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: Looking for Bronze - Silver support main
Look man i believe, i am quite good so feel free to add me if ya want
: Cancerous thread, cancerous game, thanks for perma banning me riot, now I can move onto games that don't cater to 12 yr olds.
LOL, no wonder you got banned you deserve it you toxic kid
: nah no thanks, I only duo on my smurf with supp players as its hard for them to climb alone (and because they're nice people)
bbbbbbut i main thresh :(
GranpaOCE (OCE)
: looking for group always
i can play with you but only weekends :)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey AhriCharm, We definitely agree language like that has no place in our game. The instant feedback system we have designed does punish that sort of language. Here is an excerpt of the punishment structure > **HOW DO PUNISHMENTS WORK?** > Players who are found to be causing a negative game experience are then punished within 15 minutes of the games end. > > **PUNISHMENTS GENERALLY FOLLOW A BASIC ESCALATION PATH:** > First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction > Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction > Third Offense: Two Week Suspension > Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension > However, it is possible to skip to a Two Week or Permanent suspension based on the severity of the behavior in the game. Excessive negative behavior can result in a Two-Week or Permanent suspension at any time without having a chat restriction on the account. > > **BUT WHAT IF I REFORM? IS IT POSSIBLE TO GO DOWN THE ESCALATION PATH?** > Yes! Players who show consistent reform or show positive behavior in their games will help heal their accounts reputation. You can read more about it here - And you can read more about the systems we have here - In saying that our instant feedback system is still learning and improving and we definitely rely on our players to shape what is and isn't okay in our game. Remember to keep reporting players after game and thank you for helping us create a more sportsmanlike community for out game!
I agree i was chat restricted for being toxic and after the ban I have not been toxic at all, so these bans do work
: Is it specifically adc? If not I can add u on my smurf as I main mid. I know the feeling as I was once trapped in bronze. Failed my bronze 4 promos 4 times before going on a winning streak to gold
hey add me we can play together
: Once you play more games it would stop
> [{quoted}](name=Mr Pr0 N00b,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=ENBx7FE4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-25T08:58:31.758+0000) > > Once you play more games it would stop also its because u probs just moved up a division
: Losing 24 points a game in ranked but only gaining 14
Once you play more games it would stop
My if you like it add me and we might b able to duo
: Be Victorious
Add me if you want to duo que im silver 5 support main

Mr Pr0 N00b

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