: So is Riot OCE actually giving OCE codes to OCE streamers for the partnership program?
Man I kind of want to stream but I am sure it will destroy my ping/performance because OCE internet is terrible....oh and I am boring whatever.
Melbounce (OCE)
: [QQ] Do something about blind normals please!
I agree role calling is stupid... but instead of complaining I just became a fill main.
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: Meowkai
Shut up and take my money!. I have been waiting for a good Maokai skin for awhile now. one of my commonly played champions I don't own a skin for. Pairs nicely with Poro rider Sejauni.
Gesteppie (OCE)
: League is becoming too competitive for the broader community
I think the difference is that you have gone up in MMR even in normals. Put simipily you are better at the game your opponents are better at the game. So unless you play your best you'll lose. I cannot play any bruiser champions, I am pretty much useless at top lane but I can't even try to learn to play them without feeding because it is calibrated to my best games. the only soultion I know is to make a smurf account and dick about again, you'll see it's just like it used to be... no runes no masteries no rules. also playing with premades is where you want to play your cheese comps and silly builds. I was just playing AP kog failed horribly, I have been playing it with friends and was doing great.
: When Made to Support
When made to top lane :'(. 0-10... :(. please make me support.
: I wish Riot Games did something about the toxicity of this community.
Stay strong and don't accept that behaviour. Hey mate, insulting your teammate is the fastest way to lose. be constructive or be quiet. I don't care how bad the jungler is I need you to be a team player, zip it.
: 8 months and counting
R.I.P... the journal of Justice
Matutinus (OCE)
: Champion Mastery is great, unless you're leveling support
I managed to get an S with this. get more killls :P.
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: Best URF Champion?
I have been playing AD Malz like Hotshotgg did in the exabition game. So much push.. hold people down whille your minions beat on them.. constant ability spam. SIlences are really really strong in URF.
: Congratulatiuons OCE, you ruined URF
Note you only named 5 champions... you have a chance to ban these do so I have mostly being playing AD Malz it is great fun. Ok so it seems like the problem is that people hate fun and prefer to win. I think it is just inherent and I am not sure you can fix it. All you can do is not care about winning basicall these champions being dominant is only a problem because you want to win and have fun. Also I find champions with spamable hard CC can be super dangerous and the best counter picks to hyper mobility.
: After Match Lobby Chat
I tend to post what they said in the chat in the report. for example Negative attitude "gg ez"


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