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Dyran (OCE)
: Champ Riven to come back during the 2015 worlds.
Riot said at one point there's a possible chance of it coming back next year and releasing a Championship Bundle along with the next Championship skin but we don't know yet.
fum422 (OCE)
: teemo's blind
No, Lee Sin is immune to Teemo's blind. Always dive Teemo because you won't be blinded.
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: tired of people asking for CS riven-so here is a post by a rioter saying when it will b available
: I find it interesting that the entire team at Riot seem to be only capable of Copy Paste Posts. Like you legitmately didn't actually answer the post you replied to. Also to do with the OP, any way you slice a thing of block so that X isn't on (Your team/Enemy Team/Both teams) it's going to be exploited in one way or another, whether that be by avoiding bad players (that aren't trolls) or by avoiding good players on the enemy team.
Well they keep getting asked the same questions that are very similar so they are just trying to state what they have already replied to.
: What does Counter strike have anything to do with this topic? and please serious answers.. When you talk about the lives of others, and the meaningless casualties @SEKAI could you please go into more detail. Thanks in advance ! 👍
CS has a betting system and that it's players age group probably consists of older teenagers to young adults whereas league probs has 10 year olds lurking around in the game.
: Jackpot/Gambling Feature
This will have bad influence on kids that play this game and we know how addictive gambling can be so I think this is a bad idea. Would be fun for those with a lot of unused ip but otherwise sorry.
: What the ranked requirements should be
I do agree with the 200 normal wins at least as recently I received a 20 normal wins 'I'm op at Evelynn in URF so I should be good at first time jungle for her' player.
: I miss OCE GD....
You forgot vNutz!
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TheVlav (OCE)
: Thinking About Quitting League (80% Yes - 20% No) What can I do to make league fun again?
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: Is our purchase history wiped with the new year
: Do we even have forum mods?
He was partially banned in March but his ban finished on April 2nd so he's free for now.
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Idk they said it would be coming out tmr but i guess it means coming out on april 1st for NA so we'll have to wait.
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: PulseFire Ezreal Disabled?
They don't want rich people to buy the skin.
FarCough (OCE)
: wtf 10 LP
Just means ur mmr isn't good enough
WarPigsAu (OCE)
: I to am sick of the abuse people give each other. Reporting dose nothing or if it dose you do not even get a email if they have been found guilty so why would i or anyone else report... Sick of having to block people, I been playing since season 1... At least before i switched my account from NA when ever i was pissed off i could go on the tribunal and try to help, but oceania is by far more toxic and getting worse as the months go by
Who does buy spell vamp on lux? Rabadon woulda been a better item or maybe even Zhonyas
: Can you be knocked up while going through Bard's Magical Journey?
Talon12 (OCE)
: you cant get ultimate skins in Mystery Box... Can you?
sour mash (OCE)
: mystery skins. who is everyone getting?
: I replied to you already so I will just copy the other answer: > The last thing we want is for Riot to turn into a currency company where we make changes constantly and players have to speculate. Therefore we have decided to monitor the situation and to make changes only if currencies or inflation make significant **long term moves**. > If you look at the graph attached, this is the exchange rate of AUD and USD since we launched here. When we launched, we positioned our prices slightly lower than the US because we were not sure where the dollar was going. > Any time the currency went above that line, in OCE we paid a bit more. As you can see, it happened only once and for a short time.
Why is the start 23/7 :c My birthday is the next day rip.
: owning every skin in the game!
plees misteri gift meh. me only had one grain of rice today to support me famiry
Sackboy (OCE)
: thank kali
thank frelo kali
: Add me for normals, party bonus lets go now
I did a 5 man team and got 5 ip party bonus. Lucky me
: Turned over a new leaf. What did I find?
See no one tells me (Or trolls) if someone is a guy or a girl in GD so I assume everyone is a guy. Honestly idk if you're lying or not but I'll assume you're a guy for now.
I'm at 200+ for Teamwork and 100+ for Honorable but I lost my badge at like 150 teamwork
: Annie names possible reward
Girl Playing with Fire
Spray (OCE)
: That's what iv'e been trying to say, everyone here but you is so ignorant
I haven't said a word
: I had to send a support ticket in order to receive mine.
K i've sent a support ticket so hopefully I will receive it soon :D
NastyTech (OCE)
: What to do about people who instalock new skin champs in ranked
: A New Skin Idea For Yasuo
Soul Reaver Yasuo would be ok.
: Has anyone noticed????
This has been out since Nasus was released lmao. It was intentional to begin with to celeberate a Rioter( Or game developer, can't remember). Js
: 99lp
I have been here b4
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: so much bs its not funny
Rito I'm only 11 pls put chat filter for those specific words this man just said.
Holland (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=nUAaAKW4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-23T07:35:49.319+0000) > > Yes and then these people will just wait said 10 seconds and then lock their pick. > > Problem totally solved, no holes whatsoever. Yeah I guess not but we need to do something about them.
Go play teambuilder if you don't like the consequences of normals.
Blackavar (OCE)
: lee sin?
Shen confirmed
Cy Kotic (OCE)
: A representation of the "no evils"
Please place this in the Player Creations Discussion pls
: Can we do something about this person?
At least he got 13/3/7 on his Draven :D
Sounds like this guy wants a fight with the gays in the world for being offensive.
EJ21 (OCE)
: I am never going to play support again
BackFire (OCE)
: the only person stopping you from improving is yourself.
Goes 2/5, says got nothing to improve. ???????????????????????????
: Last time I check, League of Legends is a game just so you know.
{{item:3110}} for that {{summoner:14}} ?
: Thank you everyone.
: DJ Sona release cost
Definitely 1950 rp for 4 days I believe
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