: Creating a New Rank Team!!
im gold 5 and willing to join a team, ill add you in game
: Forming a Ranked team - The Shia Leboufs
g5, jg>top>adc>mid>support, 16, can play most nights
: Anyone interested in starting rank team Silver/Gold
im a gold 5 top and jungle main, really active and not too serious, just want to have fun
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Flodizzle (OCE)
: Jung main, can play other roles LFT
ive added u in-game, you would be welcome on our team
Knuuckles (OCE)
: happy to make a team with you if you dont find one IGN: knuuckles
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: Creating Ranked team
silver 2, have some experience in ranked 5s, I can play anywhere with jg being my strongest position
PIexcity (OCE)
: [LFT] Semi-Serious rank team (I'm silver 2)
Hey im asilver 2 player and im looking for a ranked team. My best roles are jungle and top but im a perfectly fine support or mid. Ive sent you an in-game friend request

Mr Ghex

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