Ink Rose (NA)
: Thank you so much for the quick response and resolution! I'm really glad you liked it enough to put it in the top ten even if I had no idea it was entered. XD I'm glad the prize can go to someone who followed the rules instead of a thief! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Achenar (OCE)
: Hey guys, thank you all for alerting us to the issues with the plagiarised entry - I'm really glad that you caught this, and I'm sorry that I didn't catch it in the first place. The entry has been disqualified from the contest. We can't remove it from the poll options but votes towards this entry will not be counted. **EDIT:** Hey guys, we appreciate this has gotten everyone very fired up. However the discussion is not producing a healthy atmosphere and ultimately we want to focus everyone's attention on the amazing work the community has created. We do not condone brigading any more than we do plagiarism so let's everyone please let this one go. Ultimately this is on us not having thoroughly vetted the entries for plagiarism - we usually do this for all our contests but we slipped up on the fanfic contest. We'll learn and do a better job in future.
Thanks <3 yeah - seriously I caught about 3 of my students doing the old copy and paste - just googled bits of submitted work to find it online <3
Ink Rose (NA)
: Hi, I just want to report that one of the submissions is a fanfic that was stolen from me, specifically PROJECT:HUNT : I had written this for the Riot Polycount contest last year, here is one of my original postings on DeviantArt: Here is my Polycount posting: Just wanted to make sure you guys knew that this was stolen! (I can't enter the contest anyway since I'm NA) (And... ah, I appreciate the criticism. I, too, feel like this could have been better, it was originally made for the Polycount Riot writing contest and had to be under 1000 words, so I had to cut a lot of content I wanted to explore and ultimately I wasn't completely happy with it. This also isn't a finished version, I'd polished it up a bit before submitting to the actual contest. If you want to see more of my work my site is here: )
: ***
is that what you call it... he's posted content that wasn't his, without the content owners permission. Yeah and all credit to Ink Rose, she rocks.
: Hey a big heads up, Project: Hunt - has NOT been submitted by the original creator - Ink Rose. check out this tweet confirming > Probably best to remove it... you know since it's been stolen.
Haha - so I used to lecture at university level, and the way you all described things, made me seriously think that someone must of copied and pasted it - so I just took the first paragraph and did a google search, found the original content and content creator, found her on twitter and asked) - indeed it was stolen... she wrote back, she's in NA and not OCE. Rito, please sort.
: ...Why does PROJECT: Hunt have so many votes? It's just bad. Terrible formatting, not really anything happening, and just... not really very good? Certainly nothing suggesting it should have twice the votes of the 2nd place. Is someone cheating?
stolen more like it... we have a the original author confirming too.
Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Vote Now!
Hey a big heads up, Project: Hunt - has NOT been submitted by the original creator - Ink Rose. check out this tweet confirming > Probably best to remove it... you know since it's been stolen.
: Introducing Oceania's All-Star Team
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Totally keen on this - am keen better understanding skill combos - so yep please! Loving the alpha client too!!
: Worlds GIF stickers now live on Giphy!
I love this biz model, make it and they will share, freaking awesome, so replicating with for our own purposes! Thanks!
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
i've stopped doing any gamemode, till they bring back URF. seriously rito.
: League merch coming to Gametraders
Aotearoa New Zealand???? Really are we that invisible?
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Is this the first time it's gone from 1pm-5am (NZT) every day - or did other game modes go all weekend?? I so can't remember!
: now you just need to fix the broken match making and bring back crystal scar and this game can become great again. sigh i really miss hide and seek :( it was the only thing that made this game fun since you refuse to listen to the community about having URF available 24/7, or atleast in customs. Since you ignored us about keeping crystal scar, why not give us the ability to edit settings for a customs game? would be awesome to mess around with a few things like getting gold per second and changing the walk speed. oh well i guess ill just go back to horrible normals and get abused by ranked players on both teams :/
Victoria (OCE)
: This game ain't hello kitty. GTFO. It's "casuals" like you that ruin the competitiveness and enjoyment of games. Look at WoW for example.
and it's salty boys like you that ruin it for the rest.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: That got really deep towards the end sorry guys.
: 11 am AEST... WELL FUCK sucks if your in new zealand. 1pm till we can start. shoulda just made it non stop so people dont gotta wait
Yep what I was thinking - Australia isn't the only country in Oceania!! Come on RIOT - we count too!
Kiwi Haze (OCE)
: Thank you Riot!! Loved this mode, excuse the negative nancys. Might be the last time to play on Crystal Scar.
it was fun aye - just fast and makes u play like a team, unless u want to die that is.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
LOVE LOVE ascension - please consider keeping long term!! xx {{champion:15}}

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