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Syouran (OCE)
: Challenger Jungle/AD player LF a team :)
We are a d5+ team. If you're interested in joining us as a jungler please add me or STS Cola
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SentineI (OCE)
: Only looking for a jungler man?
> [{quoted}](name=fat australiàn,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=arAKbFeB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-07T20:48:36.681+0000) > > Only looking for a jungler man? yea sorry
: LF Team Jungle main
Did you change your name? because I could'nt find u. let me know if you're still interested in joining a d5+ team
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
19 lol HeartVine and Roguestoney, you've been doing this for 2+ years xD Never give up, I'm cheering for you !
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: Bard's Big Birthday Datapalooza
It seems a lot of effort was made to do all these calculations. But all he did was wasting his time making useless statistics that doesn't prove anything
SexP3ke (OCE)
: is there anyone who straight out wins Maokai in top lane?
Ive fought with a couple of maokais as vlad top, i farm early and when i get boots of lucidty + some spellvamp i just Spam Q on him he cant do anything (with my runes + ionian boots + WOTA i get 40% cd reduction = spam Q)
: Recruiting - Cygnus Gaming Gold+
IGN Lawliet18 Lane Mid/top Age 19
TSM Haze (OCE)
: LFM High Gold-Plat+ players for Ranked 5s (Looking for another top laner)
IGN: Lawliet18 Country: Australia Ranked standing: Gold 2 Main role/s: Mid/top Secondary role/s: Jungle/Adc Main Champions: Kennen, Veigar, Malzahar, Karthus, Graves... can play others
AzeK (OCE)
: Ranked Team (LF Gold +)
Hello Gold II Main role : mid/top IGN: Lawliet18
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Hello Please click this link for the solution i've posted before although the folder number might be slightly different in this new patch Cheers !
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