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: SKT1 Telecom vs Samsung Galaxy Game 1 Review
: The banning system
thats alright
: Need help getting out of Silver
: Im stuck on the Alpha Client.
: picking lanes
play ranked
MrPine (OCE)
: its easily exploitable
btw replied based on title only
: Mastery rewards
its easily exploitable
Bruce (EUNE)
: Quitting League of Legends
Mortis Ex (OCE)
: Laning vs Cait Leona, disgusting CC and tank with crazy damage.
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: Greetings again, Personally I think that as far as the trinket goes it really can be situational. As you brought up having wards can be useful for going over walls of getting vision on targets. However I think while that can be useful early in the game, I think that having the Oracle Alteration will help you a lot more. Being able to disable wards that you run through if you are going for an invade or as previously discussed trying to control a section of their jungle. You can also use it to "outline" invisible or camouflaged targets. This can be really useful if you are trying to assassinate a champion that can go invisible. While you can't attack them directly if they are invisible you can throw an E or Q in their direction to hit them since you will have an idea of where they if you use Oracle Alteration. --- As far as the split pushing thing goes I do agree with you that would make it seem like split pushing can be a lot more dangerous on the champion. Previously you had a get out of jail free card being able to ult away if anyone came your way. However it doesn't make split pushing impossible, you just have to be a bit more strategic with how you go about it. The first thing that I would recommend before you start split pushing is make sure that you know where all of the team members from the enemy team are on the map. Starting a split push while they are all MIA is where things can be really dangerous. When you are going to start, tell your team to ping if any of them go missing, however make sure you keep an eye on the map yourself just inc ase. After that while you are pushing, you can also take nearby jungle camps as you are pushing up the wave to starve the enemy from even more gold. While you are keeping your eye on the map, try to make a list of who it is that you are afraid of coming after you. If you see that X member or X many members are coming towards you, but you feel like you can still fight them you can stay. However if you are able to see them as they leave into the fog of war, you can still run away or use your ult if you are really over extended to get out like you used to. As the enemy won't know where you are, and won't know where to start looking for you. --- As for dying for a tower, I think this comes down to the direct situation. If we are talking a Nexus tower, this have a lot more value and I can see you justifying dying to get one of to two of these quite easily. However there are two main things that you have to keep in mind when you are going to die to get a tower. The first one is how much is your bounty worth, and how long is your respawn timer going to be. If your bounty is worth a lot of money it can be hard justifying dying for one tower unless it is one that your team really needs. Along with this if your death timer is too long and you are a vital part to your team with how fed you are, you dying for one tower may end up making it so that the enemy gets 2-3 or even more towers. So depending on the situation, use your own judgement and learn from the outcomes of what choices you make. --- I hope that this helps and covers the questions that you have asked. Good luck in your games! ~Elam
lmfao holy reading through i couldnt help but think damn you take everything into concideration, the death timer didnt even cross my mind when i mentioned dying for a tower, guess that just comes with experiance aha. thanks heaps for the advice bud (:
: Greetings MrPine, To be productive in those kind of situations the first thing to do is to assess what kind of champion Rengar is and what his kit is. In this case you are fed, as an assassin and you get leaps from being in bushes. With this in mind in my opinion what you can do is control certain parts of the jungle and use that as a rotational advantage for your team. For example if your team wants to get dragon, before it's time for it to spawn try to get control of their side of the jungle and clear out wards in it. This makes the enemy team have to make two choices. Either risk walking into the fog of war and die, or let youe team get the objective for free. --- The other thing that you can do is split push. This will pull poeple from the enemy team towards you or give you free pushes for tower. In this case you are fed so they will have to send at least 2 ppl to stop you. When they do tell your team to force what will be a 4v3 and win the fight. --- Other than that what you can do is roam around for kills. Getting picks on enemy carries can be hard, yet not impossible. One way to make it easier is to get timers on the enemy red and blue buff. The amount of ADCs or mid lanes that will get greedy for their buffs and go alone is quite funny. This can get you free kills and remove summoners or one of their carries removed completely from the next fight. --- The last thing I'd like to note is you can still 5v5 team fight however try to avoid at all costs engaging on their carries. Let your or the enemy team engage the fight and be patient. In the loading screen you need to assess what are the main cooldowns you need to watch for. An example would be Malzahar ult, wait until this is used along with other cooldowns before going in yourself. Try to note in your head a few important cooldowns to look out for before you go in. This will make getting kills a lot easier and cleaning up for more kills even easier. This advice can also be applied to other assassins like Akali or Katarina. Side note don't be afraid to use flash to get to their back line If you have to. --- I hope that this advice helps if there is any other questions I can answer or any other way I can help let me know. Good luck in your games! ~Elam
Thanks for the advice, just a few questions, would it be better after level 9 to get red trinket instead of wards? Personally i leave the wards incase i need to quickly jump over a wall via a camp and for vision but i cant really clear with it. Also in regards to split pushing iv tried but ever since they changed rengars kit (i havent played since maybe may 2016) i find it very dangerous to push that far out especially with my ult no longer giving me stealth. Also would dying for a tower (worst case) be worth it if i had a bounty on my head? thanks !
: That is the trouble with assassins, while they are very powerful, their job is to just kill people, and winning the game often takes a lot more than that. This is why everyone calls assassins OP when actually most of them have a lower than average win rate. They are super frustrating to play against, but more often than not wont win the game. They are very team dependant, so you should only pick Rengar if your team already has all the other bases covered (AP mage, Tank, Bruiser, etc etc. if your team already has a Zed mid and a Camille top, then Rengar probably isn't your best pick.) In any case, as Rengar in that situation, you should still be killing people, but you have to make sure its the right people, your main priority should be to catch out key players on the enemy team. If you can take out the ADC or APC before a fight begins, then your team is more likely to win the fight and then get some uncontested objectives or push afterwards. But don't spend time walking round looking for people to catch out, split push lanes, and when you see an opportunity, go for it, don't go looking for it.
hmm yeah that is true iv realised especially since i play him top a lot i tend to focus more on my lane opponent then the carries, ugh guess just have to keep practicing. thanks for the tips !
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: That was to stop him from unleashing his whole kit before he even landed, even though the same problem still exists to a similar extent. And I just checked the wiki, his Ferocity depletes after 7 seconds after being out of combat, so if you're jungling, I suggest you kite the camps for a much as possible so that you can cover more distance before being 'out-of-combat'.
ugh sucks but guess w/e makes it more fair.. rather nerf then insta ban lol.. thanks for looking up the info btw !
Tele (OCE)
: It's been like that since the rework lol XD
MrPine (OCE)
: Rengar loses empowerment?!?!?!?!?
he cant even q jump anymore...
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: Want a new, fun and friendly gaming community? Join the Starx Gaming Community
What's wrong with the league community? Or saltyness brings us together
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon12,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=JE8Y7TPh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-12-26T08:00:38.992+0000) > > Rengar isn't broken by any means, he snowballs well, but if he doesn't snowball or falls behind even he is mediocre at best, he doesn't run in and 1 hit your adc anymore, the only way he can do that now is if the adc is out of position, the cast of his q also elapses 0.725 second making his damage come quite slowly in comparison to old 0.05, he also has no reliable sustain anymore, meaning if he misses his heal window he takes a lot of damage, the CC immunity Valor Carrys mentioned also comes at a sacrifice to well over 50% of rengar's burst damage as well, new rengar isn't just assassinate the same target over and over be fed and unstoppable, he is based on short 3 second windows where he has a large advantage but is extremly vulnerable for the time between those windows, with those windows ranging from 22-8 seconds to 88-55+ second, depending on his availability to ult, jumps and all basic spells, the removal of his 30% bonus total damage nerfed town to only 20% bonus is also extremely large, his ad boost used to feel an impact at 3 stacks, the impact is now near minimal until 5 stacks ive seern a feeding rengar come in a delete a back line and you are telling me he is mediocore at best, ive seen hime jsut become immune to every cc, he is as mini olaf ult.
well I can see the problem, where's the front line Tanks protecting the carries? You can't blame an assassin for killing an unprotected adc/apc. It's the only thing they can do lol..
Fitzky (OCE)
: Even if rengar is way ahead and jhin is way behind there was no room for counterplay other then trying to run away which ultimately just ended in a 0.03 second death which in my opinion is ridiculous. Riot even stated they wanted to remove rengars one-shotting potential altogether but as you can clearly see they failed.
If someone's behind an entire item or two and a few levels ofcourse a one shot is possible especially if the rengar is ahead a kill or two.. it's not rengars "broken" it's the victim not being good enough at reading the situation. Every game is different.
: Hardware does help a lot in leage, I tend to play with a ping of about 200 and have abotu a 50/50 w/l ratio, but someitmes i play at a friends with good internet and WOW the differance 130 less ping makes.
Haha yeah I hope that's been the reason why I'm stuck in silver 😂
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: Karthus too weak, he needs rework and buffs
In my opinion all he needs is more sustain, but that might just be me cause I spam q early like crazy
Tele (OCE)
: {{champion:107}} **Rengar** has been temporarily disabled due to [this]( bug. There hasn't been any official announcement on how long it might take, but I'd expect it shouldn't be much longer than a day.
Ugh thanks for the info, hopefully he gets fixed soon :(
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Cherubi (OCE)
: Our team is currently seeking an AD/SUPPORT Duo, and a TOP laner who are GOLD+
Sent you a friend request in game, just have a few questions thanks
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Cirilia (OCE)
: Ultimate Skin Idea
Or even if the visual changes are too hard then they get an aura around them, 200 + damage = red aura, 200 + armour = green, 200 + mr = blue and 400 + ap = purple :O
: First time you became aware of League of Legends?
Was a big league of legends hater till my friend made me play a game, slowly got hooked onto it duoing everyday till he passed, now I play mostly to remember him. Rip
: Rito i love you
Rofl assisting enemy team going 9/2/9, wonder what she would think of my recent matches.
: I'm Chief Cheese, Midlaner for Chiefs Esports Club, AMA!
Why you look so good, but I ain't ever seen you smile?
dslxk (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrPine,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=6I6ZAULR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-06T14:03:16.071+0000) > > aint nothin nice bout the ghetto life yeaaa South Yarra represent
> [{quoted}](name=Betterluck2moro,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=6I6ZAULR,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-10T01:33:36.486+0000) > > yeaaa South Yarra represent This nigguh kno what up
: Path notes op Lads & Lasses... ;^)
Lmao it was to early to make a post :(
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Eue (OCE)
: Should League Add An AP QSS item?
no you have hourglass for a reason
Lajneen (EUW)
: Wack.
> [{quoted}](name=Lajneen,realm=EUW,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=6I6ZAULR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-07T18:41:38.560+0000) > > Wack. I racked with your mum the other night, she's a good lady.
Frosted (OCE)
: i've been occuring this too. If the person is running towards u when ur ulted and u jump on them, u land on the opposite side so your ebola goes past them and is useles. This was apparently fixed but the "fix" actually was the thing that fked it up
I knew I couldnt be the only one feeling this, smh..
: nice
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Kylar Alice,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=6I6ZAULR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-06T14:00:47.771+0000) > > nice aint nothin nice bout the ghetto life
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Bakon (OCE)
: 'E' Bola
killing people with ebola is fun
Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot won't give me 63 RP
lol people normally ask for like 5 rp, this nigguh asking for 60 and complains when they say no lool
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Fitzky (OCE)
: Ummm is he suppose to be jumping somewhere else?
He normally jumps right behind the person, when he's right on top it's very hard to land the bola, maybe its just because i havent played in a while tho..
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Essembie (OCE)
: Where will i land?
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: I don't think it's as much kha'zix being underpowered than it is rengar being overpowered. But that's been mentioned enough everywhere so I'm sure it's being looked into :)
rengar isnt over powered, if anything he only got weaker with pre season changes thank you very much.
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