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Gehirn (OCE)
: It might just hard for them to see the value of clubs and gaming in general. Check out the [student support hub]( for info on how to best approach the conversation with your teachers.
Woah... A real Rioter? Hi! :) Anyways, I wrote a big essay about why eSports is productive and they completely ignored it. I used many articles that have been featured in the client about High School eSports and they all just ignored it. It was very upsetting because I spent near 2 hours on it and to have no response at all and no feedback as to why it isn't possible is unbelievable. I appreciate your efforts to start clubs in schools and I'm sure many players from schools all over the world are grateful for what you have done in this push, but unfortunately I (and others like me) can't participate due to the negative stigma set by the older generations.
: 1. Why necro? 2. At the time thsi thread was made riot were still saying no to draft pick.
I know... I'm saying like, little did you know we would have Draft Pick in the future haha :)
: How to start a LoL club: Kristin School
When your school literally just ignores you. Love it.
: It ain't gonna happen.
Little did you know....
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: Best Low Elo Champion?
: Don't worry about CS, farm kills
Don't worry about buying wards either right? Oh also don't bother about building tank because the only way people die is damage... I know what I'm doing.
Scottez (OCE)
: Just some tips if you want to get better tl;dr watch youtube vids and streamers. learn wave managment, cs abuse and understanding summunor spells. 1) Learn wave management (lots of vids on yt). That has to be one of the most important skills as a laner, especially toplane. It allows you optimize back timings to come back to lane whilst not missing much cs, take advantage of lane leads and also understand when you have a situation where your losing and the enemy laner is aggressive and your starting to get a lane push and therefor have a bigger badass wave that will help you surprise your opponent if he goes aggressive on you. All of this and more will be explained in the vids on yt. 2) Csing itself as mentioned below. Cannons are worth a lot more gold now, when the cannon is low, (the following applies to all cs type) this gives you an opportunity to either get some poke on the enemy laner or miss but make him miss the cannon. Understand that he will most likely looking to do this to you as well so when you are going to last hit the cannon, be conscious of that. 10 cs per min is exceptional cs per min and is usually only seen in higher elos, so don't be too down on yourself if your at 6 cs per min. as a bronze player if you can try to manage 8 cs per min in the early game, that in of itself will make you climb because you will have more gold. 3) Taking tp vs taking lane summoner. If you want to get better at toplane you have to understand the spells taken. In the case where you have tp. Your not looking to win lane and snowball hard (i'm not telling you to play passively, snowball lane if you can), your looking to make tp plays on the botlane, where you have the opportunity to pickup 2 kills and then a followup drag. Tp can also be taken into hard lanes where you will need to back constantly for health/mana. Taking tp on scaling/defensive champs is fairly general on what you do. However when you take tp on an aggressive laner such as aatrox (for example) that has a strong early game (lvls 1-5), you want to take aggressive trades and force your laner to back. Push out your wave (first tip) then walk back to lane where the enemy will most likely use tp, so now you have the tp adv. Now you need to ask your bot to ward deep and wait for the bot lvl 6/7 skirmish (can happen earlier or not at all). Something you should ask for your botlane to do is to last hit only and try to have the wave at their tower so the tp will be far enough behind the enemy botlane, that they can't escape and usually ends up in 2 kills and a drag. 4) tips tailored to you. Always buy ninja tabi boots, unless your against an ap top and ap mid with tank jg, take merc treads. Take revitalize (the middle rune on bottom row of of resolve tree, mundo has so much healing that its far better to buff that then get a % of max hp bonus, abd the same goes for nasus and his passive. Also if your against a lot of cc and they have an ad mid/top (including tanks) take ninja tabi as your boots, but take the precision tree as your secondary rune page and get the tenacity rune with the triumph rune. Your warding is far above the bronze standard, so keep that up. Watch streams and watch yt vids on how to play mid and late game, it will most likely open you up to things you hadn't previously thought of and even better, try to find someone who makes mundo and/or nasus vids and learn from them. Last hitting is very important, just practice in a custom game vs hardest difficulty bots (or friends) and focus only on csing to start, once you have gotten good at that, play the lanes properly where you poke, while trying to dodge poke, while getting the cs, while trying to make your laner miss cs. Msg me if you want my profile and i can run you through a lot of stuff after you have read this post and learnt a bit. Advanced stuff can't be taught by simply telling you, you will need to get experience first so you can comprehend what is trying to be taught
Woah.. Thanks for the huge essay haha, but seriously though appreciated. I'll try to work on those things - I do need to work on cs. The reasons my warding is decent is because I was the NA LCS a lot and warding is just one of the easiest things to pick up compared to macro and stuff. Thanks, will get in contact soon! :) EDIT: I remembered that I was struggling with learning wave management from videos - the only thing I really took away from an hour of watching them was just to watch out for minion damage cause it hurts.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Just as a note, it's generally recommended that you have 100 cs for every 10 minutes of play (100 at 10 minutes, 200 at 20 minutes etc.), mind you you could probably "afford" a 10 CS "buffer" on that (90 cs for every 10 minutes of play) and *still* be doing better than the majority of the community. I'm not sure if they'd have it, but you could try websites like "lolking" for these kinds of statistics. That said, a reliable source for various average statistics at different levels of play would be a *great* feature for Riot to add on the website, in-client, or both.
Agreed, I'm looking for over the course of the game however, so I can see where the cs spikes and drops, like it'd drop around 15-20 minutes when you group and then peak when you split... Just looking to draw that stuff from it too... Appreciated though :)
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Zombiejax (OCE)
: i have found and seen muitlple bots in aram buddy game after game running clease and flash tbh its kinda how you know its a bot .... i understand people can run clease but i mean they dont talk respond to pings and run at the enemy and die, i do report them but i wish i could help in the anti bot part of this game. i think i could be a huge assest and for free in the way to find them and help make this a better game. also awesome response to the other things just saying there are lots of bots during certain hours
I agree - I report them everytime and usually tell everyone else to... I've recently heard that Riot doesn't look at reports in ARAM and Co-op vs. AI. (Not sure about the legitimacy of these claims however.)
: And given rito's position, completely undetectable (some fucking how)
I know right - it's taking away the fun from ARAM and SR's.
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TotalGimp (OCE)
: Hey I understand I'm way lower than the Asking elo (G4).. but I do skrim a lot with high plat/diamond players so I'm familiar with the elo difference if that means anything :/.. just looking to improve as a player and am trying to find a 5 man team to take it more seriously. Any advise is wanted
Hey dude! I'd also like to talk to you regarding this, add me on Discord and we'll work out an appropriate position for you :) Pepe#5417
: Hey man, I'm an adc bouncing between plat 2-4, would be keen to try playing on a team, chuck us a message if you're keen!
Hey! Definitely keen!! If you'd like to talk on Discord through DM's just add me :) Pepe#5417
: You do realise "Must upload AT LEAST 3 highlights a week." is a joke right? I dont know if you have exprience posting recruitments. But your is sorely lacking in any information regarding team practice and schedule. Or the structure of the organization you are trying to create. Most of what you put up is being nice and post videos. If you are actually trying to create a professional team; First, put up what professionalism you want from the players and what you are offering the players - interm of contract, scrims such and such. What you have is vague and uninformative as far as team building goes. From reading what you have posted, i can tell you are inexprience, and a cassual attitude. I think your little pass time team wont last long, with the way things are running. But do try and prove me wrong.
Hey, the reason I'm lacking information for 'team practice and schedule' which is great and all, except for the fact that I'd prefer to see how regularly they are online and when they're free. You mention somewhere that my information is vague, which is pretty much what you mentioned before - though it is a valid point. Then you give your opinion, that the team won't last. There isn't much I can really reply to here. Thanks for the advice though! :)
Fitzky (OCE)
: "Must upload at least X highlights a week" What the hell? So everyone who signs up must automatically become a Youtuber and post videos for you? Yeah no, bad idea mate.
No, as I mentioned in a reply above - this channel isn't owned by me, it is the channels clan. I have a different YouTube channel that is owned by me - which you'd find by clicking the "Show More" button in the description box. The requirement is that you play games during the week, sometime during the week you more than likely would have made a decent play, you get the game replay, trim it and send it to me, then I'll compile them all to produce a video. This requirement is so we don't have people not contributing - and to make all contributions even. I understand your point - though I do not agree with it. Thank you for your response.
: Tournament cost you say? i wonder what tournament would a bunch of bronze attend that need funding? What advertisement would you possibly give them i wonder; Mayhap by your youtube chanel? That you are gonna bring those "hightlight" that you ripoff others and claim it for yourself? Oh please, dont say sponsor like it a serious money making bussiness.
First of all, your first point is invalid, suggesting my team is Bronze. We have Diamond and Platinum level players in our roster. Then you say that I claim their highlights as mine - this is untrue, first of all, this isn't my channel - it's the teams, I have a completely different channel - which you'd know if you happened to click the "Show More" button in the description box. Also yes - we have funding, for tournament costs.
Miicka (OCE)
: Hi, just a few quick questions: 1. What do you mean by uploading clips? Is this simply a play that we make which we can record off of the replay system or does this have to be a full fledged YouTube video? 2. What times will the team meet to play games? Or do we play games whenever all team members happen to be online? 3. And finally, will our team just be competing in flex or will we actually be competing against other teams in an organised tournament? Apart from that, this sounds cool. Expect to see me there tomorrow. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Hey Miicka, Sorry for the delay - spent the weekend away, hopefully you're still interested! 1. This is just a play you made in Normal games or even Ranked that you were happy with, this can be given to me in a few ways - one of them using the match replay system that you mentioned. It only has to be one play, this is so I can put them together into a video for the clan channel. 2. We haven't sorted that out yet as we are still recruiting, but for now it has been when we are online - obviously this should change in the near future. 3. We will be competing in an organised tournament and we have recently acquired a sponsor to help fund the tournament costs to enter this. The tournament we'll be entering will be linked here: []( Thank you for your interest! ~ Zach or RKLe5 Zeroxs
: This recruitment is a joke. Its basically a lazy way for this guy to get free youtube videos upload for his chanel. His whole process "listed above" revole arround videos and nothing else that is important for progression of a team. Highly adivice you guys to stay clear from these sorts of schemes.
...and that's why I got a sponsor to help fund tournament costs?? Okay! <3
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: Hey man hmu if tryouts are still available. IGN: Hawaiian Bear
Ahhhh... Tryouts are still on but our clan is in OCE not NA. Sorry dude, best of luck in your search for the right clan <3
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: ***
Highlights I mean single highlight clips.
Sobaken (OCE)
: [ALL RANKS] [FINAL CALL] Iscariot Esports Recruitment. SPOTS OPEN IN 3 TEAMS
Hey, have you got something I can message you on? I also own a team and was wondering if we could organise scrims and matches. I have Discord if you can use that? Thanks!
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