: Candy Kayn... this is a genius idea! His weapon could be a candy cane... :0
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: Ocean Week Community Goal
**Howdy Riot!** I love naming things, so I am going to make a GIANT list but the first four are going to be my TOP Four, and they will have explanations. **My male names are;** _RUMBLE_ - I really love the champion, but I also think it suits a Tazzy Devil. It'd be awesome if we had a mascot named Rumble. _GHIN_ - I know Jhin is spelt, Jhin. But the devil needs it's own name, so we spice it up with a G. I reckon naming a Tasmanian Devil after someone who kills people for theatrical reasoning, is a sound and sane idea. **My female names are ;** _FIO_ - Because our female devil longs for a worthy opponent. _GERALDINE_ - This is an exception it's technically two names if you get a male tazzy devil we could call it Gerald :D. I've always loved these names, I don't know why I like them/ **Now for the second highest four.** __INKY, BLINKY, PINKY, and CLYDE__ - I know you're only getting two but if we named Tazzy devils after one of the pioneering video games Pac-Man... I think we could all agree that we'd be pleased. **AND THE REST** SULLY AND FRED GEMIMA AND GNAR AVOX THE RULER OF EARTH and CELENE THE PRETTIEST FLOWER ADAM AND EVE ADAM AND STEVE KHA AND RENGAR MECHWOLF THE DESTROYER ( One of them has to be called Mechwolf the Destroyer now... seriously Riot don't give us ideas. ) ALVIN AND SIMON FREYA AND SIRIUS SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY AUGUST AND SUMMER WINTER AND AUTUMN MURKY AND GRAY ALBERT AND EINSTEIN THE BEGINNING AND THE END ( This would be oddly weird and cool. Not really names more like there titles. ) BEGINNING AND END RYZE AND TRYNDAMERE (Like tatman said, but I don't think we need to?) SPINDAMERE (That's more like it.) HI FYZE (Im so horrible.) LUCIFER (For obvious reasons.) MICHAEL (Religion is comedic gold.) **ELIESE** _This is spelled differently and also mentioned for a personal reason. MY past partner was named Eliese and played League of Legends with me, we both had shitty PC's and I still do. They only run League at 60FPS When they feel like it's a good day. Anyways, we lasted 1 year and a half and the reason her name is here is because she passed away a while ago about 2 years now, and I loved her dearly so, she gets paid homage whenever I recall names. Hers is beautiful and befitting of any lovely mascot._ LUCAS and that's all I have guys!
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
Seems like the majority of these stupidly worded comments are simply : _ "I'm so but hurt, I've spent countless hours grinding IP for Runes. Blah, blah, blabbidy blah."_ In my opinion, and I do fret **MY OPINION** because opinions are like assholes everyone shows them, but yours needs to be thoroughly examined... In my opinion, from a perspective of putting myself in the Riot Developers and the Staff that have been put on this task, because they get paid to do such a thing... They have done decent so far. Am I concerned about compensation? Kinda, sorta... Everyone would be butt hurt if they gave us like some Hextech Loot and called it a day, or a refund on all the IP ever, which would be funny... But I doubt Riot, even though they are a business, would be so harsh and cruel. Optimism is a quality I have. Anyways the point I am trying to get across, is everyone is so narrow minded on incredibly early in the process changes that wont be here for at-least! At-least 4-5 Months ~ ish. They wanted to get to us early because of this volatile change. But everyone who has made an angry post about there resentment towards Riot for the way they are treating this community, are just silly and rushed to a conclusion. Riot work there ass off just so the community has bloody entertainment for 3 hours a day, and so that Pro's can make a living off said entertainment. The initial team that was founded by Mark, etc, etc you know them all... where extremely passionate about this game, and probably still have a soft spot for it, considering how much success they have made off the game. People should just realize that they want GOOD QUALITY feedback. Not fuck you riot, compensate me. They will, calm it. But anyways RITO has done it again, long live URF and Merry Snowdown. I do believe this looks really awesome, I do like the direction of this, as it streamlines League and makes it easier, considering we can change everything on the fly. Im interested to see if any existing Keystones will remain. ** One of my ideas to Riot / Questions is will there be number changes across the board? Or ways to make up for the changes that are happening as this will effect the entire meta, and will probably shift it a lot more than most pre-seasons. I am hyped.** _~ Candlewick Out._
: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
I'm an old Aatrox player, before the Mastery System was implemented. Im not an Aatrox main, never was a main, so understand this. But, this all seems like a good in concept - bad on paper idea. It seems, so rushed (funny puns for a funny mistake from riot). I would've rathered Aatrox be tampered with at a later date, he definitely doesn't deserve this treatment... and sorry of my brutish Australian bluntness takes over, but it's a halfassed change. The overall theme of Aatrox is really cool, but as a lot of champs he has a lot of issues. For instance, as some people have said his Ult isn't impactful, most champions Ultimate Abilities are designed to be Impactful. His ult in itself, is still cool? It's literally 'I'm going Super Saiyan watch as I whack you all to death.' but it's still sounds mediocre right? It's like giving someone the one weapon that will save humanity, but it's a wet noodle. I don't know much about design, or balance and respect that Riot want to change Aatrox, because he does need a change, but I think in order to change Aatrox he needs an entire kit rework, or re-arrange. He doesn't need a VU, or anything special, just a better designed kit for his theme of 'The Darkin Blade' a weird Ancient Race that are viewed as gods among men. Aatrox is basically a God of War, he appears on battlefields and turns the tides as he see's fit! Working around that would be interesting, seeing if his Ultimate could change the tides of a Teamfight. That's what Aatrox screams to me as, a good Teamfighter. He's not Team reliant, but he's a Team player.
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: this isnt even funny....theres gonna be kids that see this and be like HAHA LOOK EVERYONE IM DOING RAINBOW BUILD LOOK AT ME ACKNOWLEDGE ME GIVE ME ATTENTION BE MY FRIEND
Your salt is like a beach, be a rainbow, it's much more fulfilling.
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: Welcome To Boards!
I seriously need to ask, how on earth do i use attachments?
: A little something that we can all put together


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