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Shankš (OCE)
: No one can Create a game :/ something is buggy RIOT! Response would be great
this might have something to do with it?
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Ninox (OCE)
: For the record, this thread would belong in either Miscellaneous or Help and Support, not Team Recruitment, but the full update can be found here:
I also Agree with you Seras Dragon, This should be re posted Under Help or Miscellaneous. * and the NBN Cable could most likely be the reason as this is the same for me. your Download speed is normal or unnoticed but the problem is your upload. no upload no connection to Riot Games. simply that easy to understand. you can sit for 10mins trying to connect to league and eventually connect or get a re connection message for 10mins. what you do with your time is in your hands. feel free to correct me but im just stating the facts that i have received from Telstra and 9News. again correct me if i'm wrong
: Can someone explain what is going on with this Optus service issue? Its been nearly 24hours
If you read the NSW QLD News and not live under a rock, your complaint wouldn't need to be posted. anyways a NBN cable was destroyed by so called several lightning strikes in one location and since the 01/05/2018 the internet has been affected locally and state wide. if you have any issues still report them to Tesltra.
: TKG Green Recruiting
U'm i'm not going to apply but i'm a sup main and if you have any questions you can send a Friend Request to my IGN before i give out my details. But i am interested. Nero Lewis IGN See you on the Rift {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: When are Dire Wolves playing at MSI?
Tomorrow my Dude, its also listed on the League of legends OCE Client.
: Looking for support player for duoQ
I'm a support main very skilled but stuck lowelo but are looking for a partner for my Friend and Leader on GTM future Clash team
: Casual Flex/Norms, gold+
I hear your call from across the Oce Region and Reply with... Your Welcome to join my Discord and meet the Friends, Handful of Active players and will expand quite shortly. I'm a sup main but can play any role required. Add me and Request Discord if you are interested, Age 18+ Matured with an exception of Friends of Friends. I hope to see you soon{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Silver Duo, any jungle or support mains hmu :)
>>[Sup Main]<< skilled Support Pref communication and Discord Provided Hitting you up, feel like im typing a sh*tty Resume haha 18+ acceptions for Friends of Friends. Currently sitting out the school holidays with a 100% lose rate from schoolies on break. but will play ranked with a a comfortable partner. Lewis#5916 Get back to me please :)

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