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Hostility (OCE)
: Royal Allegiance Esports looking for team members for competitive play
Hey guys, just letting you know since you are starting at the 2017 Split 1 OOL, there is no possibility of you making it into the 2017 OPL (Split 2), only the 2017 OCS.
: #WeAreChiefs AMA
Hey guys, awesome to meet you, I was just wondering, seeing that you fell just short of making Worlds in last year's IWCQ, what improvements do you think you'll have to make as a team in order to match up with the other teams at IWCQ and show Oceania's Prowess on the World Stage? Congratulations on the convincing "stomp" on Legacy at the OPL :) Also can EGym add me on League? Please?
: Platinum I Player looking for Ranked 5s Team
+1 good banter and extremely skilled and great to work with.
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: LF Silver/Gold ++ Active Players Who Are seeking Dynamic Que/ possibly Future Team Together
Add me Gold 4 (Plat in pre-season) support main, used to play for a semi-pro team IGN: Support Leona.
: The Knights eSports Recruiting a Diamond+ Top Laner for the upcoming OOL!
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Ksubi (OCE)
: Looking For Casters! Amateur+
: The Knights Legion Recruiting a Roster to be the TKNS Second Team and compete in the OOL! (Gold 2+)
If the form is not working, it can be found here:
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: The Knights v3.0 recruiting a roster to re-enter the League Of Legends Scene. (Platinum+)
If the form is not working, here is the other link:
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: LF people to do rank to get back to Gold
Support Leona, Plat 5 100LP last season but now Gold IV and climbing quickly. Can play ADC/Support proficiently, but support is more preferred.
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: I can play top im b5 cause I dont bother climbing in solo q, but my skills are way beyond that (check recent match history) - happy to 1v1 your team to prove. all I want is to play competitive. do let me know and then i'll fill out details submid is ok too (ie I only mid or top)
: Yeah it does suck that most of the posts here have some form of "My teams are bad" rather then focusing on themselves, but that is basically bronze, you'd probably be better dealing with low silvers honestly.
TBH Yeah, I've found that the bronzes who have signed up go along with the lines of "my teams lack communication to me, or I don't need your help", etc. Bitch, you're in Bronze because YOU'RE SHIT. Your macro play is shit, your team play is shit, etc.
: And yet i'm pretty sure everyone is trolling on this, feelsbadman
Jokes end up on them, they'll still be sitting their asses in B5 because "they can't carry their noob teams".
: Don't know if this is a joke or real.
Real. I'm genuinely giving Bronzes an opportunity to improve, because I feel that everybody needs to be given the opportunity to improve despite their Solo Queue rank.
: Name: Bob Ross Age: 12 Availability: Monday-Friday after 3pm when school finishes, all of saturday and sunday (except when i have to go to family events or stay back for detention for not completing homework because i was too busy playing a cheeky league session) Role (The one you are applying for): Jungle/Mid Do you have a TeamSpeak?: yes Why you are in Bronze: unfortunately im not in bronze im plat 3 but i think i deserve to be bronze because of all these noob teams i get, i can never win games even though i consistently go 20/0 on my main champs like urgot, teemo and ashe What opportunity do you see in this: chance to achieve the rank i have always deeply desired: bronze 5 teemo's rangers division. (Insert KappaRoss2016 here)
Of course, we can offer you a spot easily if you're looking to get to B5. Throw me your account details (Username: Kappa, Password: KappaRoss), and I'll boost you to B5.
Qilli (OCE)
: Name: Russell Age: 9 Availability: When I am bothered Role (The one you are applying for): Jg Do you have a TeamSpeak?: Yes i also have squeakspeak Why you are in Bronze: My tem sucks What opportunity do you see in this: I can get into challenger
You know what else sucks? You got ditched in PE and had to be a reject xD
Qilli (OCE)
: Ahhh me. i am bronzie but i can easily be challenger i am very good i roam and get at least 40 cs by 20 mins
Ohh yes, just like you could easily be in Maths A but your noob teams stopped you.
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playsuit (OCE)
: I'll join brah, I'm the SKT Marin of Bronze IV.
Oh yes, of course. You can be our team's janitor, because you're still better than Jimuskin.
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: You want help getting into a decent rank, but you don't want to play with a try hard. Does that mean you don't want to try?
I didn't personally get that vibe from what he's saying, but it seems that he doesn't want someone who takes the game so seriously as to begin to get angry and frustrated over it. It seems he just wants a chill, serious, but not too serious kinda guy. Saying this, if it really is the interpretation that you made, this would be quite darn concerning.
TA Vespik (OCE)
: Hey im from True Ambition the team that always beat you guys Are u quitting The Knights?
No, we disbanded after an argument. Thanks for telling me that you beat us.
: So you want a team with true ambition. gg.
True Ambition? Yeah, they're the lads aha. No, any team. That just happened to be a coincedence.
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: The Knights Platinum+ LF MID
Here is the Google Docs Link. Can any applicants please complete this form and get back to me either here or directly on League.
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: The Knights Platinum+ LF ADC
Here is the Google Docs Link. Can any applicants please complete this form and get back to me either here or directly on League.
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: ***
These drills are more team drills focusing on a select aspect of the game (rotations, lane swaps, etc).
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: Just letting you know that you must be 17+ to play in OPL
Mhmm, but what are the chances of us making it to opL anyways? We're just a startup, we're not the Chiefs hiring or anything like that. That being said however, our team is pretty much 17+ so if a miracle occurs, we're all set :)
Distinct (OCE)
: I think people would take this more seriously if you stepped down from support and just stayed to the management side of things. GL though :)
Agreed here, but hey I'm always looking to play with a ranked team and improve :) I cannot manage teams at all, trust on that. Trust.
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