: No, I'm pointing out that it's ridiculous to try and focus all that anger on a small portion of the players that act in such a manner just because they're Chinese. All kinds of players do this sh!t, yet I don't see anyone here trying to address the larger issue. Instead you're all just jumping on board the "Chinese players are a problem" "hype-train" and pretty much ignoring all the other players that do the same kinds of things. Point being, if you're going to whinge about a particular toxic behaviour, don't restrict that whinging to a particular sub-group of players, especially when that sub-group comes down to something like nationality/ethnicity.
they are not of small portion now...soon they will flood the servers just like they flood australia market
: The context of this thread seems to be that it's an issue exclusive to Chinese/Mandarin speaking players, yet I'd argue that you'd find significantly more English speaking players who do the same kind of things in-game. The difference is that it becomes more apparent when the players in question are using a different language, especially something as different as symbol based languages, in a typically English environment. If you want to whinge about something, at least cover the whole issue, instead of trying to pass it off as something only a small portion of a particular group-set does.
yea, it covers of all races but maybe the instant feedback report system can track toxic players of english speaking. But over the course of me playing league there are only a few toxic english speaking ones as oppose to chinese players where every game i have been through there still be at least a few( if you can take a look at chinese servers, you will know what i am talking about). they something flame you of their liking for no issue at all. still my point stands
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: Why suspended without any reason
people will never ever admit they script
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