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Shiney (OCE)
: Top & Jungler needed for Team
im gold 5 flex and gold 5 solo q, idk if im good enought but add me, also we could do a sumsoc tounrament too if u guys wnated.
: Flaktest National High School Championship
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech is this a valid entry, and if possible could i edit the start where i wasnt moving to press the button thing or something.
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Brickk (OCE)
: Ex-plat adc lf Silver supp
haha hey dude welcome back, ye im atually i good sup but need a good adc, i got like 296 k ish mastery points on thresh, and i can go ardens sups, like lulu, karma, raka and rakan. hope we can play coz im tryna get gold too since its near end of season
: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech
so i submitted a submission but could u delete it please, because im not sure if im allowed to cut the start where it was paused so i could click record. so please delete my submission and allow me to do it again for the show us ur replays in pro plays, and tell me if i could just cut the start using youtube editor thing. Thanks
DW Rippii (OCE)
: We are Dire Wolves, OPL defending champs. Ask us Anything!
How can i climb out of low elo, what key elements should i do to climb and remember/learn.
: > Also it did say TT 3v3 in my play menu but there was no ranked one only normals. Normal and Ranked TT queues are available on different days, Tuesday and Wednesday for normals and Thursday and Friday for Ranked, so if that occurred on a Tuesday or Wednesday then the queue is working as intended. I feel I should point out that, given the way the queues show up in the "Play" section, Ranked could be mistaken for normals. You can accurately identify which queue it is by jumping into the pre-queue lobby and checking the queue type.
Gehirn (OCE)
: HeartVine is correct. The TT mode you're seeing on Thurs/Fri is Ranked. If you select it and hit Confirm you'll see the mode type in the top left of the Lobby screen. The reason it isn't specified on the first screen like SR is because there is only one mode to pick anyway. It could be made clearer by displaying the "Ranked Flex" option below it even though its the only mode available anyway. I've asked the client dev team about this but it isn't something that can be done at the moment.
thanks, i have played it a lot now, i got a rank in just 2 days... but i wish it was out for more than 1 day btw there is a really funny and troll bug/glitch - i was playing garen, and when we were taking the nexus i used my e as the game just ended, and when the game ends every player should be invulnerable, but this heimerdinger wasnt, so i killed him when the game ended...
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hey I checked out the queue status from last night and it was available at the right time. If you're not able to see the queue again next time then please try re-logging in.
For me it wasn't showing, and can you please tell me the schedule for the TT ranked, becoz when im on, on the "scheduled times" its not up for me. So yeah, please just reply and tell me when it will be up. Also it did say TT 3v3 in my play menu but there was no ranked one only normals.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Twisted Treeline - Ranked Flex - UPDATED 11th April 2017
Hey, i want to play TT Ranked but i cant find it anymore (ranked tt isnt up). Can u please explain and tell me when it will be up again - the scheldure of Ranked TT.
: Looking for people to joining ranked 5 (Mid Bronze - Mid Gold Pref)
oh dw im on my main now, kk add me -MrLazyDude Any role will do for me, i am pro :)
: Oceania is victorious!
Alteasy we get a icon, champ and a clap. :)
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
LOL, i found something you can do thats better then what u all said. EAT DRAGON AND BARON... WAIT THERES MORE FLASH W ENEMY THEN ULT TO FOUNTAIN. NO ESCAPE FKER, GG WE ALL WIN.
: New game mode - Dodge Ball (created by Mrlazydude and Peppa
Plus do any map. Suggested The Crystal Scar
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Are you looking for teams or players? this is the place to be!
Hi im wanna join, Looks pretty interesting im a b4 i will be silver soon! Hopefully u acept me, add me mrlazydude!
: LF 2 Players (Top and ADC) We have won 4 in a row
Hi i am looking For a team, my elo is not that good but i am wanting to join one!
: [LFT] CC Wiz Kalista - Bronze-Diamond Team
Im intrested my LOL account - MrLazyDude i can play every lane my mains are mid and Sup. I am on nearly all day, i Dont care win or lose as long as we tried and had fun (childs saying), but still i am looking forward to joina good team!!!


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