesn't sound too overpowered. Plus champions like jax and tryndamere would benefit perfectly from it.
yeah i agree{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Am I being pranked?
It's based on ur performance compared to other zoe's in the same lane... zoe broken rn so yeah...
: Hey Hey Hey. Everyone is adamant that there are no Rune page bugs, and that you don't need to buy rune pages. So if your experiencing bugs, it must be all your fault in some way or another, and nothing to do with the shitty client we have that is about as reliable as a dog shitting on a carpet (So reliable, but only in that, you know what is going to happen and can rely on that)
omg im dying {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Im still waiting!
Omg yes I agree, I’m actually a lvl 7 yas but I agree he’s wayyyy op becasue of his 2x crit passive, it means he can itemise into other AD times etc. U should need to earn the crit somehow, and same with his shield.
Fitzky (OCE)
: You're either incredibly stupid or so brainwashed you can't see bullshit in front of your own eyes. If you actually follow League of legends and Riot on social media and forums such as Reddit you would know that the MAJORITY of the player base has been angry for the past week because of all the preseason changes. Don't single me and Jason out just because we have the balls to actually speak and give Riot the proper criticism they need. Before EA decided to go full retard with the release of Battlefront 2, I had never experienced such a terrible company such as Riot. Sure lots of smaller companies have done dirty things, but for a company with it's level of popularity, the decisions they make with regards to both in-game balance and player behaviour management is ridiculous. Before we get to that I'd like to also mention, regarding a recent post I saw here on the boards, that their technical team for a company their size, isn't so great either. Someone pointed out that it has been over a WEEK since the release of the new blitzcrank skins and STILL players are unable to purchase them. For a company that owns and controls the largest pc game in the world they sure must have some really massive "bugs". Now back to the main topic, remember when Riot decided to buff ap galio? How much of a nightmare that was? How much it literally made NO sense? For reference Dong Huap explained it very well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlRhxM5iNww (I've made a post on this before but for the sake of this comment I've provided evidence to back up what I'm saying) Now let me remind you that this isn't the first time Riot's balance team have gone full retard with their decisions, but this time it was so off the scales that Riot Meddler was prompted to actually PROVE that their balance team was Diamond+ : https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/4juB9T8l-quick-gameplay-thoughts-october-27 Now finally, PLAYER BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT. I'm sure some of you common board users have seen over the past few weeks the amount of posts that have been made regarding players receiving 14 day suspensions/permanent suspensions over as much as ONE WORD. You can clearly see that over the course of time Riot are getting stricter and stricter, it was already stupid beforehand, but now its just ridiculous. It makes you wonder if they are actually understanding what happened in a players game or just straight up seeing that their little system found a "trigger word" and went "alright see ya" and boom that's another player, along with hundreds of dollars that they spent down the drain. It just really makes you start to think of how much Riot caters to the "Pure Christian" players and just gives 0 fucks to everyone else. Like sure if someone swears off their head in an angry and attacking manner they should be deemed "toxic", but the game is tilting enough as it is and sometimes people just let off a little steam. They are not actually toxic players, most of them are probably nice people irl, but to take everything they have with this game away with them because of "one bad game" is unfair. What's also unfair is when players troll in this game and ruin your experience and you are punished for yelling at them like you are the bad guy. The trolls get away scot free because they stayed silent, hidden in the shadows doing their dirty work, and you get banned for raising your voice against them. This is exactly what happened to me, I learnt from my 14 day suspension, I changed my ways, I kept my mouth shut when a bronze player did something dumb. But the one game I opened my mouth because some asshole decided to ruin a ranked game, not only for me, but for 3 other innocent people, I get permanently suspended and lost $300 along with the years of experience I had on that account. That was the day I had had enough, I will not sit by and let this kind of bullshit exist in this game that I LOVE. Yes you are right, I don't choose to uninstall League because I like the game, and I believe it can be fixed, I believe it has a chance. Which is why I RAISE MY VOICE AND LET IT BE HEARD. RIOT NEEDS TO LISTEN AND LEARN ON WHAT THEY NEED TO FIX NOT ONLY IN THEIR GAME BUT FOR THEMSELVES. So I will continue to post, I will continue to provide my opinion. You don't have to agree with me, it's an opinion after all, not a fact. It can't always be right, but it can be loud. It can be powerful, which is why I often repeat things across multiple posts, so Riot can see, so they can notice me and what I have to say. So hopefully, they will listen. So really all I can say is, don't call us out like we some kind of trolls or hate bigots. I can't say anything about JasonWazza, but all I'm trying to do is speak my mind, and let my opinion be heard. Because sometimes you need to go that extra mile, sometimes you need to use bigger and harsher words so that they are noticed. Otherwise they'll be lost among the rest of random and "unthoughtful" comments. “I am very little inclined on any occasion to say anything unless I hope to produce some good by it.” ― Abraham Lincoln
U are doing a good thing yes, and I myself was pretty salty when I made this post coz I’m just sick of all the anger on these boards, but to u and everyone else just try to come up with solutions instead.
: Hey man, I'm sorry you've found things to be a bit negative, its true that the boards aren't always cascading with positivity. But you have to consider the purpose of the boards, they are here for discussion, and really, if everything is perfect, there is no discussion. _"Summoners rift looks mighty fine today doesn't it chap!" 'Oh yes old boy! quite right, quite right."_ Who wants the boards to be as boring as that? I also disagree with you about your statement: > if this game pisses you off so much, why don’t you just quit? There’s nothing stopping you from pressing that uninstall button and just leaving. The reason they (or any of us) complain, is because we DO care about the game, and want to make it the best game it can possibly be. It's because people care that they make complaints. Each of us has our own vision of where we think the game should go in order to be better, Fitzky has his, JasonWazza has his, I have mine, and you will have yours. I care about this game a lot, and so I will fight tooth and nail against a change that I think will be unhealthy for the game. even if it does make a post with a negative vibe. Fitzky and JasonWazza do the same as do many others. The game isnt perfect, and will never be, but it's the quest to _try_ and make it perfect that is what actually makes positive changes to the game. _______________ Like HeartVine says, there are loads of 'better' games than league. Taking HeatVine's example of Elder Scrolls here, the elder scrolls game that's closest to league is ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), now it would probably take me literally an entire day to walk across the whole map! _(as opposed to the 50 or so seconds it takes me to traverse summoners rift)_ and every 30 seconds there is a new highly detailed quest available, each with its own new characters and voice acting, rewards, story. Not to mention innumerable ways to customise your character and itemisation. as well as amazing graphics for a game of that size, so in pretty much every category it classifies as a better game that league. _(especially seeming all league is, is essentially just playing the same board game again and again and again with slightly different rules)_ ESO Is an awesome game that you could play non stop for years and years and not be able to do all there is to do in it. But quite frankly, they don't give 2 shits about their player base! My favourite armour in the game costs **$50 USD** as a micro transaction! and literally all it is, is the ability to re-skin your in-game armour _(no functional purpose either)_, and you can get the armour for free anyway if you try hard enough. Also, the only way to get decent things from the micro-transaction store is a lucky dip system _(obviously heavily favoured towards giving you the shitty things)_ Like, honestly what self respecting company asks $50 _(more like $65 in our money)_ for something a player can get for free anyway. Does Riot care more about their player base than the ESO developers? **YES!** does that make them have the better game? **NO!** However! The difference is: I'm not going to post on the ESO forums every day _(or maybe even at all)_, because I know that no one will give a damn. If they want to charge $50 for essentially a chroma pack to someone who has already paid $100+ for the actual game itself, they sure as hell aren't going to care enough about their players to listen to my little suggestions or issues. The conclusion is that ESO is a good game, but it will just stay a good game. Where league is a good game, but has the potential to just get better and better _(or worse of course)_. I mean a couple of years ago it looked like this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Q90pDrndMOI/maxresdefault.jpg And coming from that to what we have now is in no small part due to players voicing their concerns and suggestions. Which is why people like Fitzky and JasonWazza are doing more for this game than 90% of players because they care enough to come to the forums and tell Riot without fear, what they think is bad and how it should be changed. So ESO will eventually get outdated and die, it relies too heavily on large player bases that it treats like shit, it will take a wrong turn at some point _(because they haven't listened to the people)_ and will haemorrhage players and that'll be that. and it'll be a tragedy. But League will live on because it isn't a 'good game', its an 'adaptable game'. But it can only adapt if we tell riot what is wrong with it. Unfortunately, as many people have pointed out, Riot is making very big mistakes of late, short term moneymaking ones, and it _appears_ they aren't listening as much to the players anymore, which is all the more reason to speak out and make the will of the players heard. _________________ #**TL;DR:** I would argue that people like Fitzky and JasonWazza care more about, and do more for the game than 90% of players. Because out of all of all the players in the server, **they** are the ones that come to the boards and stand up to say _"Hey, this is wrong! The game can be better than this! We aren't going to settle for anything less than that best you can give us!"_ and that is how league grows and becomes better. It doesn't get any better if we all just sit back and shake eachother's hands about how wonderful the game is.
Yeah, I agree with u on the most part but just COMPLAINING without suggesting a solution is what pisses me off so much. This is why I always read ur posts and enjoy them, becasue u actually propose solutions instead of mindlessly complaining. Yeah there are lots of problems but we need solutions not just endless salt.
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: Thanks for the skin tab
Haha thought there might be some positivity on the boards but we can’t have that can we? 😂
: And just so we are clear, you aren't going to get the average amount of BE.
When brain dead salt gets in the way of junior school math... the vast majority of people will get the average or around it. That’s why its called the AVERAGE!
lava lord (OCE)
: riot will never allow it. they realize to many toixc people will use it and not get punished. another source of income for them is to ban players and get them to re buy content on new accounts
Bro ur posts r so negative all the time, ur exactly the kinda guy we DONT need in this community. Just get off the boards kid.
TokSarga (OCE)
: How to claim my arcade corki skin?
just do it the same way u redeem rp cards! :D
: I haven't gotten a key shard in, like, 200 games.
U don't get them from games anymore, they're part of the honour system, which from what I've seen in your posts, doesn't seem like something you would be too high up in... =P
: New free champion rotation: Galio, Vayne, Sona and more!
: Priscilla, the Occult
Looks absolutely broken lol
: Just saying that vayne is disgustingly broken because if I have 2 Pentas with her under 30 games you know something is wrong with that champ
I had 4 on yasuo in my first week and a half of playing him only playing 1-3 games a day lol. Edit: don’t hate me I don’t play him much anymore
: Can we have the old client back?
That’s because ur in the “invited” tab. The new client is a HUGE improvement so please stop complaining already. It’s been months!
: Uh all the champs have that hahah it’s a bug I’ve done it on 20+ champs
I think it's just if you don't have a world's emote it pops up... looks like it might be the base of one...
: I just spent 20 minutes oiling a bench AMA
: How do I change my controls
Go in to settings, either ig or in client, I think it's in the visuals -> communications tab.
Smacer (OCE)
: Unfortunately thats what they did last year, they went through the design process of Ivern, like how he originally had no damage in his kit {{champion:427}}
Sounds like fkin bard! (1 dmg ability [unless u build bard like I do {rageblade, wit's end, ruunans, berkerker's, bork and gunblade}])
: It's not about the worth of the skin. I agree its not even a great skin _(certainly not worth 10 gemstones)_. But the point is, the people who **do** want it, have no control over if they can get it or not. A beginner League player might live down the road from PAX, rock up on the weekend, get the skin, not really care, and quit playing league a couple of months later. Where a Sivir main who lives in another country might desperately want this skin for Sivir _(after all its been around for so long but not been able to be bought)_, but not want to have to fork out hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a flight to US or Aussie, or a similar price farming chests. Im not sure who your main is, but just imagine they released a one time only skin for them that you really liked, but said _"sorry mate, if you don't live in the czech republic, you cant get it. tough luck."_ Sure its not the end of the world, but you'd see people in game playing it, and it'd feel stink.
Aaaaah, see ur point now (only coz u made me imagine a czech jinx skin) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
AiHan (OCE)
: Same, I got demoted from TSM to plat 5 cause of this bug
Yeah and I lost 10K RP!!! Please refund it (it won't show on purchase history so don't bother checking that ;)
Leptonyx (OCE)
: 7. I'd like to see something to do with splash arts, the most beautiful part of league of legends. perhaps a process of it.
Yeah, I think some of the splash art is AMAZING (those blood moon skins this year were on point!)
: I'd like to see a panel on how champions are concepted. For example, how do you create the ideas for their abilities and lore, what type of theme and role they should fit, basically building a new champ from nothing rather than something like a rework.
: It doesn't really matter how good or bad a skin it is, it's a 'limited' skin. So basically if you're not at PAX, and don't have enough gemstones _(both things you have almost no control over,)_ You will NOT get another chance to buy it. Which means future Sivir mains will miss out, current Sivir mains who can't go to PAX will miss out. Just to make the couple of hundred players that go to PAX feel special. Hypothetically: I could be a die hard Sivir main with 1 gemstone who lives in Rarotonga. Which means It is pretty much impossible for me to get that skin. Nothing about that seems fair to me! Does that seem fair to you? All content in the game should be reasonably accessible to all players at some point. Anything that is only available to some players and not others, is straight up discrimination. Also nothing in ocean week is exclusive to OCE, the special icons and stuff we get are distributed to the rest of the world a couple of months later and are valuable for purchase _(as it should be)_, likewise with the 'ocean week-esq' events that the rest of the servers have.
Cmon man, it's a bloody cosmetic item that doesn't affect the game (which doesn't affect anything in your real life). Do you REALLY care about that. It's just a fun thing for those that do go. In my opinion, the skin isn't even that great really.
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