Aeldoar (OCE)
: Dodge players/Not in your game
if there were a way to do this but without increasing queue times it would be great. like a preference system.
: 14 Day Suspension Confusion. Chat log + Ticket Respone/context
i understand the kys wasn't directed but itll still get u banned. in the future /muteall is great. helps alot
: Honor level 1 - checkpoint 1
its not just i got punished back in april. still honour 0 3/3 it takes forever.
: "kys" is an insta-ban word, I'm afraid. Oh, well. Either quit, level another account, or buy one.
Yes and no. 1 zero tol word will make your account hot and any more toxic behaviour will most likely get you banned. 2 is a instaban (this can be the same word twice). "kys" and "f%%%%t" are both 0 tol hence the ban.


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