toirlolXD (OCE)
: Why do I even try.
Remove this post, dumbest fucking post I've seen on here and I've seen a lot. You're both flaming each other. How about instead of typing you just use the fucking mute button that was put there for that very reason and play the fucking game. How hard is that to do? Grow the fuck up and stop tilting your teammates or dont play, simple
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: Making clash team + buying tickets (G2-P3)
Plat 4 Jg main 71% wr, pretty aggressive early game playstyle mainly centered on snowballing and closing out games asap, ign: mylittiepwny (hec main xD)
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Andyart (OCE)
: i'm interested
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: Looking for jungler G2 - Plat1 for 5's team
G2 Jungle main looking for team, pretty well rounded mainly play hec, karth, kayn IGN: Mylittiepwny
DaRsnn (OCE)
: Looking for Players for Teams and Scrims
Yo I just sen you a message on discord, looking to fill jungle and top roles for Team Erebus
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Excited (OCE)
: LOL at this rage post. you got banned, deal with it. improve yourself
Lol i had 5 fucking smites and ur seriously trying to argue this was a deserved punishment. Let's see how well you play when all 4 of your teammates are blatantly inting in ur bronze game buddy. Hope you get a brain soon friend until then see you on my smurf :)
: Looking for Gold/Plat players for OCAL and possibly other tournaments
Mid and jungle duo both g4
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Ninox (OCE)
: It's biggest flaw is that it's slow. For obvious intentional feeders (running it down mid) it's quite quick, usually banning within a few games, but for anything sneakier it's much more cautious. It's tuned way down to avoid banning people for just being bad basically, though I think we can all agree it should be much faster than it is. As for the particular players in question, you can submit your report in a ticket to player support: BUT, be aware that support cannot and will not give you any information about another player's account, for privacy reasons and a whole host of others. You will more than likely get a generic "thanks for reporting this behaviour, continue to use post game reporting wherever possible" type response, but support will manually audit the case.
This was extremely helpful, thank you very much :)
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