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: Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest
can there be a multi person collab? if so how would the reward work????
Husy15 (OCE)
: happened to a friend yesterday, it's as if the beginning area is still blocked off, even after the 15seconds. for him it just went away at like 40 seconds by itself.
yeah exactly, but this one stayed for around 15 minutes, we figured out a solution, delting the config file in Lols files itself, manually resetting them
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i wanna make a ranked team called those b5 guys
Nijel (OCE)
: Aye, I am he
Avast! *English Navy laughs* hope you get that reference to a certain pirate movie
Glow (OCE)
: 10/10 parpl
Glow is Glowing purple Smells like... purple!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: maybe...father time is catching up to you =D
Maraudaur=Zilean Main Confirmed
Nijel (OCE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Greetings mateys!
hello there pirate speaker???
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: Player Creation Help, Getting in Contact With a(the) Member(s) of the Riot Community Team
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Temporary mana and ability crit chance are definitely both interesting mechanics. Some small things to elaborate on is for Q and E how long are the slows and roots meant to last? and how powerful are the slows? For E after 15 seconds temporary mana changes to mana, but from reading the passive temp mana only lasts a few seconds? Those were just some small things but the main thing is that you talk about this guy being a control mid mage, I'm not feeling that vibe from him. Can you explain what a player should be experiencing when playing this champion? Why does a control mage have spell crit chance (doesn't this push players towards burst?) It feels like this guy needs to get right into the fray to be effective (and he has the tools to do so) feels more like a mage fighter than a control mage. Why did you choose these abilities for the champion as a control mage? Why do you feel this is fun to play as and against?
good questions that we all forgot to do, we where originally going for control but it seems we came up with more of fighter, but this development has created a unique and on paper a very fun champion, i guess he should be a mage fighter based on burst, i guess we had the wrong idea for your last question This would be very very very fun to play considering its all about how well you can time things to do with your temporary mana, and the fact and you have to build a mix between Health mana and crit chance to get the most and the fact that he can do more damage which is very unique along with his temporary mana playing against him would be fun as you have to keep track of his mana and keep him from farming due to they fact on how his item build for mana would be a bit expensive, mainly consisting of Scepter, roa, Infinity edge and maybe Gunblade i9 have a few questions from you Maraudaur What would you expect from this on paper??? Does This champion concept really feel unique???? Can you personally imagine it in league of legends??
: > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=Vin3u9sk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-19T01:46:42.198+0000) > > When your champion concept still received 0 attention despite posting it on the boards 3 times and people post their concept once and it gets loads of attention and even Riots > > Feelsbadman
Well I have connections and message maraudaur personally :D
DannyMac (OCE)
: The champ has natural crit chance?
his passive effect gives him 10% crit
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: Player Creation Help, Getting in Contact With a(the) Member(s) of the Riot Community Team
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: Player Creation Help, Getting in Contact With a(the) Member(s) of the Riot Community Team
These are all the members of the riot community team i currently know that have facebook!!! sorry i couldnt be more helpful :(
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Horizonn (OCE)
: Added :D
just email me lmao xD here is my email, ill delete the post after u have emailed me
Horizonn (OCE)
: Added :D
there is so many aktsuki's what was one of ur previous nicknames i could find u easier if its more unique
Horizonn (OCE)
: Added :D
cant find it, i should b able to find u if u give me ur user (what u use to login onto steam)
Horizonn (OCE)
: Added :D
hmm whats ur steam maybe i could add you???
Horizonn (OCE)
: Added :D
Horizonn (OCE)
: Added :D
as soon as i get it ill accept then we can chat :D
Horizonn (OCE)
: is your profile picture a smilely face?
its a picture of Genji from overwatch
Horizonn (OCE)
: I cant seem to find you :c
try this link den it should take you via website to my steam profile
Horizonn (OCE)
: Yeah i do
add me, i should pop up if you look up ausome159753 my current name is S1mmer | Unkn0wn :p
Horizonn (OCE)
: Ahhk. Dont want to put email on here XD So anywhere else we can chat?
Horizonn (OCE)
: Yeah man that would be awesome! add me in client and we can talk from there :D
i cant use the client right now, my graphics card shat itself now i only have shitty intergrated graphics :(
Horizonn (OCE)
: I like creating champion concepts and designing them (really badly) and wondering what they could be
hey, wanna do a champ design collab??? i can give u ma email and we can work together in google docs
Max Range (OCE)
: P5 Vayne Main Youtuber here, love it! :)
lol vayne is fun :D whats your average damage per aa???
Jason (OCE)
: Creative Summoners Union | Pre-launch interest?
well i do a spot of music and art and i do a lot of writing and champion concepts so yeah :D i'm like a nerdy 15 year old who sounds like a squeaking twelvie which makes ppl not take me seriously enough so yeah
EzeBlood (OCE)
: "There isn't many pirate champions" That's because we have Piratey McPirate over here, {{champion:41}} .
lmao but still bilge water is like a island FILLED with pirates and we only have like 2 ACTUAL pirate champions
: I get the idea of his skills but i feel like that the passive, E and ultimate are a bit out of place; with the Q and W you can kind of picture a pirate dude on say like Bot lane (assuming this is an ADC?) shooting his pistols at everyone he sees but then all of a sudden he's summoning water springs to knock people up and taunt them like a support or something like that. But then you add the effects the passive gives, you almost get the vibe that he's a solo laner, like mid/top. It's a bit hard to get a picture of what role he would be assigned too because of the variation of the skills. But overall the idea of his Q is cool and i think if the W maybe had 2 parts may be better, like the bit where he shoots and then it does damage over time as a passive then have an active which is where he consumes his blunder. The concept of the E and R would be cool too see on some kind of support but i just don't feel that they fit with the rest of his skills, and the passive seems a bit odd too. Try to think about what role he should take on, base your the kit around that and try to get something that feels smooth and right together just to avoid an identity crisis. -Yasho {{champion:240}}
he is a jungler toplaner, someone meant to be going arround the map, see his water abilities is so he can control the fight, his abilites are meant for manipulating his oponents but i get where you are coming from, but i see pirates, so they have alot of stuff in common with water, maybe he got enchanted or something, his q and e are meant to work with zone control hje is meant to fit the control jungle play theme while still being a relevant threat in team fights and i did try to do that xD
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: Why did I get a free champion?
lmao you get kayle and riot kayle skin if u r above lvl 5 and had a game in the past few months 10 year anniversary <3
: how do u beat ap malphite top
I personally find someone with a knockback helps, especially click 2 win knockbacks or escapes, i personally like Vayne and Ezreal, since malphite has to be close and up and personal, champions like gnar and garen also work, darius illaoi and rammus are also included, that and for ganking ap malph, use a champion like leesin or anything that can CC him and deny him of damage on you, hope this helps!
Orıon (OCE)
: Twitches Q tooltip.
they changed it so there is no max time just 1.5 seconds of not taking damage so if you get damaged this timer is reset :)
: Australian Plat Jax main and Youtuber here.
i remember when jax could dive under fountain or do baron without taking any damage
Gensho (OCE)
: The Shadow Within | Zed Montage
im getting back into zed, i might be able to help give u some footage :)
DarkGate (OCE)
: Champion Concept: Cimaans, The Stage magican
this is what would be sugar spice and everything nice
: For Deleting DEVOURER RIOT I <3 YOU
you do realise its worse for you know they can go top and get guinsoos then they have devourer
Shashe (OCE)
: Yeah I know, I just think it will be a bit smoother.
no it really wont, this abilite is strong the way it works now was actually a nerf a long time ago lol
: No Apps Or silly Forms, If I feel like you are showing excellent vibes and invite alot of people then I will do it without you even knowing x)
ok, essentially ill just post in every group i know lol
: Hi All, I have Curse Club that will be beneficial if YOU join!
if i get curse and try to apply tobe a mod or admin is there going to be an application form for me to fill out?
Shashe (OCE)
: Riven Q Idea
simple, get it through ur head u rightclick then q lol
: New champion need thoughts. Control two champs Taiyo and Tsuki.
: What does it take to get s plus on lucian?
There must be really good LUCIAN players on the server, you need to have ur stuff even higher it's based off other players who played Lucian on the server , either LUCIAN is op and easy to get super fed with or high tier players play him a lot and nobody tries him out anymore
: What do the Hextech chests mean when you hover over a champion?
gold means you have unlocked a chest on this champion and you wont be able to again greyed out means you can get one on this champion
: Why does matchmaking for normals put me in games against gold tier players?
there is literally a difference of the matchmaking for normals from most things, see they use the same mmr system but everything is tuned down a notch so there is below 1k so brionze-plat then above 1k which is diamond-challenger so you cant stop it
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