Bush Feg (OCE)
: Illaoi Skin
Considering how high the quality of skins has been it would be amazing to see some of the more obscure champions get the treatment. Even now I can imagine Illaoi and her tentacles imbued with the power of an element (fire, ice, electricity, light etc). Here's hoping that whatever they end up with gives us something satisfying to clonk our enemies with.
: Vote for the Ocean Week tasmanian devil names!
Belrick (OCE)
: Too "frightened" to play another ranked
You end up with all sorts of teams on the rift, some good and some not so good. Sometimes the matchmaking nails it and sometimes it doesn't. Over time you just get used to it. Take each game for itself, with a clear head and trying your best and all that. If it's possible don't even check the ranks, just forget about it, and you'll find that you're unburdened of all sorts of expectations going into a match or disappointment afterwards. Not too long ago I was one loss from demoting to D5 from D4 and I was matched in a game with 8 Challengers. The game put me on ADC and suffice it to say the tower was pushed in within 5 minutes, the game was over soon after that and I was demoted. Crazy stuff happens to everyone but it doesn't happen every time (as I haven't seen challengers since then). Take it as a learning experience and try again. It's the best anyone can do.
: Oce 2017 grand final
There was information regarding the 2017 season in a post called [Early insight into the OPL in 2017. ](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/p4jbyckE-early-insight-into-the-opl-in-2017) >TL;DR: Starting next year all OPL matches will be played at the Riot Games Oceania studio in Sydney, we’re increasing the pro player payments per match and introducing a co-payment model to give clubs access to more funding for things like gaming houses and coaches. To fund that, we had to scale down our Grand Final presence. It's not much to go on so here's hoping we will hear more about it soon.
: Okay. Why is this champ not gutted yet?
Having watched the video a bunch of times it looks like Darius made a couple good choices and got a bit lucky (outside being so far ahead). After the cc ends the Darius positions, moving diagonally to the right, so that his Decimate hits both Lux and Irelia on the axe edge for a massive 24% missing health heal. Right before that happens he manages to get Irelia to max bleed stacks which activates his passive _and_ ensures that the very same decimate will also apply max stacks to anyone hit - the Lux. This of course is immediately chained with the max stack dunk onto Lux that gives way for a pretty crucial level up heal and the split second he needs to land the second kill. Had the Decimate missed he wouldn't have healed for as much or had an easy opening on Lux. Regardless, I can't help but wonder if Darius would have ever left the cc lock if Veig shot out his W before heading off to clear minions.
: Are you sure this is going to be okay?
Today I saw my first rework Sejuani and I was completely confused when I happened on her stats. Hell, I even counted up what her items were supposed to be giving her. Then I remembered that in the short clips showing her abilities she had a slow resist shield that broke after taking damage or something and figured it had something to do with that. >Frost Armor: Sejuani receives Frost Armor if she hasn't taken damage in the last 9 seconds, lingering for 1 / 2 / 3 seconds after taking damage from enemy champions. >Frost Armor engulfs Bristle in True Ice, becoming immune to Slow and gains 100 (+ 100% total armor) bonus armor and 100 (+ 100% total magic resistance) bonus magic resistance. Ends up Frost Armour is a lot like Malzahar's passive, or at least _was_ before it was nerfed. While the shield is up you can't do anything and after it's broken you start swinging. Except that in the late game three seconds is a really long time to be close to 1000 armour, especially when you're diving the backline (which Malzahar usually doesn't do), and you're still going to be tanky afterwards. Who knows, it's still early days. We haven't even heard the classic "but you can just kite them" rebuttal yet so I'm going to hold off on welcoming (back) any tank overlords ; )
Gesteppie (OCE)
: Rakan
Yesterday I managed to play Rakan for the first time (because he was either banned or I forgot) and I've got to say he's really refreshing. To seemingly go off on a tangent, for some reason I recently ended up reaching Mastery 7 with Alistair. Even though I've been a long time Ali player I've felt he's been missing something for a while, even with his abilities being somewhat rearranged patches ago. Now that I've played Rakan, I now realise that Ali is missing a _whole lot_ of something. It's from this perspective that I appreciate what Rakan brings to the table. Rakan has range (a wonky 300, but it's better than being melee right now). Rakan has an aoe knock up but he also has a way to get out, besides _and_ in addition to flash. He offers a heal _and_ a shield. His ult gives him mobility _and_ a brief moment where he might as well be near invincible. Most of all, Rakan feels like he has depth, that there are ways I am able express myself that's different to someone else. Even though he's got a lot of utility, I play Rakan as a "tank". I mean, **Stoneborn Pact** going through every Armour and Magic Resist option. Armour reds, Magic Resist blues, Health and Health per level yellows, and Cooldown quints. My build starts Ancient Coin then goes through Eye of the Oasis to Redemption and Locket. It's really fun. Not sure how strong, but it's definitely fun. **_Dat ult._**
: Whose stupid idea was it to make auto-fill?
Regarding the whole "turn off" a role thing, I remember that a Position Preference system was tested but unfortunately didn't work out because a lot of people were, _surprise surprise_, blocking support (which is really a large reason why the autofill system was introduced in the first place, to get people to play support). This here is a quote from the [6.23 patch notes](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-623-notes#patch-position-preference) about it. >We have concluded testing position exclusion in LAN and LAS and saw it was negatively impacting queue times, so will not be continuing development on this feature. We’re continuing to experiment with improvements to the whole champion select process. Outside of Riot changing their minds, best thing you can do is try pick up at least one champ in every role. You don't have to be the best at it but just prepared enough for the occasion when you are forced to play it. Honestly, I started out **hating** ADC but after trying a number of them I realised that Ezreal was the one for me, poking from afar and jumping to the frustration of my opponents. Same thing happened with Jungle and Zac. Doesn't mean I win with them all the time but at least I'm guaranteed a passable time regardless of the role I am given. Even if nothing comes of it, even the quickest glance into the mechanics and playstyles of other roles and champions allows you to improve your overall skills when playing with and against them. As they say, knowing is half the battle.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: there was no rhythm or rhyme to this so-called 'poem' of yours, I would request that you please return to your high-school English class. (Before anyone flames me this is just banter)
You never know, it might be in free verse or blank verse or one of these types of verses that I totally didn't just find out about on Wikipedia ; ) Anyway, even though it's pretty avant garde stuff you can **feel** the love towards bots : )
: Hey, Lord Sesshomaru, if I mained.....
Those sure are funny ways to spell Aurelion Sol, Azir and Taliyah ; )
CrazyGeek (OCE)
: What's with 4 day delays on VODs?
What I usually do is watch the VODs on the official Twitch page: https://www.twitch.tv/opl/videos/all
: How Do I Find my Role?
Back in the day your role was determined by how fast you typed in what you wanted to play into the chat (even though many believed it was actually pick order that determined whether you got to play what you wanted but that hardly seemed to stop stop 'em). For ages I was proudly a jack of all trades, never really sticking to one champion for very long. Actually, I avoided winning "too" many games with any single champion in a row to avoid the chance they would become "jinxed" or something. Eventually though, as someone who didn't care for the whole typing race, more often than not I ended up playing support. Fast forward seven seasons and I'm a support main. To remix an old saying, I had _supportness_ thrust upon me. At this point I suppose it looks like I've ended up a Braum main (even have a figure of him on my desk). Still, I make a point of it to give a whole bunch of champions and roles a chance, if not just to recognise I don't want to play them again for a while. From my perspective, you should play what you find fun and feel like at the time. The more ways you experience the game the more likely you may find that one particular thing that really floats your boat and then you can really double down and work from there.
: Stoneborn Pact (Bond of Stone Change)
As a diehard melee support player, Stoneborn Pact is the keystone I've been waiting for. Courage of the Colossus, to me, has always been an initiator keystone. Alistair, Leona and Nautilus are all champs who have cc abilities that require them to enter the fray. The shield it grants allows them to survive that engagement. On these, Courage is probably still the best choice as it's usually more important that they are able to soak up damage rather than offer a heal. Sometimes, these champs might even zone enemy champions which means no one would be in range to heal from them anyway. But on someone like Braum, who is **the man** after the change, Stoneborn Pact is the only choice. First off, the passive grants 5% more health which synergises with the health scaling on his Winter's Bite (Q). Second, ally champions will _always_ want to attack targets that have been marked by Winter's Bite or stunned by Concussive Blows. When Braum wants to peel, which should be almost always, the heal allows him to do that even more effectively than before. Very similarly actually, Stoneborn has also blessed Tahm. So what I think it comes down to, for supports at least, is whether you want to engage or peel. If you want to engage you want Courage of the Colossus as _you_ are the one who is taking damage. If you want to peel you want Stoneborn Pact as your _teammate_ is the one who is taking damage. Even though it's still early days it's pretty obvious I'm loving Stoneborn so far [especially on Gragas support ; )].
: Seigemaster
Siegemaster feels like the kind of mastery which requires the player to acknowledge that they will be pushed under tower in the early game. In that sense, it could be useful on a (likely melee) support facing off against a poke heavy double ranged bot lane (eg Caitlyn or Sivir). As for the top lane, it might be useful in the match ups where you predict you'll be shoved in _and_ they are likely to poke you as well (eg Pantheon and Vladimir). Outside those particular scenarios, though, it's hard to predict how much time you will be spending under your tower. If the lane or game goes well you'll end up spending more time on the other side of the map and get no value from siegemaster at all. But if they end up sieging you aram style and attempting dives it might turn out to be the right choice after all. Without having done the number crunching, the +8 armour and +8 magic resist it offers seems decent compared to flat 2 damage reduction from _basic attacks_ or +15 movement speed in _brush and river_. Considering you can get around 12 armour and/or magic resist from runes, another 8 of each could save your life, especially early. Having said all this, I almost never take siegemaster. Maybe now that I've thought about it a bit (and I've been playing melee supports a lot) I might test it out ; )
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Rioter Comments
: Feels bad :(
Yeah but you totally unlocked _undefined_ for the game! Gnarly! ; )
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Cyrater (OCE)
: What will be the mural? will it contain player names like the nautilus statue?
Last year's Ocean Week featured an art contest to decide who would assist in the mural's design. As for names "there will be plaque containing all the player names that reached the required number of points." Here's a better explanation from the official page: >Congratulations to grand prize winner Joelin 'Fainaru' T. for her beautiful piece of art 'Defenders of Oceania'! Joelin will be collaborating with a prolific street artist to create a wall mural at a cool location somewhere in Oceania. It'll be part of a community wall that features the names of all summoners that contributed 10 or more points during Ocean Week. The name of the street artist and the location of the wall will be announced at a later date. >Here's a link: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/community-spotlight/announcing-ocean-week-contest-winners
Talon12 (OCE)
: Seriously, the mordekaiser.
In the mighty words of Tenacious D: >You can't kill the metal The metal will live on ; )
: I'm terrible at unlocked screen >.>
Playing with an unlocked screen is definitely worth the effort. It allows a Top Laner to check for Teleport opportunities, a Jungler to easily survey the landscape and, as you've already said, can improve map awareness and your ability to target beyond the edge of your screen. As with anything in League though, it requires practice. Having played the game for nearly 6 years I'll admit that I sometimes manage to push the mouse too far to a side and end up losing track of where I am. However, most of the time it is a major reason why I was able to assist my team in time or barely escape a gank. It definitely isn't for everyone, just as playing locked gives me a headache, but if you can manage to add it to your repertoire of skills you'll more than occasionally notice the benefits.
Iriya (OCE)
: Please get rid of Flex Queue on OCE otherwise you see stuff like this:
Have you considered the possibility that the "rank disparity" which appears may be linked to the way the rank reset was applied? As someone who was placed in Plat 1 in Solo and Gold 3 in Flex, it makes sense that I am placed into games with and against other Gold Flex players regardless of my Solo rank. Admittedly, when I check op.gg I see a fruit salad of Solo/Duo ranks in my Flex games, as those are what are displayed, but upon further inspection the Flex ranks are quite close. Also, the queue times I've experienced as a solo player have been hardly notable and are often quick, which makes me hesitant to claim poor queue health. Perhaps a worthwhile point of discussion could be how similar Solo/Duo and Flex should have been upon initial placement (which I have no definitive answer for).
Addam (OCE)
: Why do i keep getting champion shards every single box i open?
For a while now I've been keeping track of my Hextech experience in an excel spreadsheet (which is turning out quite enjoyable for some reason). Of the free, as opposed to bought, chests I've opened, 16 contained skin shards and 12 contained champion shards. Of course, that's way too small a sample size to make any major conclusions but I will say that looking at what I received in sequence shows that even though a certain type of shard may have been favoured at a time it's actually quite close in the long run. You might just be going through an unlucky phase right now, only time will tell!
: What could you do to a champion that would completely destroy it
This is actually quite fun. {{champion:412}} can no longer lantern over terrain or through minions. {{champion:75}} no longer gains q stacks. {{champion:268}} can no longer summon sand soldiers.
: Who dropped the most off placements?
D5 > P1. It doesn't sound like much (and I sure as hell ain't complaining) but it's a miracle considering my promos went 4-6 and I wasn't going so crash hot at the end of last season. In comparison, my preseason Flex queue placed me in G1 and I'm looking forward to seeing where I place soon.
Chign (OCE)
: Camille and her ult
Sure it's annoying if you're playing as Camille to see Tahm save a team mate but think about it from the opposite perspective. I just spent 5 minutes skipping through a Camille interaction video on YouTube and I can't help but feel that mains of half the champs in the game at some point might feel that Camille's ult is annoying or unfair. Having some counterplay is healthy for the game especially when it requires picking a specific champion who needs to be standing right next to the target to achieve it. There's always a possibility that you hide the Camille pick and they commit to _any_ other top and support champions and don't have that option. Even if they manage to pick Tahm and he saves the target that means he can't save anyone else (let alone himself) for a decent chunk of the fight. If a fight goes poorly and he is forced to eat a friendly before Camille's ult goes down then that means two champions can be stuck for the price of one.
: Getting queued with the same player I just reported
Tis an age old problem indeed. Beyond waiting it out (which isn't foolproof as they too might be waiting it out) there's not much you can do. Blizzard actually tried out an "Avoid this Player" feature in Overwatch. Long story short, people were abusing it to avoid players who were too good at the game, that was a problem and they got rid of it. If you're interested in knowing more, the following is from the game director Jeff Kaplan: >For example, we recently realized that “Avoid this player” was wreaking havoc on matchmaking. One of the best Widowmaker players in the world complained to us about long queue times. We looked into it and found that hundreds of other players had avoided him (he’s a nice guy—they avoided him because they did not want to play against him, not because of misbehavior). The end result was that it took him an extremely long time to find a match. >The worst part was, by the time he finally got a match, he had been waiting so long that the system had “opened up” to lower skill players. Now one of the best Widowmaker players was facing off against players at a lower skill level. As a result, we’ve disabled the Avoid system (the UI will go away in an upcoming patch). The system was designed with the best intent. But the results were pretty disastrous.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
: See you next year
>For 2017, anyone who achieves Gold rank or higher in either Solo/Duo or Flex queue will receive the Victorious skin, **along with an extra reward for those who manage the climb in both.** Have you considered getting to Gold in both queues? ; )
: Champion Mastery is the dumbest idea ever.
I know that feel. Some people really do overuse that emote. Perhaps putting it on a longer cooldown might be a decent compromise to outright removing it. It's possible that some players might even give up on it if they can't get that instant gratification they seem to crave.
Examqle (OCE)
: Another Autofill rant...
>I would really like to know what this is like at higher elos if someone is willing to comment Thanks! :) It depends. Many players in Diamond and above are comfortable playing multiple roles which means there's a chance you'll never find out whether or not someone was autofilled. Sometimes you _immediately_ find out someone is a one trick or playing on a smurf account set up for only one role, which can cause frustration if a swap can't be agreed upon. I've even seen players rather arrogantly pick the champion they insist on playing but respect the role they've been autofilled (and win anyway). Dodging over autofill can occur but I'd say that dodging because of a bad team composition or champion pick is far more likely. As for queue times, it really depends on the time of the day and how many support mains are online. As a support main myself, that means I've never really experienced unbearably long queue times when I've been online ; )
ciaô (OCE)
: still cant find anything on this
Here ya go champ: >We've also been investigating the possibility of enabling Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex in Oceania. >We're going to trial running a single day each week to gauge interest in Ranked TT. This will tell us if it can sustain high-quality matchmaking and reasonable queue times. To do this, we're going to replace one day of TT Blind Pick with TT Ranked Flex. >We're doing this to understand how we can maximise the availability of the two queues without impacting the quality of the matchmaking or queue times for either. >After a some time we'll decide if we can continue running TT Ranked Flex or not. >Changes being implemented from December 1st: •TT Ranked Flex will be enabled on Thursday during the hours of 03:00 PM to 01:00 AM AEDT the next day •TT Normal Blind will no longer be enabled on Thursdays
Chalze (OCE)
: Thank you OCE Community!
Be sure to come visit us some time matey. You're always more than welcome back! ; )
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
Before everyone could feel sorry for Taric, out jumped the entire enemy team from the exact bush Taric failed to ward
: Isn't it about time
There's a good chance they've already thought about making a hybrid pen item. Considering one doesn't exist, I assume it's problematic. I mean, what stats, passives and actives would it need to have to be an attractive yet cost-effective item? For example, the other pen items cost ~2700. It would easily be too much or too little, or the cost would be really high. No doubt it would be cool but I have no idea how you would even design such a thing.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Wonder if Riot has noticed yet.
I'd be careful making too many judgements just yet. Before the rework, I imagine the majority of Akali players understood her to a degree if not having outright mastered her over months/years (most often in lower rankings). Being aware she was going to be reworked may have led to a surge in interest, a final hurrah. But post rework - every guy and his dog are trying out Akali. Heck, if they had played her before they'll try play her the same way, until they realise it's not possible and become frustrated. The people who didn't understand her before? Well, they'll understand her now even less because you're right - she just isn't as strong _in the same way_. Now personally, I don't know about the numbers. I'll take your word that they are lower since it would make sense in the scheme of things. Most people underestimate the invisibility change. In diamond+ buying a single pink ward countered the entire champion. She was _not_ in a good place no matter how strong she appeared elsewhere. Now, I know still sucks. She's gone. But maybe there's some hope moving forwards. Some tweaks here and there, both to the champion and mindset of the players themselves, and there's a chance she might find her place. Who knows, maybe she will show herself in certain match ups or compositions. Let's just wait a lil.
: You have played this game and been in champion select. I would bet none of those players actually complain in champion select.
And if it doesn't happen in champ select it's going to happen in game. It just takes one thing to go wrong in bot lane, or anywhere for that matter, and you immediately know who everyone is going to blame (and report) at the end of the game.
: Sudden Influx of Karma Supports taking Courage to become unkillable.
Haven't had a chance to try it out but here are my thoughts. It sounds like you sacrifice the strength of your shields (Windspeaker's) or pure damage (Thunderlord's) for potential early lane dominance. I imagine that outside of lane phase it's less useful than other options but how you're supposed to get there is what you're asking. It's a tough call. Surviving relies on your lane being coordinated enough to last the time the tether takes to activate and the shield expires (6 seconds). It's possible that if you're already rooted it's too late, which means avoiding that scenario is going to be your best bet. You could break the tether with a dash or, unfortunately, flash. Never stand in her range so that she is able to tether in the first place. Poke her early so she is less inclined to play aggressive. Stand way back and punish if she oversteps. Attempt to freeze the lane just outside of tower range? I don't know. Depending on the match up, there's a chance you might have to sacrifice minions sometimes. Maybe that's the best you hope for. If you don't outright lose the lane you should have a chance of bringing it back later. Courage shouldn't be such a problem during team fights if your team works together. Sorry I can't be more concrete but I hope that helps.
: Is The Remake System Fair On The Players Who Weren't " AFK "
>the system is kind of a waste of time for those players in ranked who queued up and waited 10 minutes The question is, is playing through a potential 4v5 just to lose your hard earned LP more favourable than losing the time it took to queue up and get through champ select? (That's rhetorical. There are going to be supporters of each side, and most of us would probably swap between the two depending on the exact situation we're in.) Look, I know both are frustrating. All I'm saying is I have a feeling that for a large portion of the player population the former is, and probably _still_ is, more frustrating than the latter.
: so riot is officially enforcing the meta now
An interesting comparison we can make is with the machine learning aspect of the report system. We as the community decide what words and phrases we think are unacceptable (by reporting them) and over time the system determines which are the most ban worthy. Although that system was unlikely in play, since it was a manual ban, the premise still holds - we as the community, or at least _enough_ of us, decided playing off-role wasn't acceptable (by reporting them) and _that_ was what led to the outcome. If the were never reported we would have never even know they existed.
: Thornmail
One thing that's helpful to remember is that, alongside the passive effect, Thornmail only grants one stat (+100 Armour). When you compare it with other items like Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, and Zz' Rot Portal (which all grant additional stats, passives and actives) you'll notice that Thornmail is most useful when playing against team compositions that rely heavily on Physical Damage and Attack Speed. If that sounds like your team then it's likely it will be difficult to defeat this champion. In other situations, such as playing against compositions featuring two or more magic damage dealers, Thornmail becomes significantly less effective. If this is the case, which it usually should be, you as an AD can focus on your positioning and kiting in order to allow your team to slowly whittle them down. You can attack them as well but do your best to stay away from them. Tanks (or juggernauts) are usually at their strongest when they are right on top of you.
: Brand Passive - Triggers Tooth (the passive refereshes as it does damage). This first one is a 100% showing that it should work (I will just edit the rest into this comment) Fizz W Passive - Triggers Tooth Singed Q - Triggers Tooth for as long as the poison lasts. Teemo E Passive - Doesn't retrigger Tooth. Teemo R Poison - Does Retrigger Tooth. (What the fuck?) That's basically all the ones i can think of to test, and the only one that doesn't work is the Teemo E, which is odd when the Ult does the same thing, but does retrigger the tooth. Having tested all these interactions it makes me feel like Twitch Passive should have the tooth passive able to be triggered.
Sorry, when I said passive I meant to say _innate_ passive (or "innate ability" as some people call them). If they are "technically" not spells then the damage they do won't be considered spell damage. That was my theory at least. I just tested Brand and you're right his passive does reapply Tooth. I then tested Darius and his Haemorrhage did not reapply Tooth. There's a chance that the way Brand's passive works is different compared to Twitch and Darius. Also, the way that Teemo's E, which is clearly a spell, doesn't reapply Tooth might mean that its damage is the same "type" as these two, which we might call _not-spell damage._ I think we're onto something here.
: Twitch issue with Jungle interaction.
Hmm, that's odd. At first I checked the League wiki page for Hunter's Talisman which says: >Unique – Tooth: _**Damaging a monster**_ applies Health Drain, which deals 25 magic damage over 5 seconds while restoring as much as health. But when I went to test it in game I found that it actually says: >Unique – Tooth: Damaging a monster _**with a spell or attack**_ steals 25 health over 5 seconds. Since Twitch's Venom Cask applies his innate passive, and technically does no damage which could be considered spell damage, maybe that means it is working as intended. I'm not sure if there are other, similarly applied, passives we could test this on though to make sure.
Malygos (OCE)
: Remember how Riot delayed releasing Lux for a week
Out of interest, when was it said that an Ultimate skin was supposed to represent a champion's "final form"? I always thought they were alternate fantasies or storylines given an extensive treatment.
: This flex-ranked matchmaking is a joke. Please fix your game
Considering that most people are playing their placement matches, and MMRs are fluctuating, there's a solid chance matchmaking won't get it right every time. My first Flex Queue game involved 7 gold players. My 9th and 10th games involved 9 diamond players. Over time it'll hopefully become more accurate, only speaking from experience.
: Wait what happened? What are tier 3 bots?
You can check out more details on what boot enchantments used to do here: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Enchantment Also, it isn't listed on that page but Homeguard, the super speed you get leaving fountain after 20 minutes, was originally a boot enchantment you had to buy.
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
and all of a sudden Ezreal became the most beautiful lass he had ever seen in his life
: More bans?
For the longest time I've wanted to see a combination of god tier, flavour of the month, hard counter and common one trick champions all wiped from the board at once. If that were to happen the next couple of tiers would open up and a greater variety of champions would appear. I'm under the impression that the effect of 10 bans could be huge.
: I'm sure this was unexpected
At this point, Faker is the definition of a Star. It simply wouldn't be All-_Stars_ without him.
Nazgul (OCE)
: Ranked Twisted Treeline?
I imagine Riot's next priority will be to see whether Flex Queue is viable on OCE. Beyond that (and dependant on that) who knows where Ranked 3s stands.
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