Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Positive play discussion
it would be quite effective if Rito reduced lp gain/increase lp loss of toxic players, or reduced the number of games lost in a row to drop divisions/tiers, not by so much that they would constantly drop to bronze, but enough so, so that they would at least pretend to be nice in game
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: Does Shaco even need Hunter's Machete?
i pref to rush the rangers trailblazer, stun aoe, heals for 15% OF MISSING HEALTH and MANA when used on jg camps, which can be a lifesaver when invading or getting counterjungled, if the enemy is a squishy jglr or travels a predictable route it is well worth getting, then rush tiamat/boots, but if i get 2 succesful ganks off before the first b, then i would usually just rush for the tiamat
Frost09 (OCE)
: LFM Jungler and 2 subbs plat+
ign: Moose Division: plat 4 sub/jg: pref jg am willing to learn j4 (but main shaco) goal to reach diamond early in season available most nights, and can work around a roster skype and curse strength in snowballing and counter jungling weakness would be in shot calling, but i have a good idea of what i should be doing
: How can I improve at support?
agree with the other comments, Most of supporting is finding a support that reflects your play style, eg if u play balls to the walls go thresh leona blitz, if u like defensive go soraka lulu etc, it took me ages to actually like playing support, i went from being worst support oce to fairly decent ( above 50% win rate as suport lol) just by finding a support i liked, just try a few different supports and see who synchronizes well with which adc is being chose/ don't pick nami/sona into blitz, and you will be fine
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