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Ninox (OCE)
: I am not a boy and you damn well know so >:(
dont tell lies seras
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Ninox (OCE)
: Hello everyone!
: Distinguish between when actively using the app and when it's on in the background
> [{quoted}](name=Furiwoyuva,realm=OCE,application-id=qE1dulUd,discussion-id=ByrAe6Eg,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-28T01:42:59.957+0000) > > I&#039;ve found the app to be easy to use and really nice design wise. My only gripe so far is that it constantly shows you as online, and can&#039;t distinguish between when you are actively using the app and when you&#039;re not even on your phone. I&#039;ve received quite a few messages from people thinking that I&#039;ve been online when I haven&#039;t even been near my phone. I think changing the text to red while keeping the mobile icon, or doing something similar will be beneficial as people can still message you, but also know that you are away. this please riot
: Client thinks you're still using the app when logged onto pc and in app bug report not working
this seems like a real problem upvote this as this is going to become very annoying very quickly
: I just played Lee Supp yesterday. I'll have to come back and watch this after my movie to see what I could've done better (it worked out decently) :3
awesome! Lee sin support is best support :P
: You do know that bronze 5 is elo hell u can never get out
that's not true, I got my friend in b5 to silver 3 in a week. If you're stuck in bronze 5, you probably belong there.
: Great now bronze is gonna be full of "the lee sin sup that could"
Perfect now you'll have some great Lee Sin Supports to carry your team to diamond!
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Zorphiax (OCE)
: quote of the century "Stop killing them, I'm trying to gank."
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: 1. I had to turn brightness down. Wtf is it so bright and blue for? 2. Is this silver/bronze? 3. Yasuo outplayed himself. Sorry
Yasuo's plat 5
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MrMunstr (OCE)
: What Teamspeak channel is this?! Sounds like the can of beans I'd like to open and stick something into. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Yeah, it's always a good laugh :P
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: What I don't get is I get 7 points for a win and loose 22 points for a loss, so why is riot making me have to win 75% of my games just to go from b4 to b3 when not even the best champ win ratios are about 50somethin % . This is what is needed to be fixed. I mean I got over 600 ranked wins at 49.4% and I'm still b5/4, do I really need to get 75% to get out of bronze?
to gain mmr you need to win games, in other words until you have a positive win rate, like 55% or something, you can't gain decent lp because you're too far below your current division. If you want to gain lp, in some ways it's worth making a new account because your default mmr would be higher than what you currently have. Winning games raises your mmr and in doing so you gain more lp by having more mmr. But it's also based on the mmr difference between each team, A helpful website might be which while not 100% accurate can give you an idea of how far off mmrwise you are from regular lp gain. The problem tldr, is that your mmr is below the average bronze 5 so you can rank up because you're seen as below deserving to rank up.
Talon12 (OCE)
: that yasuo is so bad {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
You are definitely not wrong :P
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Realm (OCE)
: You're trying to hard to make jokes, and that rubs off in the video, other than that it was alright. E.g: that ending quote
Cheers for the critique friend!
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: Thanks for the pointers man, I really didn't want to have to have music in the background to begin with but I'm slightly too awkward to do a solo commentary at the moment so I was waiting to find a group or at least 1 or 2 other people and do live commentaries and what not.
That's not a bad idea, I've done both and I definitely found it easier as a group because you can just kinda chill and steal other people's funny moments for your video. But yeah not a bad call to try recording with others while starting up
Tele (OCE)
: Too much edit ahah, I can't really see what's happening
Danthekid (OCE)
pro tip for these edit videos, try and record and render your video in 60 fps I get you're trying to do some fancy edits with the camera panning and rotating but the freeze framing at the same time didn't really work for it.
: Opinions/advice wanted
Instant problem i can see visually is the blurry black bars on the sides of the video. Music audio level was far louder than the gameplay, which can be okay at times, for this video I think the gameplay audio for the announcer was necessary so it didn't seem to work that well. Other than that there isn't much to criticise, the videos simple and is just gameplay so it's not particularly entertaining or original. To explain what I mean, it's not like a funny gameplay video, or a video with interesting tutorials or soothing post commmentary or a live comm, it's simply a spectator mode with music. One thing I will compliment is that your thumbnail isn't too awful. However there is room for improvement, the text is thin and rather difficult to read. best advice I can give you is be more interesting and innovative perhaps in the videos you create. After all there's thousands of other gameplays of zyra penta kills out there :P -- (btw I've also done league youtube for a while so you can add me oce if you wanted to record with me and potentially collab) (source: ) (might actually learn something off my channel XD )
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: Youtube????
Music's too loud, and gamesound is too loud. Needs more voice sound for this kinda video :P Source: I've done this style of video for a while. Because of how quiet the voices are it's hard to interpret jokes properly, if you're using an editing program (which you are) you can usually edit the individual tracks of your own voice which is usually more important than other people since it's your video lol. (not to plug my channel but if you want to search for my channel it can give you an idea of what I mean for correct audio levels. ( ) If not I reccomend watching keyori and sp4zie and that for an idea of decent audio levels.
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