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: Looking for people to join a ranked team. Gold+
Hi, I main mid. Best champs are morgana, akali, ahri. I have skype. Can paly often and am in Gold 5 atm. MovedNutria1 is league name.
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: 4.20 Patch Bugs Megathread
Hi, when in game my fps will be around 80-110 for the first 5 minutes. After this it drops from 1-10 (unplayable). Every once in a while it'll jump back up to 80-110 and will jump back to 1-10. It cycles like this for the whole game. How can i fix this? And also, attached is my R3d logs from the last game. I heard that they can help. Cheers{{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{summoner:17}} {{item:3070}}


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