: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
So this is meant to be Ao Shan isn't it?
: So the ocean is only ~3.5% salt, and the vast majority of that salt is runoff from rocks on the land.
Bronze is often found in rocks and rock formations... Illuminati confirmed
Archyroof (OCE)
: {{item:2044}} see what you did there.
: However, only Supports and Lee Sin (who arguably is only buying it for mobility rather than actual vision) buy Sightstone and Supports already have a consistent warding pattern.
Too bad half decent Junglers will get one as well,I run {{item:2049}} on {{champion:131}} jungle because free wards and extra health is ALWAYS a good thing
KKahn (OCE)
: Why is your first item fully upgraded boots? Don't blame your team mates if you yourself are not a Jedi yet
iMaZiNg (OCE)
: Buy some vision then climb a division
Trying to climb out of bronze as Support {{champion:22}} with a {{item:2045}} and {{item:3363}} xD
: Ummm. what team is this? so basically your saying this is the team {{champion:92}} -TOP {{champion:45}} -MID {{champion:21}} {{champion:37}} -BOT {{champion:53}} - JUNGLE???!?!?!??! I think either {{champion:53}} should replace {{champion:37}} or_ vies versa_, with {{champion:120}} JUNGLE
Top- {{champion:53}} vs {{champion:114}} Mid- {{champion:45}} vs {{champion:157}} Jungle- {{champion:92}} vs {{champion:11}} Bot- {{champion:21}} {{champion:37}} vs {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}}
Stew52 (OCE)
: I am a {{champion:82}} Main, I have played him for almost 2 years now, I don't see why morde will be a viable replacement to an adc, his damage without an adc ghost isn't high enough to be a "Carry" champion (I am not saying that mordekaiser can't carry games I am just saying that he isn't a hypercarry or close enough to one to replace an adc) (Note: ADC is an acronym for Attack Damage Carry). This will be interesting to see how it goes but I fear that this change will result in more nerfs for morde as the changes to WoA hurt him and this change might hurt more.
I also play {{champion:82}} a lot and I do agree that it is true, he does lake the sustained damage of an ADC, but his early game damage and burst is huge compared to a bot carry, making harassing out of lane easier, Denying CS becomes huge against carries early, He can push the lane opponents out of lane quite easily. All this coupled with a support like Leona or Nautilus who can all in and make an incredibly tanky bot lane does pose a huge threat to enemy carries throughout the laning phase, on the other hand, couple him with {{champion:1}} support and you are just going to faceroll bot lane to victory as long as you can burst them down.
: I beg you do not give Darius this buff. low elo will become hell.
It's not that big an issue during the laning phase though, just kite and avoid extended trades with him. go for more of a poke or burst champ so he struggles to stack his passive.
: thats dumb morde taking dragon with ulti why not all champs use there ulti on epic monsters?
Mord doesn't ult the dragon for the kill, he just has to damage it with a skill or AA. And it will encourage him to be played bot lane more, which will bring in more counter play seeing as how he can be kited quite easily and has no gap closer or escape, coupled with constantly pushed lanes make him an easily ganked target, making dragon control a bit harder.
Tonnkka (OCE)
: I don't understand {{champion:82}} rework.. And {{champion:72}} s extra thing seems redundant if crystals only spawn in the jg, where most teamfights _should_ be happening in mid or other lanes. The only helpful locations would be Baron and Dragon.
It's to help {{champion:72}} in the jungle early with mobility and faster clear speeds, with that attack speed buff and his Q he'll be a massive threat early on. It'll also encourage safer counter jungling and his neutral buff control, Overall it will make him a much stronger jungler and pose a lot more of a threat, that move speed buff from the pillar at Dragon and Baron as well as scuttler buff will allow insanely quick mobility between.


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