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Fitzky (OCE)
: Any reason why I would go all the way down to 60LP after losing promos?
You normally go down to 75LP but times change. By the way, blaming a loss on your teammates being "shit" is exactly how you are going to lose games especially in your promos. You should never play and expect your teammates/enemy to be on the same level as you are, everyone has a different skill level. So stop complaining and just play your best game of ranked you can. Rant finished Cheers!
: ADC tips?
I'm on my phone but I'll do my best to explain the ADC role. I main ADC/Support. One thing to learn as an ADC is to Kite, kiting is everything and should be the second thing to learn. Kiting is where you attack your opponent whilst running away from them. There is a video on YouTube that can teach you. If you hold down the A button a circle will show around you, that is your range, always keep the enemy at the edge of this range. BTW jinx is awesome to kite with. Like the others have said play with your support, ping the ADC if your going to go all in. Stay behind the support if he's a tank. If your support is going to die do NOT heal him. Heal if you need healing and if your support needs it to then its a bonus. Keep your wards up, keep checking the map, get a control ward if the enemy has camouflaged champions such as Evelyn, twitch, rengar etc. Always ping MIA, (missing in action). If your up against some cancer bot lane duo and you can't push the lane, let them push and fight under tower, this is where they may make a mistake, would also be a good time for your jg to gank. Trying to zone them out so you get your cs is a really good strategy, as you get cs, they don't. Don't ever push your lane, if you have no vision. Add me. Mr X I can teach you if you want.
Mr X (OCE)
: Cannot connect into game. wasted an hour trying. tried through three games
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