OCEshots (OCE)
: So how did everyone go with their season? everyone reach their goals?
I’m no longer a bronze scrub so that’s exciting
: riot obsession
Xayah doesn’t, reworked Eve doesn’t. There been a lot of champions with mobility but if you go back before keld 5 champions in a row either had no dive or gap closer or had a long cooldown movement ability E.g Taliyahs Wall and A-Sols Comet of Legend. Mobility creep is definitely a thing but you cherry picked the shit of your example
: League of Legends is being eaten alive by Epic Games, aka a real gaming company
: So lets have a real talk about this riot.
Bridge895 (OCE)
: Does anyone feel disillusioned with the current state of League?
I don’t know about disillusioned. There are some things that I’m concerned about but I still enjoy the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mozzie25,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=4JZegyvW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-29T22:13:42.062+0000) > > New Yorik is a much better champ though. The old version was cool sure but his abilities didn’t really fit. The rework kept his identity while making him useful. i think that old yorick's abilitie did fit in league. Like he's ult which is coming back from dead
Not fit as in thematically. Fit as in they weren’t useful in the game. New yorick is a split pusher that can duel you if he has ghouls up. What was old yorick good at? Sure his ghouls were an annoying in lane but after that they aren’t going to bring impact to a team fight like other top laners will. And his ult while cool was not that useful.
: Kled is the most broken champion.His life is so annoying that when i see him I ragequit.I cant counter him with any vhampion I try so please do something
This is two years old. Don’t necro
: #Yorick.
I second this. Don’t leave him alone once he gets triforce. He will take multiple towers. Not to mention he can push a lane without actually being in it.
: Is there any way that yorick might be back
New Yorik is a much better champ though. The old version was cool sure but his abilities didn’t really fit. The rework kept his identity while making him useful.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: riots quality balance team
Asks a bunch of question then immediately says please don’t try to explain it to me. Swell logic buddy
: Why is it teams use their Junglers as a scapegoat?
Honestly it is bull shit to blame the jungler. But at the same time a jungler can have a massive effect on the match. So when yours has none and spends 20 mins farming it can be infuriating. As a top laner it took me a while but I have gotten use to being on an island. If I get a gank from my jungler awesome. If I don’t that’s completely fine. But when your getting camped by the enemy jungler and yours is failing to do anything at all, it can be pretty rage inducing. Honestly I think the reason they attract rage is that there absense is more notable. If your bot dies a couple of times it’s a problem that will have to be dealt with. But you can probably lane safely for a while. If you jng dies a couple of times and now you have a lee sin preventing you from moving up to farm under penalty of death that’s a bit more noticeable. The effectiveness or lack there of is also much more obvious. If you get ganked top a couple of times and die but your jng fucks up his ganks bot and doesn’t get anything it’s a pretty big sign something has gone wrong. At the same time there’s different expectations of junglers to laners. As a laner if you exit lane even with no deaths or kills that’s ok. If you as a jungler fail to secure any assists or kills that’a viewed negatively as your supposed to be making things happen.
: Nasus heals every blow it is stupid his stacking is stupid he counters every other champ there is no champ that can beat a decent nasus player he can just 1 strike tanks down nearly it is stupid beyond belief and why not create a hard counter they made female yas (irelia) Just what we needed an inf jumping stunning yas in female form. What about yas him self 1v5 a whole team simply because lol why not .
Nasus has heaps of weakness. Teemo, Chogath and Darius smack him around in lane with ease. He need to stack to be useful. Either attack him while he’s weak or use the fact he needs to farm to take other objectives. I’m not sure what a rant about Irelia and yas has to so about Renekton. It sounds like you just don’t know how to deal with Hyper carries
: YBR is that you?
That’s what I thought when I saw this post
: so this guy
No namerino shamerino
: Ability power nerf for Veigar
It’s your responsibility to take advantage of champions weaknesses. If your letting a game go on until veigar has over 1500 ap he’s hitting his win condition. You didn’t take advantage of his weak early game to put him behind and snowball the game
Joiksu (OCE)
: If you think some champion is OP, just play it and see how you go. You might not want to nerf it after a few games :)
Don’t necro this is a year old
: Suggestion for Renekton
This would just make remekton ridiculous when playing against Nasus. Nasus is already weak early and Renekton is a massive bully. You’d create the hard counter all other counters want to grow up to be.
Wuks (OCE)
: Boards Updates Have Landed!
: TBH The Hardest Role in LoL is...
While I disagree adc is the hardest role in league. I will give you one thing. It can really freaking suck to solo q as an ADC. Especially at lower elos. Because boy oh boy it’s basically a lottery. If you get a good support than playing ADC can be a breeze. If you don’t have any peel on your team get ready get popped by the zed or yas the other team has. But that doesn’t necessarily correlate to ADC being hard. Mid laners can have the same problem. Try playing vel’koz agaisnt an assassin with no peel on your team. There’s ways around it though. Pick an ADC who has a knock back like tris or vayne. Or a jump like tris or ez. Or someone with cc like Ashe. Assassins can’t blow you up if there stunned as the fight starts. If your getting one shot by top lane tanks that’s on your positioning. Only super engage tanks like naut and maokai have an easy way to lock you up and get to you. And even then you can get mercurial. Bruisers are infinitely kiteable. It’s there weakness.
: Hehehehehehehehehe Where is Sesh 😂
: Does anyone feel like Lee Sin is too squishy compared to other champions?
: Addressing low ELO top-laners
That can happen with tanks though. There supposed to be on the front line so if things go wrong there the ones that are gonna die.
: The HUGE problem with "illaoi"
Make sure you clear out her tentacles whenever you get a chance both in lane and after. Like everyone else says dodge her E. She’s a lane bully so early your always gonna struggle agaisnt her. Don’t try to harass her early unless your as big of a bully or you have a way to kill her tentacles from range. After lane. Make sure you rotate a lot. Don’t fight her after she’s set up 3 tentacles and the hits and ult to get another 3+. That’s how you get destroyed by her. If she’s set herself up around a turret. Rotate to another objective like dragon. She’s weak walking into a frame with no tentales set up She has some harsh counterpicks. Personally I just pick nasus into her. You can q stack of her tentacles. All you need to do is play safe and scale up.
Bookbash (OCE)
: I just came on to play a few games. First game today, felt like i was playing vs bronze 5 botlane. Turns out I was.... [See the game here.](https://imgur.com/a/SEe1Q) When as a support i do more damage than their entire botlane combined, and you have Gold 4s in Bronze 5 games, you have to ask... **What kind of fucked up matchmaking is that Riot?** This is 9:30pm AUSEDT on a weekday where kids are still awake.
Dude this thread is a year old don’t necro
: I understand they want shorter queue times, but to do it at my expense? I play casuals for fun, for my own enjoyment. Being forced to play a position I don't know how or want to play is annoying. It's not enjoyable or fun in my opinion, which is the complete opposite of what I expect in a casual match.
: but think of it this way, if the queues are so longer because there are no supports, then support players are rewarded. so either you play support every once in a while, or you always have long queues.
But we have that now? That’s literally what auto fill does now. I play support every now and then even though it’s not my primary role and we have shorter queues
: id rather wait 3 extra minutes in queue than lose 20lp and 40 minutes
The queues could potentially be much longer than that. Even with autofill I’ve had a couple of 5 - 10 minute queues. You really want that or longer to be the norm?
: did you even read what i said?
Yup. We need auto fill otherwise the queues get to long. And opting people out of a role still lengthens the queues. It used to be a literal lottery on what position you got. This is so much better. People sucking at support is ok them, not the system.
: How do you feel about the guy in that video who is denying reality, telling you that you are the one denying reality. This is a simple argument that has basic logical principles. You can't logically claim anything you say is always right and that I am not allowed to consider it wrong once I have read and understood the text you have provided on this thread. If you did not put forward what you were trying to say correctly in the first place, then take the time to correct the statements and convey your message correctly. If you want to help me, perhaps try to help me my way, since none of the other ways have succeeded. I know what will change my mind, so why not work with that?
That’s not how the ranking system works. Also > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000006,timestamp=2018-02-09T01:55:04.033+0000) > > https://imgur.com/a/yRKDJ > > The mathematics of the system being used should be self explanatory in disproving itself Makes no sense
: Am done - after 7+ Years
I mean people are getting instant two week bans for hate speech right now so half this rant makes no sense. Also nice level 22 account that you’ve played on for 7 years.
: How do you feel about the guy in that video who is denying reality, telling you that you are the one denying reality. This is a simple argument that has basic logical principles. You can't logically claim anything you say is always right and that I am not allowed to consider it wrong once I have read and understood the text you have provided on this thread. If you did not put forward what you were trying to say correctly in the first place, then take the time to correct the statements and convey your message correctly. If you want to help me, perhaps try to help me my way, since none of the other ways have succeeded. I know what will change my mind, so why not work with that?
> [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > > So you agree that teammates do affect your games, good. > > The problem is that by saying "if you are better than your rank you will climb", you are claiming that teammates can't affect your games. No I’m not. The only person that is in every single one of your ranked games is you. Bad team mates come and go as do good ones. You’ll vs bad players and good ones as well. But over the 1000s of games you’ve played if you were at the level you claim you’re at you would be able to climb. You team mates can affect individual games, they cannot stop you from climbing over hundreds of games. As for every bad team mates you have you’ll have an average or good one. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) >Here is the statement I think you are trying to make: > "On average, if you are better than the majority of players in your games then you will climb" No I said what I meant to say. This right here is straw manning to the extreme. You literally just made up an argument loosely based off my statements and then argued against it. But ill address some of our points anyway. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > This implies there are outliers which means some people will get carried and some people will be held back. I have seen such outliers on the opposite scale as well with someone getting 95% winrate over 400+ games on a single champion. This is the reason why people say your rank really isn’t set until you’ve played a good number of games. Once you have played a couple of hundred games you rank is no longer an outlier. It’s where you belong at your current skill level. There is no way for anyone to get carried consistently with random team mates. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > Therefore, if it is possible to disregard rank, then it must be disregarded because luck has too much of an impact on how your rank CAN be affected. You could be higher or lower than your current rank but you will never know because it is based on a team game and not your own ability. This literally makes zero sense. Like none, I’m not even sure where to start. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > I have tested the advice of many people multiple times but nothing has worked effectively. > > Which is why I am asking for help in the way I best see fit. Rather than the way others think is best because that has not worked. Oh really? Because I have seen multiple people tell you to stop playing just Twitch and to change up your build path but im betting if I check your OP.GG you’ll still be doing those things. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iIK7KBC1wM0qL24zMxIcZ1-hxfHwMtrV7b9ltgbfy9g/edit#gid=0 This is the last time I will address this spread sheet because I had already explained to you in another thread why it’s not evidence. 1. You can’t compare your team mates to other players. That’s introducing the players as a variable. You need to compare them against base averages. 2. You can’t compare Gold OCE players to players in other regions and ranks 3. You need to introduce more than KDA. It does not solely indicate if someone had a good performance or a bad one. You need to add at least damage and gold earned. 4. You can’t compare across win rates. Of course ADPO’s team mates had better KDA, those games had a win rate of 100% compared to the around 50% Gather those stats and put your team mates against the average gold player’s stats across games of similar win rates then it could mean something. Until them it’s just some KDA’s and I won’t be addressing it again. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > It was met with claims that you affect your teammates more than they affect you even though there is only one of you and 4 of them which is blatantly illogical. No it’s not. Faker while have more of an effect on 4 Bronze OCE Players than they will on him. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > Even if the equation is not simple, it should be already created somewhere for public record that the system these games are designed around actually work as intended. So it would be pretty simple to link the path to finding that equation, otherwise how would people know that the system they are using works as intended? Each company uses their own ranking system. Leagues is different to DOTA’s which is different to World of Tanks. This is not a simple A + B = C equation. I don’t know maybe because the really good players are playing at the top level while the Bronzies are in Bronze. What evidence do you have that it doesn’t work? Give me an example that isn’t you. > [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EmP1i2Kq,comment-id=00000000000000000001000100000000000000000000000000000004,timestamp=2018-02-08T10:16:30.018+0000) > They would just be using blind faith and propaganda that the company feeds them in their thought process to reach their conclusion. So if that is the case you are essentially under the influence of others and not in control of your own mind. ……. God you’re an ass
: How do you feel about the guy in that video who is denying reality, telling you that you are the one denying reality. This is a simple argument that has basic logical principles. You can't logically claim anything you say is always right and that I am not allowed to consider it wrong once I have read and understood the text you have provided on this thread. If you did not put forward what you were trying to say correctly in the first place, then take the time to correct the statements and convey your message correctly. If you want to help me, perhaps try to help me my way, since none of the other ways have succeeded. I know what will change my mind, so why not work with that?
I can't believe I have to explain this again. No one is saying your team mates have no effect on the outcome of the game. What they are saying is that if your better than the rank your in you will climb despite any effect your team mates might have on the game. Especially when you play 1000+ as the effect of your team mates while balance out with the teams your vsing. Plenty of people have offered advice to you multiple times on what you could do to improve. Have your tried any of that yet? You don't want a coach to help you win. You want a coach to offer advice, which you'll promptly ignore because you consider yourself to be the best ADC in the world. And when you still lose that somehow proves your right As for your "simple mathematical equation disregarding teammates effects on the outcome of the game" there is no such thing because such an equation would not be simple. And considering you have not supplied any kind of proof that your team mates are whats keeping you in your rank why would people bother
: I tried free high level coaching before but they just analysed a replay, didn't help at all. No one's time is more valuable than anyone else's.
People want challenger players to coach them. That means theirs a demand, which means they can charge for that time. In terms of league their time is quite literally more valuable than yours.
: That's why you will find, that no one on boards takes anything he says as anything serious.
I don’t think anyone that’s talked to him for longer than 5 minutes will take him seriously.
: ***
Yeah. I mean I’ve experienced him before but that was a whole new level. And some of those other posts holy moly.
: ***
Holy shit I’ve never seen that interview before. What a train wreck
: Why does no one want to live coach me?
Or maybe they’ve picked up your “I’m always right” attitude and think your uncoachable.
00shots00 (OCE)
: pro league is no where near the same as solo Q. they don't play as aggressive unless its a 2-3v1 in the laning phase.
There’s been multiple pro mid laners getting a solo kill on him. But that’s irrelevant none of the things you brought up are nerfs
Auto fill is a thing get over. Before the current system it was essentially a lottery where you ended up.
: How climbing works, and what you can do.
I know we disagree on pretty much everything but this is some pretty solid advice dude.
00shots00 (OCE)
: its not as long and and its so much easier to dodge. and yes his new ult is more team utility but only if he gives up his lane or his opponent is weird enough to lose said lane. his old ult lasted so much longer and could really impact a game just as much if not more than his new form. anyways I'm not complaining one of the best lanes to vs so it is what it is
But it’s got a much lower cooldown. You said they nerfed the fuck out of galio with his change. I don’t see any real nerfs here. His old ult might have lasted longer but a qss completely counters it. He’s been played in the pros pretty much constantly since the change. Pretty sure you have an easy time agaisnt is more to do with the people playing him that the champion
00shots00 (OCE)
: yes I did and his ulti was amazing and sort of stuffed me around as an auto attacker based champ.
And he now has a taunt on his e. Sure it’s not a super long and doesn’t reflect all the damage but with the lower cooldown it’s arguably more useful. His current ult is way more useful than this old one. Long range, damage resistance as well as damage and a knock up
: My point is less about Ryze specifically and more about the mindset that as soon as an interesting mechanic starts to be abused, rather than try to fix it, they just get rid of it immediately. Take the support items for example, they have been fine for years, then a few non-support champs start abusing them, instantly delete support items.
Ok I can understand that. But in a lot of instances I don’tsee any other choice riot have. Those interesting mechanics tend to be powerfulwhich makes balancing the champions incredibly difficult. Azir is a good example because he spent a fair bit of his time (before the ult change) either useless or broken. Now I am not going to say his ult as is interesting as it was but now they can balance his damage a bit easier without worrying about theult making him impossible to play against. If they don’t make the change he spends the majority of his time as an under powered champion, interesting sure. But underpowered. Now I understand you were probably ok with that, but if he spent to long like that you probably would have people complaining about how weak Azir was. I completely understand what you’re saying. I still miss old Quinn, sure new Quinn does more damage is definitely a stronger champion. But it’s just not the same, sure it’s still fun to screen down the lane out 1000 miles an hour. But actually turning into Valour was great. With that being saidI understand why they made the change. In her old form she was definitely underpowered, but any attempt to buff her without the ult changes probably would have made her stronger than intended. Yeah quite frankly I think those changes had been planned for a while. They were announced and pushed through so quickly there was no way Riot wasn’t already working on them before every lane started using spell thief’s. I don’t play a ton of support so I can’t comment on the effect but the intention (as far as I understand if from listening to stuff like the dive)bwas to free up some of the gold supports have to spend on site stone, to spend on other things. But talking about spelltheifs let’s talk about what other things that could have been made. Because unless I missed the announcement, it hadn’t been buffed substantially before people started using it in other lanes. It was simply people adapting an item to the Meta. Now if you just nerf spelltheifs stats sure the other lanes might stop using it, but that would have hurt the supportsthat need it even harder and they weren’t in a great place at the time.Personally I would have dropped the gold gained from poking but upped the gold gained from other champions on your team last hitting minions near you. But inthat case you’re still weakening the supports who take it slightly. I’m not going to go into Adcs taking targons. That was probably more solvable, but like I said above, I’m pretty sure they had this in theworks for a while. You don’t just change every support item on the whim of theother lanes. Also sorry for the wall of text
00shots00 (OCE)
: easiest lane to vs in ,y opinion to be honest man. once you bait out his combo and dodge the Q and E he's a sitting duck
Did you ever play agaisnt old galio? The new one does more damage and has more ultility. Whatever you think of the change it definitely was a nerf
: > [{quoted}](name=Mozzie25,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=I5m5o4Br,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-06T23:31:39.242+0000) > > Bahahahaha did you seriously just say new galio was a nerf? No, I said it was a different champion. Nice comprehension bro.
Not you the other guy. That would be why I replied to his comment not yours. I’m not sure about galio I think his change is good. But I’m unsure about Swain. At least galios kinda had his soul still there. Like you said Swain is pretty much an entirely new champ
00shots00 (OCE)
: yeah the nerfed the fuck out of them too with their changes.
Bahahahaha did you seriously just say new galio was a nerf?
: OMG just stop!
I’m not sure I see your point about the ryze change. Once he had zhoynas he was pretty much impossible to kill with his ultimate up. And with stop watch it just got worse. Seems like them reacting to how items and skills are being used to me. As for ruin changes. I would guess there trying to avoid any giant changes to quickly. They admitted last season the were concerned the two week patches didn’t give enough time for the game to alter and find counters to things. Which is why they have now switched to a small patch and then a bigger patch.
: I mean to be honest it's iffy, and could go either way. There is a strict thing of not doing busy work as a volunteer, and monitoring the boards could easily be pushed as busy work (they are doing work that Riot is basically trying to avoid) Not to mention, but the volunteer's don't get any real "good" out of this in terms of the definition either, normally that relates to experience and resume use, but i don't think either of those actually apply to the work they do. Honestly they are just a free go between for riot, and that is illegal. That said online moderation is always an iffy thing when it comes to laws like these.
I mean yeah, a lot of problems these days come from tryingto apply current laws to digital spaces. There just not set up to deal with them. My main problem is his blank statement of “it’s actually illegal for corporations/private companies to involved volunteers outside of their organisation.” That is straight up untrue. Hmmm but they do meet the above definition in terms of the common good. Since they spend most of their time providing information andanswering questions. The iffy part is like you said the moderation. But then they do have an employed moderator in Wuks who is the main presence. I believe their powers are much more limited. I mean riot could have just used bot for the moderation. It’snot uncommon, the emissaries give you a human presence to ask questions to. I don’t necessarily disagree with you on the good for the emissaries, but I’m fairly sure a lawyer would argue that this could be used as experience if applying for Riot or a similar company. “Honestly they are a just a free go between for riot, and that is illegal” This would be the case if they were speaking on riots behalf but there not. They are literally just here to provide information and their own view points.
Outis (OCE)
: maybe you should read the actual laws? fair work australia, volunteering australia all say the same thing. what do you mean 'worked with volunteers'? you can't have someone 'volunteer' to do any kind of work for a company. if you did this, it means it was unlawful. you can, however, work with them for a charity event. that is different. seras said they are not a riot employee, which is exactly the point. riot is not supposed to have anyone doing any kind of work which is for and benefits them if they are not employed by them.
[Volunteering Definition](https://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/wp-content/uploads/Definition-of-Volunteering-27-July-20151.pdf) That's from volunteering Australia. No where does it say its illegal for volunteers to work with for profit organisations. And the emissaries definitely meet the definition of _"Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain."_ If what you said was true people couldn't volunteer in private hospitals. Which they totally can, (Proof here: http://www.greenslopesprivate.com.au/About-Us/Volunteers) Like I said there a strict definitions of what volunteers are allowed to do. Which is why Seras and Tele do not have the power to access any riot systems. They are just here to answer questions on the forums. _"• Volunteers cannot be exploited for profit." _ This would prevent people just using volunteers for all the work. But the emissaries are not being exploited for profit. Maybe you need to read the actual laws.
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