: But have you actually de-ranked? So far as I can tell you're pretty consistently maintaining that Silver 1 rank. You're highest end of season rank is Gold 5, last season was Silver 2. The ranks shifted a bit with the addition of Iron but Gold mostly stayed where it was (intentionally). You haven't climbed, but you also haven't dropped. There will obviously be a degree of fluctuation if you continue to play games, but generally not more than a division or two. Believe me, I understand the frustration of people being toxic, or afking or saying bullshit like "sorry guys gotta go" 10 minutes into a *ranked game*. Especially this time of the season where the stakes are so much higher things tend to be exacerbated. The best advice I can offer you, is that letting the tilt get to you this much hurts you *far* more than it hurts the people who cause it. We just don't play as well when we are tilted. The short version I suppose is don't bring old beef and leftover tilt into the new game. Most of those people who are doing badly, aren't doing so on purpose, and aren't doing so because they don't belong in your game. Your own scores can attest to some pretty shocking stats when in an overall losing game, and they can also attest to some games just really not going your way. This applies to *everyone*. Me, you, Fred from down the road. Everyone experiences this, and to expect everyone else to play their perfect game every time when we ourselves cannot achieve (because it's impossible) that is only going to create grief for all involved. As far as afks, toxics, genuine intent feeders, etc, report them, know that in the substantial Silver population you aren't likely to see them again and move in. They're really not worth your effort. From an academic perspective, I would suggest you take a google on Negativity Bias. It's a powerful psychological quirk and it can really cost you some sanity if you aren't aware of it. From an emotional perspective, I would suggest that you take a step back and evaluate what it is you care about most in League. Ranked is hugely important to many players and with good reason, but at the end of the day this is still a game, and if your experience with it is more negative than positive, something isn't right.
Well firstly im trying to get better but of course fucking not with people who feed lanes and then im an easy kill in the game or in every game in that perspective secondly i know losing is part of the game but losing all the time and 5 or 10 games in a ROW is bull shit i know mmr comes into factor but being part of a game where everybody does there own thing and being a team game i dont see shit happening together is ultimate retarded and thirdly how am i suppose to evaluate what im doing wrong when everytime the teams just wants to feed after dieng once am i intended to be put in with tilted people, people doing bad especially looking up the history of some people paired with in my team are bloody horrible or is it cause LEAGUE OF LEGENDS itself dosent wanna see people like me climb especailly with the hard grind and long HOURS i do every fucking year with this game same shit different year and its only getting worse in conclusion "negative " you say of course im fucking pissed off, "got a serious problem" you say of course i have a problem its fucking unfair seeing stupid people being put in my team i know i cant get the best teams but why put me with fucking idiots maybe pass a message on the fucking creators fix the rank system ASAP because its completely fucking STUPID being put with retards
: Visible rank and MMR won't always match because MMR catches up to true skill quickly (to maintain matchmaking integrity) and visible rank catches up slowly (to create the progression and encourage consistency to maintain a rank). If you're getting matched with/against visible Bronze, then it's because either their MMR is higher than their rank or yours is lower than your rank (or some combination of the two). Basically, for whichever reason, your MMR matches theirs and so you are placed in their games. If you are at a maintained rank and start losing, you'll start getting placed with and against lower MMR people. If you are where you are meant to be then the system expects you to start winning these games to maintain your rank. If you start losing them, then it stands to reason the MMR you reached was too high for you to maintain and so you will slowly drop. If you win them as the system expects then great, you have maintained your rank. Again, the reverse is also true. There is a decent amount of short-term wiggle room to account for the general discrepancy in skill that a human will experience. Maybe you were cold when you played a game and your physical reaction time I slower. Maybe you're distracted and you aren't as present. Maybe you're super focused and are hyper-aware. There are hundreds of factors that go into a player's skill and the only way to equalise all of them is time and large sample sizes. Visible rank is something that becomes more accurate over time, so the less games played, the less accurate visible rank will be since that player could well be halfway through a climb or fall. As for bots, there are practically speaking no bots in ranked. Only a tiny percentage of bots even make it to level 30. This is why you see them in co-op vs AI and low level+MMR ARAMs (and the rare normal) and nowhere else, and the only reason some of them make it that far is because bots are banned in waves to obscure detection methods, not instantaneously upon detection. Looking at your recent games, it's pretty clear you've hit your plateau. For every loss streak, you pretty much have a matching win streak. Your overall win-rate would indicate that you're either pretty much spot on where you should be, or just a touch above it. The hurdle from Silver to Gold is also bigger than the hurdle from Bronze to Silver (and this trend continues into the upper ranks). ___ If you want my (basic) advice, read on, if not, just ignore this last part. Consistency is key. Most of your wins you perform consistently well, but in losses your scores drop very quickly. Some of this is unavoidable by the nature of a losing game, but learning how to play from behind is an important skill that will carry you far. Warding. A super important skill for everyone but especially so for Jungle and Support. Supports have access to free wards but jungles only have their trinkets (and often Red trinket is the way to go). This means there is a massive extra interest in Red wards for junglers to control vision, and many games you are forgetting to buy any (I'm guilty of this too). Top lane also has limited wards and no Support presence on their side of the map, so again vision control becomes very important. Your CS is impressive (even in your losses) so kudos for that one! There's always room for improvement of course, but you're pretty consistently above the average for your rank. On the flip side, generally speaking your kill participation is quite low. Some games you do really well but again see that consistency note. Of course, this is a trickier one to nail down because there are a wide variety of reasons for low KP and some of them are unavoidable. Most of them ultimately come down to macro though. Knowing when to rotate, when to engage with your team and when to hold off, when to start stuff on your own or move to group etc etc. Take all that with a grain of salt though. I didn't watch replays, simply made suggestions based on the average of various stats. Some points will be more relevant than others and how to tailor it all to your playstyle depends largely on you.
If thats the case how do i play with people that is so shitt and derank me further i have lost so many promotional games its not funny with 700 RANK GAMES may i ask you how the fuck do i deal with this shit its a team game GREAT but what do i do when somebody wants to feed intent may i say ff at 15 cause we are behind in a fucking rank game MMR decides the teams im with you say how can that be when im getting them all the fucking time an as i derank its get much worse and theres no way out it because it just continues to happening people make no fucking effort, i dont play for a few days come back on and it continues to FUCKEN HAPPEN IM SO SICK OF IT NOW ITS FUCKING BULLSHIT how can i play with people who know how to play the game its so fucken annoying playing with people who just came from there promotional games then just decide to feel ok lets feed or intent or much worse fucken AFK HOOWWWW????? im so fucking tilted i dont deserve this shit__
: Rank is ultimately in the long-term a visual representation of relative skill. When your visible rank matches your relative skill, you will stop climbing and plateau. At this point where rank matches skill, the skill has to improve for the rank to. For example, you play a game versing people evenly matched with you and win. Great! You were better than those people so the system is going to assume some improvement. You then verse people slightly higher than those last ones and you lose, ok you must be a touch lower than them. Rinse and repeat. Playing against people of your accurate rank your win-rate will sit at 50%, because that's how the system is designed. You don't climb by playing games, you climb by improving, otherwise, the people in Challenger would be the people who play the most games per day, not the people who have the highest skill on the server. Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation.
So what happens if im losing then do i get put with better people or people worse then especially since im getting put with bronze people and im s1 ive had 700 games ive seen the same trend and its fucking not fare and the sad thing is i get put with BOTS explain whats the cause of this ?
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: > [{quoted}](name=NORBIT1234,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=wPkMrL9H,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-16T03:36:10.494+0000) > > You have access to my op.gg go look for yourself That is another way of dodging the question. I shall take this as your exit from it.
Not dodging you can just look at my stats and whats good or not or otherwise when i play live you can watch the game play
: You can see a lot of replies here are from people who don't actually hit up ranked. I can confirm this is how it goes. Whats worse is that Riot claim "working as intended" when you bring up how busted said queues are. If people played the game and not just white knight for riot, they'd see this.
Yeah i wonder why they dont fix the problem when they know its happening over and over again reporting dosent work cause i see them in the next game soz
: > [{quoted}](name=NORBIT1234,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=wPkMrL9H,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2019-11-15T07:09:52.439+0000) > > What does ace mean next to my name oh thats right im the most valuable player in a fuckking sacky team always Dude, you're just in love with yourself. This is what it's all about. You've under perform CONSISTENTLY OVER AND OVER AGAIN. If we scale your pros vs cons, the STATISTICS IS CLEAR. GOD DAMN MAN, HAVE SOME HUMILITY. IT'S NOT ALWAYS THE OTHER PERSON WHO IS AT FAULT! P.S where is the replay show casing your brilliants and the people who have let you down??
: > Just finished another game where everyone ff at 15 cause they didnt wanna play and the game before that afk and the game before that a person dc and we played a 4 v 5 from the beginning wtf is up with that bull shit am i just unlucky or is this game no fucking fun at all epecially when you are wasting considerable amount of hours playing this bullshit of a game its fucking really pissing me off nothing wont help https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=NORBIT1234 Source each one of your claims and upload a replay link. As far as i can see, you are falsifying the narrative. Prove me wrong. Also, everyone check his dps when he play carry champs. Somehow this norbit guy 90% of the time seem to hover either last, or 2nd last.
What does ace mean next to my name oh thats right im the most valuable player in a fuckking sacky team always
: What the fuck is up with rank losing 1 game then lose fucking 10 games and put with people who afk
Just finished another game where everyone ff at 15 cause they didnt wanna play and the game before that afk and the game before that a person dc and we played a 4 v 5 from the beginning wtf is up with that bull shit am i just unlucky or is this game no fucking fun at all epecially when you are wasting considerable amount of hours playing this bullshit of a game its fucking really pissing me off nothing wont help
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: How do you explain the other supposes those trolls and AFKs have higher dps stat in comparison to you...
So i guess you look at each person individually on each of my matches which highly is impossible consdiering you dont want to waste time critiqing however if you watch one of my matches im always focusing on objectives cs etc which obviously you dont understand my problem therefore how would you know if im doing good or bad Again thank you for your comment
: Um, no dude. Looking at your match history https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=+NORBIT1234 MAJORITY of the games you've lost. You are the worst performing player stats wise. Low dps, high deaths, ETC...
How am i suppose to improve stats when i get a team that trolls afks or is on tilt dont just look at my stats look at my team players im with and look at there stats huge difference Thank you for your comment
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: 500 games, yikes i climbed silver to gold in 11 games (with a 0/10 Provis btw), i fail to see an issue here, ya'll just stress because someone ints your game, i have inters too, its called ignoring them and hard carrying yourself, or alternatively, duoing with someone
You must be part of the lucky percentage of people that make it out with 10 games me i just win lose all the time and i cant do shit about it
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: The real problem with league of legends
Yeah fuck thanking god someone actually points this shit out thats how i feel when i play aswell bloody stupid system should fix this bullshit
: We are all within the same system. But your mind is at the stage of victimisation process, and failed to correlate it to your skills. Cant you see you are not good enough with your current self to climb? Or, are all those people in bronze got held down by the system aswell, and they should be higher? If everyones move up a tier, than whose's at the bottom? If you are stuck at gold using the same scenario, would you think you deserve plat, and if you are at plat, would you think you deserve diamond?, and so forth. Your matches's history, you did'nt stand out in any of the matches. If that is your standard of doing well, then NO WONDER you think your team is shit and you cant rise. Your ego is higher than your skill's level.
Holy fuck just look at my past 6 games had fuckking troll and afks how tf am i suppose to play with these people tell me and ill understand this game pairs me up with the most stupidsit people in this game so unfair
: 700+ games played and cant climb, is a good indicator of inadequacy. The sooner you realise that you need to improve your skills; To keep up with the game. The better the chances you'll have for achieving a better result.
Soz by looking at my history ill say i fuckking carry everygame and the point that pisses me off is people either leave half way in the game or start not playing as a team because as i see it with the past fuckking 700 games each game has been fuckking horrific and this system of matching with people is poorly done
: Your dps scores are consistantly low while playing dps champs; Are you sure it's your team mate and not how you've played? You want gold but you cant even stomp silvers? They are silver 4-2 mostly.
Well how am i suppose to play while kunts feed all the time maybe watch one of my games and then you will see the fuckking horror of this league its like being in fucking bronze all over again and ive been gold every season but this season i might not reach cause afks and shitt everytime why cant i be matched with people that know how to play this game ill be much more happy with a team that actually knows how to play rather then a team that automatically feeds and trolls even by reporting them i see them in my next match like wtf is up with this game
: And how do i deal with trolls and afks tell me that and ill consider cause ive had them fuckking 5 games in a row
And also im cosistently not gaining anywhere by fuckingg kunts that troll and afk and by that i mean losing this game aint fun if im with these trashes just look at my history holy fuck these guys make me tilt so fuckking hard
Nightjar (OCE)
: or learning the basics like laning patterns, rotational pressure, positioning, csing, controlling minion waves, map awareness, matchup dependent itemisation, roaming patterns. There are many ways to climb.
And how do i deal with trolls and afks tell me that and ill consider cause ive had them fuckking 5 games in a row
: This is the same advice I give all Bronzes/Silvers. Don't take the game too seriously. You're not good enough to be stressing out over things. At your level, you need to just play for fun and learn as much as you can. It's like the kiddy pool. You're not in there to start butterflying. You're in there to find your feet and have a splash.
Then how am i suppose to climb then its bullshit
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: You have a 50%~ winrate, and it looks like you've plateaued. Basically, you are what rank you should be for your skill, and if you want to climb higher you'll have to focus on improving not just playing your best. Scores in Silver and below tend to be quite polarising, with games being heavy one way or the other (i.e they snowball more) which results in harsher losses (but also better wins), and at the end of the season stakes and tensions are higher exacerbating this effect. The best thing you can do is keep your cool, getting frustrated at things you can't control will only make you play worse, especially if that translates to typing all game. Better to focus on what you *can* control, which is your own gameplay. Also if you want to have a player behaviour discussion, better to have it in the Player Behaviour sub-board, and not on a random announcement thread, further comments of this nature will be removed.
Ive played 8 hours in a row and i havent even gotten anywhere causw of bloody trolls and afks and what pisses me off is there always in my fucking games its so annoying how do you guys get rid of these kunts getting really sick of this game
Mindstar (OCE)
: Queue Schedule - Updated Nov 21, 2018
What the fuck is up with rank im always stuck with fuxking trolls and feeders and they cant work on fixing this like wtf i played 600 games now and still stuck in silver i get promoted to s1 then demoted to s3 every fucking time is really fucking annoying
Mindstar (OCE)
: Queue Schedule - Updated Nov 21, 2018
More like fix your whole game and stop putting me with fricking trolls all the time Thanks


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