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Robo23 (OCE)
: well it seems fun, first time i tried it i was disappointed. Cuz using a skin for one match makes u want it more :( I dont have that much money. Then again i did it to get the ip boost that comes with it. Sorry bout spelling :)
No worries, I can understand you easily ^^ But I spend my money on rp (more then I should :c) and rather then buying a skin, I'd love to just give my team a skin for a game. It's cheap, I could do it often, and it'd be fun. I understand how playing a skin could make you want it more, but that just furthers my case >:) But seriously, I don't see any real negatives from adding it to all game-modes. Might even be the opposite, and make people more positive :)
: You know you also gain LP when someone trolls or AFKs on the enemy team. Yet for some reason there's never anyone on here being like "man, this system is so broken, I didn't deserve LP for this win, please take it away from me". You win about as much as you lose from trolls, whether you think so or not, so there's no point complaining about it.
Yes, honestly if I get an afk or troll then I just stop trying to win and have fun with the enemy team. Most of the time we end up doing silly stuff, and a game that sucked ended up being much more fun then a normal ranked game ^^ So I lost one game, it's not the end of the world. Your attitude effects how you perceive things, honestly some people just need to relax.
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