: LF Clash Team (Can play MID/JG/ADC/SUPP)
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: LF Clash Team (Silver ADC/SUPP)
Azailia (OCE)
: Friendly people to play with out there?
Im down for a couple ARURF's!!!
Chopnblok (OCE)
: LF Duo Partner
Well i meet all of those standards and im down to play but im only 15 feelsbadman
: Least tell them that they also must be female. ~Sincerely, a support main you deleted right away after finding out he was a guy.
Lmao, ill play with you. it doesnt matter whether your a boy or a girl i just wanna play league hahahaha.
Niege (OCE)
: Gold 3 Support - S9 P3 Peak - Looking For ADC or Jungler for Duo.
Look, im not as good as you but no one on here meets my preferences etc, so im only asking for a chance.
: support main LF adc to duo with
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Quinnova (OCE)
: Meanwhile, I just got a 14 day suspension for typing this: Game 1 In-Game Quinnova: didnt know if u had that lol Quinnova: mb Quinnova: what for Quinnova: o lmao Quinnova: teemo shroom Quinnova: lmao Quinnova: goddamn teeto Quinnova: lol Quinnova: aram? Quinnova: yep lamo Quinnova: lmao Quinnova: flash a bit earlier? Quinnova: lmao Quinnova: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK Quinnova: get fucked Quinnova: %%% Quinnova: irelia mate Quinnova: counterganks arent workin out so well Quinnova: i dont have a %%% Quinnova: o Quinnova: pyke imagine if you did that a bit earlier Quinnova: yknow Quinnova: when i was there Quinnova: n stuff Quinnova: my shit? Quinnova: i earnt that kill Quinnova: mages are balanced Quinnova: lol Quinnova: its tru Quinnova: whote Quinnova: no hom Quinnova: lol Quinnova: gf Quinnova: g Quinnova: g Keep in mind that the "%%%" comments were in response to the enemy team typing "%%%", and the "get fucked" was a tongue-in-cheek response to the enemy Teemo typing "get fucked" to me. It was all light-hearted. I had honour level 4 and was never considered toxic or anything. But apparently Riot would rather ban me for literally typing "mb" than genuinely toxic people and inters.
its bloody crazy, I hope they can take away your suspension earlier.
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this is what ive come to the boards for.
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orgastae (OCE)
: Looking for a Clash Team (I'm Silver) (Main ADC/MID)
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: > [{quoted}](name=DarkShade918,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=8gkqEwNY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-13T08:24:04.841+0000) > > Make art (shitty or decent) and send it via support ticket specifying how much RP you need (usually maxing out at 50RP) It has to be related to the thing you want, by the way.
ok cool, thanks.
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: nice summoner icon
wrong account! Nice summoner icon
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: I agree with everything you say but Riot could obviously tweak the mode to where when you pick the 1v1 it has a choice where you pick 'same champion' top lane champs' support champs'
or you could chose first tower/first blood/ 100 cs as one option then have till nexus or whatever rito feels like
slxw (OCE)
: I vote yes, but would it be a blind pick or what?
I would say options would be the way to go like the options they have for Summoners Rift.
: 1v1
I would absolutely love a 1v1 mode as waiting in a custom game for ages isn't fun and when you do find someone they could be much better than you and how much fun is that? This could be a good marketing choice for riot as some old players that have gone away due to 'having shitty teams' and hating the teamwork part of league would bring back players who loved league as a game but hated other parts you get in 5v5 or 3v3. it could also attract new players and it might be what league needs. It changes up the thing that league is, a team based game and makes a queue for players who like the feeling of the game hanging on their shoulders and not having to worry about everyone else. Obviously riot would make it fair but I would recommend making the skill group in which players can go against a bit tighter by only making people vs people in the same rank give or take a little. This also allows riot to make a new map that could be made from the players. We could have a contest or whatever where we submit a sketch or map design and the riot employees chose there 5 favourites then we vote on it. (edit) also be nice to make a ranked queue for it and different options whether you want top lane champs or adcs or whatever.
: 2018 Christmas event
your bloody well right
: Riot is tracking what i search
this is crazy and I hope riot says something about it, and before you say well maybe you shouldn't search up cheat engine. Im not its the fact that they can see what im looking at.
Mofle (EUNE)
: Blue Essence??..
yea the blue essence shit is dumb people have to go to school an work 5 days a week and can sometimes onlt get in three games a day ad im not gonna level up off that
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: > [{quoted}](name=Flarefox,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=7E3sdNIg,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-02-04T09:56:19.273+0000) > > I've tried - but for some reason when I select my region as "OCE" on NA boards, the page just refreshes and says my region is still "NA" which never happened up until a few days ago. > > As for OCE boards sucking, we don't have the community to sustain it. Never will. I think we actually have some pretty good Riot members who do a pretty good job talking with the community. I don't necessarily believe that we will never have the community to sustain our boards, and it's also not like we have to pick or choose. I much prefer OCE boards for most things over the NA boards (they are more receptive to skin suggestions/discussions, I'll give you that), and I feel like there's a better chance on discussing things with Riot through our boards, rather than the ones on NA (bigger population, more threads, more difficult to be seen).
I agree deeply {{champion:33}}


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