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Fortunate (OCE)
: Hi just wondering if you are looking for an ADC main :)
We absolutely still are. Will add you in game.
: This got deleted, Maybe covering up or I dont know, but is important to read and rise awareness!
Honestly, you must be very young or have some issues of your own that you need to deal with, whether that is psychiatry or not. These are people who don't know you, they owe you absolutely nothing, and you expect them to care about you? The world is a harsh place and to survive you need to have some resolve. I don't mean this in a bad way, I truly don't. But, if you were getting so emotional over how a handful of people were treating you online then you seriously need to get away from gaming and take a step outside. Meet some real people.
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: Am i really a Dick?
What I do to friends like this is say that Ignorance is a choice and you are choosing it. There are things you can do to improve your game and especially being mirror against a tele Draven he should have no problems in lane unless he is either pushing hard to turret with little to no vision and getting ganked by the jg and/or he has a shitty supp. But still things can be done to make up for a bad supp. Really there is no excuse. I assume he is a bronze-silver player; have you asked him what he thinks his skill level is at tier wise?
Kiter (OCE)
: Recruiting players for hitrost esports
Plat V in under 100 games this season. Can play any lane/jg at a plat level. Live in western Sydney. Add me IG.
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: hey I just lost a ranked game 30- 42 and ended up losing 22 LP. however when I won a game 36 - 26 I gained only 12 LP. 35 -21 same deal. the margins of kills are similar yet the LP losses/gains are not the same. while u might say its circumstantial what about 53 - 26 I only got 13 LP that game. I know u cant give my LP back but could you at least provide an explanation. thanks an avid fan
I believe that would be due to your MMR (or possibly team MMR) in comparison to your opponents MMR (or possibly team MMR). For instance if you are gold and your team was comprised of all gold players and you lost to a team that was full of silver players you lose more LP. On the flip side if you are gold and your team was all gold and beat a team of all plats you get more LP. I could definitely be wrong on that but I believe that is the case.


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