: Is this really worth a 14 day ban?
Not only were you generally greifing (like honestly, just mute if they're toxic and only type if it's relevant to the game, like flash times or whatever), but you said "kys" twice. You said it yourself... "kys is an insta ban" It doesn't matter if you typed "kys" or "voli said kys" the system doesn't care. Just like "(*r-slur*)" or "(*t-slur*)" or "(*f-slur*)" or "(*n-slur*)". Context doesn't matter, nor does the fact you said other words. All that matters is that you said the word or phrase. Hope this helps :) Best of luck with your second chance in 14 days! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: TeamFight Tactics
Seems it will be live patch 9.15 from what I've heard and read.
: Plat 4 Sup LF duo
It might help if you asked on the NA Boards instead of the OCE Boards :)
HeartVine (OCE)
: Kind of a redundant question considering Duct Tape can usually do anything.
Funnily enough, duct tape actually sucks at fixing ducts since it doesn't handle rapid changes in temperature well.
: What Rank can Iron queue with?
Iron and Bronze. Possibly brand new Unranked too (if not for the first game in placements, then certainly once someone has gained a provisional rank).
Nangzz (OCE)
: My rank (GOLD)
Were you Honour 2+ though?
Mônster (OCE)
: Looking for Flex players for New season
The "funny B" is called an *eszett*. A double "s" in German that's pronounced like a "z" in German, hence why your summoner name sometimes looks like "sslood".
: \\Theory Crafting\Neeko
I personally think she'll be similar to Teemo, Annie, Fiddle, or Tali in that she has main positions (RiotScrappy confirmed Mid/Supp), but also works well in other positions. Thanks to the on-hit passive on her W, Top Neeko may work in certain matchups. APC Neeko could also work thanks to this (if APC Ori works in high Challenger, why shouldn't APC Neeko work?). Personally, I'll be playing her in the Jungle/Mid. Her Q bounces on large monsters and her W (both active and passive) works on them too. Will just need to practice her clears a bit. As for runes, I guess it's just dependent on playstyle, but I'd either go Electrocute (very easy to land with an E + 2 bounces of her Q) or Dark Harvest (making her Ult even more of a nuke). That said, I've seen people talking about playing her full AD and mimicking an ADC... but that's mostly for fun. I also think she'll be one of those champions that can have several viable build paths (like an AP one-shot build, Nashor's AS/On-Hit build, Tankier CC spambot, utility mage, etc.). **Questions:** * How does her ult work with transformation champions? Does she turn into whatever form they were in when she clicked the portrait? Does she switch forms whenever the champion she's copying switches forms? * How does this work with Kayn? If she takes Kayn's form, and then he goes into Blue/Red will she automatically turn? * What about post-6 Evelynn? Will she look like a regular pre-6 Eve? Does she look like the demon form, just without stealth? * How about Jayce, with his hammer forms? * Does she default to picking Jinx's minigun, or does it depend on what Jinx has when she switches to her? * If an enemy champion clicks on her while transformed, does it display her items/stats or the teammate she's copying? * How does Zhonya's work with her ult? Does the stasis not work? Does the ult cancel? Does she still do her ult, albeit untargetable?
: Why didnt i get a gold border and victorious orianna skin?
That Silver border is probably the border you had from last season. Rewards aren't out yet. Remember, there are *millions* of active accounts that are eligible. Also, you won't get a Season 8 border since Riot are scrapping that, and are instead moving to a live border which will show your current Season 9 rank (with your Season 8 ranking being an insignificant trim on your lobby border that no one but a duo partner will see).
Rioter Comments
Socon (OCE)
: Wot whait if you have honour level 1 will you get your gold border still?
Neither Honour 1 nor Honour 0 get Season Rewards, and no one gets a Season 8 Border since they're scrapping the End of Season Borders and replacing them with "live" borders.
: Ranked Rewards
Within 2 weeks of the end of the season, they said. There are millions of accounts after all (granted not all play Ranked seriously enough - or at all - to get Silver+ with decent Honour).
Sın (OCE)
: when are we getting our ranked borders for s8?
We don't. They've removed End of Season Ranked borders. Instead, they're having "live" borders, so during Season 9 our border will show our *current* rank, and not our previous one. The only place Season 8's rank shows up is in the Lobby where your banner will have a different outline based on how you ranked this season, which basically means no one but someone you're queuing with will see, and even then there will be a massive icon on each lobby banner showing the current rank (will will draw attention away from the banner outline).
Gehirn (OCE)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
This is just like saying those that demoted from Gold V in the last week of the season can get Victorious Orianna if they get Gold IV in February. If someone couldn't put in the effort to uphold the Summoner's Code, even for a few days, then they don't deserve to be rewarded as if they had. If they want Honour and Season rewards, either they should have been honourable in the first place or they simply have to try again next year. All this does is lessen the quality and the achievement for those of us who are honourable, or worked hard to get Honour 2+ after falling to Honour 0 or 1 earlier in the season.
: Season 9 Start Date
23rd of January, 2019.
: Honor level ward skin
Sneed (OCE)
: Alright riot, I've got a problem with you.
Ahri is in the gang because her solo career (Popstar Ahri) was a complete failure, and she needs other singers to boost her standings in the musical world. But, yes, she's a drawback. You can tell in the interview that the goddess Eve is annoyed that she has to translate everything that comes out of that fox's mouth...
: Challenger shows just how easy it is to win games in bronze 5
> Challenger shows just how easy it is to win games in bronze 5 *Loses*
: It can be any medium, just has to depict at least one recognisable League of Legends champion in some form of musical skin (be it existing or designed by you).
You say champion, but the rules say character... Does that mean I can do a KDA Shopkeeper, KDA Minion, Pentakill Ruined King, or Popstar Yone?
: Can we finally update mmr to include individual skill in the algorithm?
tbh you can literally just get S+ by ksing or afk farming. While playing better than your MMR will make it easier to get S ranks by playing normally, it's something that can easily be manipulated. It's also champion dependent... some champions are *much* easier to get an S rank on. I admit... in Bronze V MMR, unless you are massively overskilled, games are a cointoss. Even Challengers can lose Bronze V games. But that's something that'll become a bit better with Iron Tier, considering the amount of skill difference between 2 Bronze V 0 LP players. One will end up in Iron IV, the other in Iron I. Before, they'd be matched together, but next season those chances become small. That's another reason why climbing in Silver in easier than low Bronze. It's also why the addition of Grandmaster will make the cesspool that is Diamond V less of a cointoss. Honestly, if you play like a Plat like you say, you wouldn't be stuck in Bronze. Maybe mid-Gold, but not Bronze. > Like take myself i was b5 less than a week ago According to OP.GG, the last time you were Bronze V was mid September, and you reached Silver in October... That's longer than "less than a week ago".
aaw2 (NA)
: ***
This is OCE Team Recruitment, not NA.
Blamzite (OCE)
: How is this even chat bannable
From what I can tell, Rank shaming and 2 swear words.

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