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: From what I could see from the previous thread, she did not sign up before the event started - so didn't get the 4-win boost. I just did another check to confirm, but the data I have here shows that she signed up (at least on that account!) on the night of the 28th - which is also why your point scores were different.
We signed before the 28th because we played that night for ocean week, plus I did get my boost and have used it. If I got my boost, she should have one as she signed up before I did
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
One more problem I forgot to bring up recently, the account Starfire10 (my girlfriend's one) didn't get the 4 win IP boost. Unless she has received it and hasn't had the chance to tell me, I'm wondering if that was distributed to her account yet or not. Thanks for the feedback by the way for the last issue (forgot to mention that sorry)
Zaps (OCE)
: Can you give me her Summoner Name? That'll help me track down if there's an ongoing problem. As a heads up, the most common problem is people being logged into the wrong account when they sign up, and the second most common was an issue in the first few hours of the event - but just let me know the name and I should be able to help!
Ok, it's weird because she enlisted before I did, and since ocean week started, we have been playing all our games together. So, correct me if I'm wrong, one of our total points is incorrect. Mine says I have 8 points, hers says 6, yet we have always been playing the same games
Zaps (OCE)
: Can you give me her Summoner Name? That'll help me track down if there's an ongoing problem. As a heads up, the most common problem is people being logged into the wrong account when they sign up, and the second most common was an issue in the first few hours of the event - but just let me know the name and I should be able to help!
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: Yep! Points you earn do damage to the monster in the current battle. You've earned two points so far with that contribution!
Ok thankyou, btw my girlfriend played the same games with me, so she should technically have 2 points as well, but it still says she has 0. She has enlisted but it hasn't updated
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
My total contribution is "-2HP" does that mean I have 2 points? Forgive me if I've ignored something
: _**History behind Mastery and Rune pages**_ In the beginning (5 years ago) mastery pages were stored in the computer and I think you could only get 3. Rune pages were the same deal but stored in the server. You simply could NOT buy any extra pages. As far as I remember you could always change masteries in lobby (I'm not a beta tester), however rune pages were always fixed. As the game matured Riot included the ability to get extra mastery pages, since they were stored in the computer they could not make them buyable. Eventually, they moved the mastery pages to the server removing them from your computer. Rune pages were always stored server side... eventually they made extra rune pages available that people could buy with RP and IP. I remember spending money to buy a 7 page bundle a long time ago. **Mastery pages were setup as free because you could always modify them in the in-game lobby and they were initially stored in your computer**. So riot really couldn't keep track of what was happening with your mastery pages. Changing them to buyable when they were stored in server would have enraged the community as it was something they already had for free, usually Riot tries to avoid that kind of negative feedback. **Rune pages on the other hand have always been stored in the server. Riot viewed this as an opportunity to make extra cash when they made it possible to buy more**. If I remember correctly, they gave everyone a 3rd free rune page on the same day to appease the community. There was some backslash about "buying power" as many consider extra rune pages to be equivalent to power. However, many others supported Riot's decision, saying that most of the game is available for free, and Riot has to make money somehow and everyone was receiving more than what they had before (from 2->3). That's basically why rune pages are bought but mastery pages are free.
Ahhhhh alright I see what you mean. Thanks for the background information, it makes sense to me now :D
: You can buy Rune Pages with IP, so it's hardly a thing for making money. The overall point of it, as I've said in another thread, is to increase the time between when you first hit level 30 and when you first hit up ranked. The idea is that you WONT touch ranked until you have a full set of runes and several rune pages, by which time you should have learned the game properly, unlike the face into wall fest that is pre-30.
That is true, but even if people don't play ranked, I'm talking having rune pages for different champions, just like masteries. I agree people, won't know how to use masteries or even runes, i feel like Riot isn't that newbie friendly. I don't know everything about the game even though I've been playing for a year (bit embarrassing) I don't care for ranked as such, it just doesn't add up why they can't be free but have a limit just like mastery pages. I think it'll be more handy to have the free rune pages to add like masteries, I mean having to buy those runes and then buy more pages just seems ridiculous
: Put yourself in RIOT's shoes, they have the choice of making money from it, or not making money from it. Pretty simple decision. also if you didn't have to pay, once you unlocked all the runes you could have: 'Kha'Zix Top offensive (armour pen)' 'Kha'Zix Top offensive '(AD)' 'Kha'Zix Top Defensive (Armour)' 'Kha'Zix Top defensive (magic resist)' 'Kha'Zix Top sustain (regen)' 'Kha'Zix Jungle offensive (Armour pen)' 'Kha'Zix Jungle offensive (AD)' 'Kha'Zix Jungle sustain (Regen)' 'Kha'Zix Mid offensive (Armour Pen)' 'Kha'Zix Mid offensive (AD)' 'Kha'Zix Mid defensive (armour)' 'Kha'Zix Mid defensive (Magic Resist)' 'Kha'Zix Mid Sustain (regen)' and have that for every single champ, to get every possible advantage in a situation.
I just want maybe the same amount as mastery pages, not an infinite amount. I don't mean for one champ, i mean for many champs, as in each champion benefits from certain runes
: yea but you can buy champs with ip too but that doesn't stop people buying them with rp. im afraid i didn't read your thread, i barely have a chance to read a few before they are gone from the front page, but that also sounds plausible as a reason. The only problem being that a lot of people at that level don't realise the importance of full rune pages, and so just start ranked without them.
But buying champs is different to runes, im talking about rune pages not runes. I'm not serious about LoL
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: ... ban him from your friends list. done. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
yeah i know i did that... why do you think i wouldn't do that? don't act like i'm the idiot
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: Hey **MrMishu**, For players who commit offenses outside of matches or who violate the Terms of Service but don't fall under one of the standard categories, you can send Riot a report by [submitting a ticket]( to Riot Games Player Support with a screenshot of the said offenses and any additional information that you'd like to add. If you're unsure where to put your ticket in, just select: [*I have a question about League of Legends/Riot Games.*] > [*Game and Features*] > [*General Questions*] Additionally, I'd like to advise you to remove any summoner names in the post, as it violates the Boards guidelines of name and shame; keeping them in the original post may result in a warning or further punishments. Thank you for your diligence.
Ok i may do that, I don't get the whole name and shame thing, if this person is disrupting the community then they should be known as infamous if they are My main point is these people always say "oh yeah report me, I don't care this is my smurf, not even my main, coz reporting is gonna do something" They do not care about being reported, as they know how untrustworthy this system Riot has is
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Dude i know exactly how you feel, was in a game with two people being rude, offensive and toxic, i got reported for saying "idiot" once coz they were being rude to my friend and i. It's really messed up


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