: Recommend me a champ?
{{champion:80}} or {{champion:150}} Pantheon: point and click champ, ult timing can be hard to nail down depending on elo, focuses on your ability to look at the map. Gnar: always impactful even when you're behind, 5man stun OP. Hope this helped~
Krown (OCE)
: Silver 1 Looking For Support Duo~~
Add me, IGN: Not a Hooker
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There is so much wrong with this. No offence but if you were "a good adc" and had "crappy supports", surely, SURELY you would have a higher winrate on twitch then 27% for 52 games. That's something like 14 wins out of 52 games...
: Runes Reformed Discussion.
It's honestly great to see that riot is listening and implementing changes. Proud to be part of the community~ Keep it up folks.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: That feel good moment.
That feelgood moment when YellowBrickRoad doesn't troll his games. Seriously dude, been in too many
: How to Start Reforming?
Maybe if you're getting wound up by other people mainly, try /mute all, or ignore them? For a few weeks at least, then you can see if anything changes.
: Bring the old voice back
As a thresh main I disagree wholeheartedly. {{champion:412}}
Feel like this post is gonna get trolled so mu-- woop it already has. Nice idea through!
: so you are saying machine can judge emotions? OMG there are so many players outside who gets banned bcoz they just writing i am muting you because you are disturbing me, and RIOT staff says that's negative? then why you even have this kind of stuff in game lol, please don't say With the amount of "help I was banned" messages, I'd beg to differ. Bcoz its clearly bu!!sh!t where machine is judging who is write and who is wrong, and if you believe this then i feel bad for you mate
/mute all {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Vegathron (OCE)
: who is pumped for them malz changes!?
Hey, I didn't actually hear about these. When are they getting released!? I'm so excited.{{champion:90}}
Myxthio (OCE)
: Hehe, thanks man! I'm trying my best to be as comedic and entertaining as I can with the editing and gameplay. I've been trying to get a good AD Taric Top lane game since I've been able to make it work several times. Buuuuut the recordings go haywire in the end, so I need to try again. Either that or AD Leona, either work amazingly well somehow. And maybe a few bits of advice/help would be nice, but I don't want a crutch for getting up there. I wanna learn how to get up through feedback and what not, but like I said the advice/help is much appreciated if it's nothing massive. Thumbnail art that's better? I'd really like to see what you can do, so perhaps send me an example? And of course I'd like to play with you! You seem nice. Make sure to share a few vids with your friends if you like them {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey, Good thing too that you don't want a crutch for getting there. What I meant sorry, was with spreading the word and stuff. Haha, AD taric, i've been rocking AD Thresh top personally, it's hilarious. Anyways, we'll talk more in League. About the thumbnails I'll get to it in a couple of weeks, this time of the year is a bit busy for students, haha. I'll get it to you ASAP. In terms of feedback I'd say for 16 subscribers, your video's are EXTREMELY polished but yeah when you grow (I'm sure you will) look at channels like foxdrop for an example of some super polished examples. And defs gonna show my friends don't you worry about that~
IGN: Frozen Despair JG/Support main can play all lanes. I prefer hard carry jg'ers as I tend to do better with them (Kindred, Shaco etc.). I can also play tanks like Zac and Rek' Sai. I play mainly Thresh support. Top: Gnar/Illaoi Mid: Kassadin/Fizz/Ahri/Veigar ADC: Lucian Hit me up.
Myxthio (OCE)
: Small Youtube Channel with good quality League vids along with other games!
This channel actually looks pretty good. Like better than some of the stuff I've seen with 1k subbs. Firstly, I'll definitely subscribe. Secondly, I have some experience in making youtube channels big, want me to help? Thirdly, along the same lines, if you want better quality thumbnails made I'd be happy to help. FOURTHLY and finally, add me in game: Frozen Despair. That was all, sick channel dude!
: I for two support this decision
: This fills me with little confidence....
Nah permanent AD Zed seems legit. 100% banrate anyone?
: [BUG] League Client (not alpha) not opening on macOS Sierra
This is happening to me too, it's fine on the previous version of Mac though. :/
dayfalls (OCE)
: Support stories
{{champion:67}} goes into a 1v5. {{champion:67}} : "WTF supp, so bad didn't even engage. [Insert mandatory cuss words] Another classic {{champion:412}} +{{item:3302}} *last hits* {{champion:67}} OMG STOLE MY CS *afks*
: {{champion:412}} : Click lantern adc: {{summoner:4}} {{champion:412}} : Why waste flash, there was a lantern there adc: didn't see it Repeat until adc: {{summoner:4}} adc: *dies* gg noob supp {{champion:412}} : *Facepalm* actual representation of being a thresh main...
Too true haha :D
: Im So Sorry (Perma Banned)
Can't say I pity you tbh. You probably deserved it.
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: Star Guardian Rek'Sai
This is lit. 10/10, no idea why it hasn't been implemented yet. +1'ed.
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: This is the third time I have got Amethyst Ashe from the Hextech Crafting
: Fuck this game, seriously, I just had a Garen 'support' stealing all the CS, or at least trying, and doing some really retarded shit. Look at the match history and run down of that game I posted above. I appreciate the offer, I really do, but I refuse to fold to Riots way of forcing us all to premade or suffer. All other ranked seasons I have played in, from S2 until now, I have NEVER seen it this bad in my life. They ruined it with the Dynamic queue and from their announcement today, will do jack shit to fix it, instead they spout the usual "Sorry, not sorry" crap that they are trying to 'fix it', when all they are going to do is change it around to suit top tiers more.
Yeah, I gotta (again) agree with this. Premades are terrible in low ranks. Basically the reason I lost 9 out of 10 of my provisionals. Not playing the 10th T_T. There are some messed up things happening in queue, but ultimately, it's riot's game and although I'm very confident that they'll find a way to balance Dynamic in the long run, honestly a bit dissapointed that they weren't forward about getting rid of Solo Que from the start. I was just watching the video they put up discussing it :P
: Thresh Supportage! x)
That moment when they don't click the lantern. Nah, great work dude! I LOVE THRESH!!!
Rahmi (OCE)
: New fizz skin (Super Galaxy Fizz) Montage :D!
: Level 5 Teemo Main
Burn him alive. Then drown him. Then chop his remains up into tiny pieces, draw a pentagram and sacrifice him to Satan. Oh wait.
: THIS is why I complain about Ranked
Hey man. I gotta say I agree with most of your points, but what can you do? Ceaseless complaining ain't going to do much. Better just to adapt. Then again, I know the feeling when premades decide to "break the meta" and do some really obscene things. If you want someone to play with, feel free to add me. Name: Frozen Despair Can't help much more than this >.<
Psychotix (OCE)
: Tips on how to main a role
Hey Psychotix, Ultimately, what you want to main is completely up to you. To be honest, each role is equally important despite popular beliefs and it's about how **you** can contribute to your team in the end. Start off by playing a few free champions that have different roles and see which ones you like. Then, try playing other champions of the same role to see if you like them too. For example, not long ago, I wanted to be a support main due to {{champion:412}} being my favourite character (still is). Then I picked up {{champion:105}} and {{champion:268}} and decided I like mid too! And now, I'm thinking of being a jungle main (loving the {{champion:33}} ,{{champion:19}} ,{{champion:77}} ) with mid/support as my secondary as I prefer to help the team out as opposed to getting all the kills and carrying. And remember, it's **okay to change.** - It isn't like you have to main the same thing forever! Spice it up and try new things once in a while. As a sidenote though, for ranked you want at least two roles you're equally as good at just in case you don't get your first preference. In the end though, you probably want a few champions you can play each lane - even if it's just to understand the lanes position. For example, I play various champions in different positions such as: **TOP:** {{champion:245}} {{champion:150}} **MID:**{{champion:105}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:103}} **SUPPORT:**{{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:37}} **JUNGLE:** {{champion:33}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} **ADC:**{{champion:81}} So I basically have at least a few champions I play every lane, despite not "maining" those lanes. I tend to favour champions that can move around a lot and have good mobility, hence my champion choices. So playing the game and finding your preference and playstyle will really help you "main" a champion! If you need anymore help, feel free to add me. (Name: Frozen Despair) Hope this helps!
Leeboes (OCE)
: Avatar Character Loyalty Rewards.
Sounds interesting, but holy...1500 wins ONE Champ!? Damn...
Ingénue (OCE)
: ♥ ** Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.** Playing locked screen negatively impacts your global awareness. Sure, you can look at the mini map every so often, but sometimes you will get a hint to the enemy champion out of the corner of your eye (something you could miss in locked). If you are playing a champion like Noc, tf, GP, Jinx, it may be difficult to accurately ult. The only pro i can see is that you wont easily lose track of your champ. Personally, I play with my screen unlocked (when I first started my friends wouldn't let me have it any other way), but I still keep my thumb on the spacebar ready to centre my camera again. ♥ If your best lanes are mid and support (what you stick into champ select), prepare yourself to become a support one trick. Mixing the most popular role and the least popular role are going to get you shoved off into support almost all of the time. It isn't bad or anything, you will still be able to climb, you will just have to have a very team oriented playstyle. **For support I would suggest:** {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:267}} A heavy AP, the natural counter to low elo, overall good sup, sustain champ So you can fill the gaps in your team composition when needed. **For mid I would suggest:** {{champion:1}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:105}} AP AOE powerhouse, strong single target, strong vs mages in current meta, AD (just incase), because you like playing him _If you feel the need to have a break from support, I would suggest ensuring your toplane is just as strong as the other two roles._ **I would suggest:** {{champion:54}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:150}} Strong team fight build him tank, AP powerhouse, very tanky, because you like him ♥ Best to nip the "i must 1v5 solo carry" mentality here. In all honesty, unless you are smurfing/playing vs bots you really should not be any situation where you do this. Even if your team are potatoes, it is way better to adapt yourself to their derp play styles than risk the game trying to carry. ♥ **Climbing with mechanics vs game knowledge ** * Some people climb based solely on mechanics (how well they push the buttons) these are the people that tend to plateau quickly and "get stuck in elo hell". * Other players climb based on a healthy mix of mechanics/game knowledge. This level of game knowledge doesn't really go past knowing jg timers, champion abilities/passives/predicted builds/counters/synergies. * A small percentage of the players rely solely on game knowledge because their mechanics are utter trash (this is which category I fall under). I win games by getting into game, identifying our win conditions, objective control order, as well as any difficulty my laners might face and type these things in chat. Most of the time it is taken positively but I still get the occasional "go kys noob". I also know niggly things like ability scalings and jg creep damage, but they don't come into play much. ♥ **Final tips** * Solo through your provisionals. * **The main aim of the game is to kill the enemy nexus**. While they do help, kills aren't that important. If they were, the ranked system would be based on individual performance. All that matters is that you work together with your team to help secure objectives and kill the enemy nexus. Work with your team to do this. If you find someone isn't stepping up and taking charge and your team is wondering around like lost puppies, you be the shot caller. * No matter how much you want to blame your team for a loss, remember that you are the only constant in all your games and there is always something you could have done better.
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it and have learned something new ^w^
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: Braegis the Soul Sorceror - Mage
Cool idea. A few typos here and there but who cares? Sounds good. I could totally see this guy as a relative to Ryze or something :)
Shashe (OCE)
: Pantheon Splash Art
W-Woah, I didn't notice at all :O
Knova (OCE)
: Looking for A club to take me in and help me get better (im new)
Hey man! I'm not the greatest at the game, but I'm not horrible either. Add me if you want and I'll invite. I used to main veigar (final boss hehe) and my friend mains jungle so yeah. Feel free to if you want.
: Could Someone Gift me Spirit Guard Udyr
Look at the icon. Hue. Hue. Got it from a mystery skin XD
: How the hell do the Champion Masteries work?
Hey, Not sure if this was already said but a few things to consider: -CS and objectives matter (such as last hitting drag, etc) -Towers that your team has lost matters -Whether you won or lost matters -Kills (obviously) matter Also, don't quote me on this but I've seen a few people suggest that the game actually tracks your map position in the first 20 minutes to determine what lane you are. And since, for example, a Zed mid is a common pick, you're ranked against EVERY other Zed in your reigon. But for example if I go somewhere like Thresh jungle (xD) then my overall score and objective total would be different, making it easier to get an S. Also, I'm pretty confident that if you play a support, it's easier to get that sweet S rank. Hope this helps :)
Dracuula (OCE)
: I'm about to cry.
Well, assuming this story is legit: Pretty sure it's just better to not talk and /mute since 99% of people are toxic af.
: Taliyah or 50 Win XP boost
Honestly, if you HAD to choose between the two, go for Taliyah{{champion:163}} . Since you can really just wait it out to get to level 30 while trying new champs, better to go for Taliyah, a 6300 IP champion and then just save the IP for those rune pages when you hit 30. Not like the extra game experience will do you any harm either.

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