DK Dizza (OCE)
: so {{champion:56}} needs new skin 2012? {{champion:83}} 2011 {{champion:83}} has 2 skins {{champion:56}} has 5 just saying how about yorick?????????????????????????????????? (and don't say who is yorick... u all know that 1/100 game where someone played him
riot has already neglected him, I doubt yorick will ever get a skin{{item:3070}}
Bambooze (OCE)
: I'm still waiting to get Eternum Nocturne. Dying to get that skin for him
Best legendary skin imo. Bass drop on that ult :O
: Wait his last skin was 2012? Fuck i have been playing this game for way too long.
: You got any skin ideas for a new nocturne Skin? Maybe Outrageous Nocturne which makes him pink and all his abilities are pink. Or maybe a light/sun Nocturne skin to show the opposite of him currently
That actually sounds sick! I was hoping for a skin on April fools. They'd make his abilities pink less 'dark'
: Good 4800 or 6300 ip champs
If you're looking to jungle I'd recommend {{champion:56}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:104}} . They're all strong and fun to play (also good champs to climb with) :D
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: Is the match making system fair In high diamond +
Dynamic queue + oce just doesn't work. Around 2k summoners are d5+. Take that into account and assume how many play around the same time as you do. Having a small player base results in ridiculously long queue times and absurd mmr gaps in games :L
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