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: I'd imagine your previous punishment was a 14-day ban, if not that's a bit of a different issue (I'll address that further down). As for the chat logs you've provided, I'd imagine the *main* thing that would have triggered the punishment is your final statement from the post-game lobby: > MrFancyPantz: report for feeding lol fuck me quit the game pedo There are several behaviours that Riot take very seriously (suicide encouragement, racism/sexism etc), and I'd imagine that calling people "pedos" would fall squarely into that "serious offence" category. Though not much, your chat logs aren't positive, and are basically just a few complaints and degrading your team mates. Most people don't want to deal with that in-game, and that just added onto the final statement you left them with. Quite frankly, I don't see any issue with you having received a punishment for these logs, seems like the system did what it should have to me. This isn't an "sjw" or "pc" thing, it's just a "common decency" thing. As far as appealing the ban goes, you'd need to submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option) and let them know you want to appeal the punishment. As far as *successfully* appealing goes, the only way I could see that happening is if your previous punishment was *not* a 14-day ban, and even then you'd only have the punishment dropped a tier, rather than removed altogether (and if that happens, you'll still be on thin ice). Bottom line is that *you* did the wrong thing, and so *you* got punished for it. Whether the other players did the wrong thing and subsequently got punished is a different issue, and if you want to discuss that you're better off doing so in a new thread (though keep in mind that the boards has a "no name and shame" policy, so use of summoner names would result in the post(s) being edited [to remove the names], or even deleted outright in a serious case).
I'm reporting you for this post, it hurts my feelings and degrades me, enjoy your "perma ban" because thats how riot sees it
: probably omitted the actual things that got you banned, like every other "why did i get banned" post
Nope this is the chat log,frankly i dont give a sh** about what you believe.
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