duckyy (OCE)
: OCE Stream 2x$10 giveaways (4pm/6pm QLD time), plat 2 mid laner, playing norms and rank :D
Yo! MysticNZ here im hanging out over on duckys stream tonight! Come win some RP! :D
Mysticnz (OCE)
: [UPDATE 4] **IT'S TOMORROW!**OCE 1v1 Tournament! 11th of January, OPEN TO ALL!
Yea didn't realize QLD was an hour behind. Should be a fun day if everyone shows up :)
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Rozzi (OCE)
: Im in i think IGN: Rozzi This is {{champion:81}} as it gets :3 Could you confirm im in??
Can confirm once you register at
: IGN: KiL3rZ KraZ3 man im keen
register here!
Block (OCE)
: ign: BLock im unable to register on binary beast for some reason
Looks like there was an issue on the site, seems to be working again now let me know if u have any issues
: IGN: Chindo
: IGN: EternalxWarrior im in!
Can't see you on the list mate, make sure to register!
: YESSSSSS, MY ACCOUNT WORKS AGAIN, I CAN LOG INNNNN any who, i signed up using your link yesterday, but now its 404 - Not Found {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:79}}
hey mate, link working fine for me only 8 spots left!
: I just joined (On stream atm) IGN: Useli Stoneheart Twitch: Livala ( #BRONZE REPRESENT )
Hey we were all bronze once :P dont forget to sign up at to be in the tournament :)
Quro (OCE)
: IGN: Rifles :) Can you confirm ?
Hey mate, cant see your name in the list did u register at
: IGN: VengeanceLX Hi, I've joined binary.
: IGN: SuperSmasherHit (I added you on league of legends)
You need to register mate Then your in!
: yo am i in?{{champion:76}}
I cant see your name on did you register there?
Greedy (OCE)
: im in and registered, are you able to confirm my registration?
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Mysticnz (OCE)
: OCE 1v1 Tournament! 11th of January, OPEN TO ALL!
Now open to 64 players!!! This is going to be a big day! Get involved :) Remember you need to register at to be in!
Mysticnz (OCE)
: OCE 1v1 Tournament! 11th of January, OPEN TO ALL!
Hey all! We are at 30 entries already, everyone below this post (if you have it set to sort by "new") has entered successfully! If we hit 32 in the next 24 hours ill jump the entry number to 48. You guys are awesome and I'm looking forward to the 11th! Hit me up with any questions you might have on here.
: IGN: badboyz9000 followed stream as Quantix9 if that matters, k thx. Looking forward to it :3
Thanks for joining the stream tonight mate! Don't forget to register for the 1v1 at
DaBigBoi (OCE)
: IGN: DaBigBoi i in bois
Good to have to on board! Remember to register your IGN at
: ign: TWREVOLUTION already pumped
Guys you need to register at :) This is where I get your names from :)
Son Goku (OCE)
: ign: Son Goku
kakarot make sure you register at :)
: IGN: slender128 although im already added
Trixanne (OCE)
: I'm in :) IGN Trixanne
Hey, didnt see your name in the list make sure you have registered at
kiwipride (OCE)
: IGN: kiwipride im in BAYBI
: Ign: I Will HM01 You :D
: IGN: Swagonmysack, im keen :)
Irenaeus (OCE)
: Yea, thank you :D btw IGN: Irenaeus and im in :D
Make sure you register at
Irenaeus (OCE)
: sorry i didnt make it clear enoguh. Rules: • The tournament will be played on the Summoner's Rift map • The game will be made in a custom game with Blind Pick format, the players will then ban 3 champions each in a 1-1-1-1-1-1 format, with the higher seed banning first. If it is not clear who the higher seed is, the person on the right will ban first. • All matches will be Best of 1 format with the Grand Final being a Best of 3 • The tournament consists of middle lane only. No player is allowed to farm any minions or damage any towers from any other lane. • Winner is determined by the first player to kill the other or to take their opponent's mid-lane tower. it implies that there will be 5 people in the mid lane?
Sorry if thats not clear, there will only be 2 people in each match. 1 on each team that will meet on the mid lane and play until 1 person gets first blood, 100 CS or takes a tower. Make sense?
Irenaeus (OCE)
: Hi there, im pretty interested but i have a question, it says 1v1 but there are 5 people per team? Sorry if this is stupid but im a bit confused.
: IGN : I Am Shredder and im in :)
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