: There should be no reason that you'd be unable to get a response from a person when interacting with Support. The only time you wouldn't get a person is if it's "Blitzcrank Bot" responding to the ticket, which should only occur in "clear cut" cases, and even then you can request a response from a person and you *should* receive one at that point. Even then, however, the Support staff wont be able to share any information about what action may be taken against other players. The specific circumstances of any given case can easily impact how it will be dealt with. Chat offences can often lead to chat restrictions, which may appear as though no action has been taken (unlike bans which show a distinct gap in match history), and other types of offences can result in action not being taken *yet* (while still contributing to potential punishments), depending on the degree of the offences (or, in the case of third party software, being delayed due to the "ban wave" approach).
I "request for a human" but even so, I don't get a response :/ I just get a survey and nothing else.
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: Just a thought for seasons to come, reflecting on what makes a game fun for everyone. When I played this game at the start, only so many champs could be played. Making it fun as there wasn't 50 or 100 champs that I didn't know. Removing have the champs for half the season would allow new people to quickly work out how to play, having so many champs makes this impossible for new people. I know a lot of friends wont play this game because it "to far gone."
I prefer having all champs unlocked in bots instead of having it in ranked
: Prestige Points and new prestige edition skins
Riot will never accept what the player base wants, time to move on to Mobile Legends, guess i'll die.
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: Hybrid World High School Tournament
what rank are they all? it would be more of a fair chance if each team had similar mmr or ranks to balance out the matches or else it'd be a fiesta and end in 15 mins ff. if only my school wanted this xd.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
Finally riot has done something once again that is impressive, i love being an OCE player
: Until next Snowdown
poro king was a great way to binge a champion to lvl5 i still love it although it ended {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
now i know how to take down bronze players :D {{champion:245}}


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