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It's a really good idea but it means that players who enter URF queue wanting to try a particular champion (not just{{champion:8}} or{{champion:28}} ) they're stuck playing a champion that they, A. Don't know how to play B. Personally don't enjoy or C. Are not very good in the URF game mode alone. A solution to this would likely be to make two separate queues: one for those who want all random and don't want those same highly contested picks every game, and one for those who don't mind the same champions every game but want to have their own choice in choosing whichever champion they desire to play. Either way it's still not a bad idea nonetheless. c: ily Rito
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Iosua Bot (OCE)
: yea... but search it up, "Mecha Zed" It should come up as wat JazzMan showed us, plus i already requested riot to make it a skin :P I think the world has i believe
It does, I just found it and new it had to be a skin
Urgot Bot (OCE)
: Star Guardian Zed
That or Mecha Zed {{champion:238}}
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: I think it was called: 'Mecha Zed'
That's what I thought too...{{champion:238}}
: AWESOME! I WANT IT {{champion:238}}
I KNOW, WE NEED THIS TO BE A SKIN{{champion:238}}
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Exhausted (OCE)
: i'm not pro, not pretending to be pro, i'm just not making excuses for my poor proformance, i have learned to realise my mistakes and move forward. i suggest you do the same. and dont play the victim, not only is a dik move but it just shows you cant actully take critism from anyone (including yourself) EDIT: if you type out some of the things your having trouble with i'm sure people will offer help (including me) good luck
Talon12 (OCE)
: It is hell, but it is faster to get out solo, not duo
Exhausted (OCE)
: 3 things: 1. your in bronze because you belong there 2. play solo, duo is going to make it not only harder on you and your duo partner but also the other team mates. 3. no such thing as "elo hell" just "personal hell" "personal hell" is when your stuck at an elo and don't understand how to progress.. its not the elo range that's the problem its YOU! Good luck
Not everyone can be a pro like you
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Well haha, you guys get the point
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