SoSaucy (OCE)
: ranked glitch thing idk
When your team queued up to join a game that was bound to happen as when you're queuing with 4 other you can only choose 1 preference. so that's what you get. the idea behind it is simple. > When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth _Sir Arthur Conan Doyle_ -OCE {{champion:86}}
spankmyp3 (OCE)
It sounds like you get very salty. I imagine it may have something to do with that.. {{summoner:14}}
: Thank You
Can we get Hextexh crafting for a few days too???? PLEASE :D
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: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
Am I the only one who flipping rolfcoptered reading this.... NURF MODE LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on
Pappa Nut (OCE)
: you forgot {{champion:86}}
{{champion:86}} is da beeest it obvs takes skill to play him

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