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: looking for solo queue coach (gold 3)
> [{quoted}](name=BurstFire305,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=PdMRAfti,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-20T03:51:48.933+0000) > > looking for coach to help me get better at solo queue. currently gold 3. add me in game or reply here if you can help ty I have a recommendation Hes a Challenger Player and he only charges $9 an hour private message me for more details
voidnz (OCE)
: Support Main, voidnz and The Ruiner are my accounts. Have similar issues with teammates who don't care about winning or not and tilt so I figure climbing will be easier and less stressful if I can depend on at least 1 teammate. As backup I normally play Jungle or Top. I'm online syd time from about 4pm to 10pm weekdays and weekends i can be on most of the day and later.
Awesome! feel free to add me on league RightClickin
: was s2 today went to s5 and u think only u r suffering ?
Łeader (OCE)
: Hello, I'd love to join you. My active time is from 4:30am - 7:00am (SYD Time) because of school. I am able to play for most of the day after this week. I main Azir in the midlane, my secondary role is adc. I am comfortable to play other roles. I am currently at silver 3 right now after a demotion from silver 1. My summoner name is: Azirious Bird. Cheers, {{champion:268}}
Looking forward to seeing you on the rift
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Kairutox (OCE)
: have you had any experience in teams before?
Moderate experiance in teams but nothing too serious before
Kairutox (OCE)
Summoner Name: MaccaM8 Current Rank: S5 Season 5 Rank:B1 (S3 Preseason) Top Five ADC Champions: Twitch Vayne Tristana Lucian Jinx Why Do You Want To Join A Team?: take the next step and share my knowledge.
duckzyx (OCE)
: are you looking for a bronze/silver team? (OCE)

Mr Fizz

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