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For sure and no idea why there is 2 no votes (@8:47am 17/12/2018) Would push for this in an Ask Riot edition
Jklien1 (OCE)
: Can we please do something about these new 'champions' and 'reworked champions'????
to think neeko is hard to vs and unkillable is questionable. Everything on her kit is way to short ranged. all it is is that the AP scaling is a little to high. THAT IS IT tho like shut her down early and thats the end of the game for her.
: Yeah I had about 5 dodges in a row, lost 2 games and then I am gaining less for a win than I was before.
if you dodge more than twice-3 times a day you have issues man. besides all of this you're pretty pointless to talk to as you only play once or twice a day.
: How am I wasting anyone's time?
* grabs fly squatter *
: Are you telling me there is no difference in mmr from 36LP plat 4 and 75 LP plat 5?
are you telling me you have dodged that many times in a row?
: I did give the right information, read it again. Why are you saying that if I play meta I will not get autofilled? Also, I was told that mmr was not lost when dodging queue, boy was that information false. I just dropped half a division from dodging and losing a game, and my point gain dropped below what it was before.
account info mate. you had played 3 games and all 3 games you had the same champs and same sums you're a troll and wasting peoples time. shu fly don't bother me
: Yeah and contrary to popular belief, I just found out via experience that dodging does in fact lower your MMR. So it is never a good idea to dodge. You know those issues with the client where it freezes for people and then because they couldn't choose a champion it makes them dodge. Good fun.
What the hell are you on about? i've dodged over 20 games in the last 3 months of the ranked season and continued to gain 20-23LP a game. please mate stop trolling people.
: I am playing on my smurf in plat. ign whitepuma Try not to act on assumptions unless its life or death.
Try giving the right information instead of thinking people are mind readers. try not 1/9/1 in a ranked game and complaining about not getting your role. try not playing weird shit top and you might get what you want.
: Riot how could you allow this...
diamond player doesn't know what to build or? 1) they are more than likely smurf accounts which is allowed. 2) triforce on nasus is not a must so the second you went 1/2 or even 0/2 against jax you should know to build frozen heart. 3) after your 3rd death maybe even under tower give the tower up you out scale everyone in the game. 4) it just really seems like you and sona didn't try playing the late game at all to be completely honest.
: Queue times are over an hour long
you last 2 games in ranked were adc and you've mained twitch all season 8 so i'm finding it hard to understand what planet you're on.
: Towers are dropping like flies. Would be good to see data from RIOT.
: Did u copy paste from google translate or something lulw.
: Neeko
listen people use zoe way to much nowadays. Shes nothing like Zoe if you're good at the game.
: We are all within the same system. But your mind is at the stage of victimisation process, and failed to correlate it to your skills. Cant you see you are not good enough with your current self to climb? Or, are all those people in bronze got held down by the system aswell, and they should be higher? If everyones move up a tier, than whose's at the bottom? If you are stuck at gold using the same scenario, would you think you deserve plat, and if you are at plat, would you think you deserve diamond?, and so forth. Your matches's history, you did'nt stand out in any of the matches. If that is your standard of doing well, then NO WONDER you think your team is shit and you cant rise. Your ego is higher than your skill's level.
explain all points of someone standing out in a game. what are all the factors of standing out.
: my bad. thought the word "Permanent" was pretty understandable.
until tyler 1 himself was perma banned and all of his accounts were until his could make them some money and advertise them. apparently permanent has different meanings after money is involved (lets not make it to obvious)
Vitklim (OCE)
: Let's play the prediction game for the new champ. Neeko
honestly after reading this I thought you'd be at least low silver. "game breaking" - the fact that she has a bard/lux ability as her E, karthus Q ability as her Q and a moving nunu ult as her R makes her not game breaking at all in the slightest. along with LB's passive as an active for her W. she has a passive that isn't that confusing at all. just another post about something new being hard....
ThatsBS (OCE)
: I agree with this. Also alot think lux is a genuine support? Or brand.... but IMO I think they create more of a disadvantage. When up against a meta bot lane.
i'd rather a damage dealer as a support even in plat. torment is just way to strong atm
: I agree they don't feel that much harder to kill for the rewards it offers, though I do think it shifts focus a little bit. I haven't played too much yet so I'm not going to build any strong opinions yet. Time will tell.
Yeah just thinking about it now didn't they buff minions damage? that would be a major factor especially if you have even just 1 wave of 6 buffed minions would contribute so much more DPS
Gehirn (OCE)
: Could be a couple of things attributing to this feeling: - Turret plating gold rewards makes players want to prioritize damaging the turret especially before plating falls off. Meaning that even with the extra resistances they may go down around the same time if not earlier. - The Health bars look bigger, so damage dealt looks like it comes in bigger chunks than before. Just my theory.
i'll play on this account after work to check if it is just i'm hitting turrets more often or not (I play differently according to accounts. Playing more risky at lower elo). Also on another note thinking about it now didn't they buff minions or at least their damage?
  Rioter Comments
: There is. When you go into the settings there are 2 types of attack move. "Attack Move" where you press a button, the range of your champion is shown then you click where you want to attack "Attack Move Click" which is a movement command that tells your champion to attack the closest target to the point you selected. You just need to bind it to something. I think by default attack move is on A and attack move click is on V.
correct. I have it bound to MH4
: Ok let me try to break this down in order. 1. It doesn't matter how many reports you get against you if they aren't valid. You could be reported 100 times but if you haven't done anything those reports are effectively thrown out. 2. If you want people to believe you, post evidence. Your chat logs are what you are being judged/punished for, so if you believe that judgement to be false, posting your chat logs is the easiest way to get community feedback. 3. There is a distinction between defending yourself (fine) and retaliation (not fine). You seem to be aware of this, though. 4. Sounds like you were targeted, and yeah, that sucks. Without your logs I'm not going to say anything for sure, all I can really say is that problematic behaviour will be addressed regardless of who 'started it'. 5. You wouldn't be hit with a punishment just for typing a lot, especially in a normal. While it isn't exactly ideal, there would have been something beyond that to trigger the system. 6. Did you report them for it? Only one valid report is necessary to trigger a review of the game, so if you reported them, that's enough, just don't count on getting any feedback on their punishment status, it's kept intentionally vague for various reasons, and the one notification that exists, is extremely limited. Hearing nothing, doesn't mean nothing happened. 7. Yes Riot can investigate. You can appeal your punishment through player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If the punishment was made in error (which while very rare, isn't impossible) then the punishment will be revoked and rewards restored.
Can back this up nowadays. xiaoxin you have defended yourself and said the wrong thing and now you lose. defending yourself with aggression is not acceptable and sadly enough you accepted that when you created your new account and accepted the terms and conditions
Essembie (OCE)
: I think your bullet point advice is really good. But I disagree about giving up. I think a lot of matches are winnable, but if the team gives up and cant think strategically enough to draw it out and get back in the game, there is no point. Agree to disagree I think.
I guess that's a great thing to do so we don't keep doing laps XD agreed.
: I'd argue that some matches are better surrendered for sanity's sake, even if they're technically winnable. Those tend to be few and far between though. It annoys the absolute crap out of me when someone gives up at 10 minutes and says S@15 because of one or two mistakes. All you're doing by giving up so early is *guaranteeing* the loss because you couldn't suck it up for even 10 more minutes. If you were going to give up so easily why are you playing ranked at all??
I think i feel so strong about not giving up so much is because i have accounts in almost every elo up to plat. bronze and silver are so easily carried purely from macro. wave control and objectives win those games. i Opt for champs that can solo baron at 25mins (with good farm and gold lead) and just put your whole team and your back and give them some free LP. But yes totally agree that people that give up that early are annoying but also no longer see it after my perma ban on my 3rd gold account because i just mute all so i don't speak. A lot of people should not be playing ranked and not because they suck or anything along those lines but purely because their mental isnt in the right spot.
Essembie (OCE)
: maybe if you're a duo or flex, but PUG? the coordination required to come back and the challenge of people giving up just means that the defeat is just drawn out. You want to split to put pressure, and catch up with farm, then watch the team dive a 4v5 then blame you. You want to team fight and get wiped? feel the rage. If I were in voice chat with all my team members then I'd never give up. But not in PUG.
absolutely never a reason to give up below diamond.
Essembie (OCE)
: I reached my silver goal with a clean honour slate all year, but 2 weeks out from end of season I got salty at a bot yas troll I had in two consecutive games who (not surprisingly) fed the shit out of lane both times and I got a chat ban (and honour lock) for suggesting he needed to pay the oncology fees for the cancer he gave me. No border for me. Rip.
you still have until mid Feb to get your honor level back and you will receive respected rewards. 'Seras dragon' knows where to find this info I Replied to your other comment so i dont want to repeat myself for the sake of i'd like you to read it
Essembie (OCE)
: some games are definitely worth abandoning because trying to coordinate a PUG with a losing team comp just wont happen. But plenty of games are recoverable but surrendered too quickly.
i don't think any game below diamond is worth abandoning. i once vs'd an akali irel and they both had over 5 kills by 10mins (i was top lane and my jgler kept trying to gank) and i was only playing tryndamere and i gutter stomped them because yes they knew the champ but they had no idea how to maccro. unless you're in an elo where it is punished for your mistakes at no point is low elo worth giving up. thats why people say 1 trick a champ. if you 1 trick a champ you know which items to buy in every situation and thats not like "oh but i've been 1 tricking for 6 months now and im still not winning" dude 1 tricking is 100% playing that champ and even trying new builds here and there, knowing cooldowns knowing match ups and so on. i've played over 1000 games of tryndamere, master yi and varus as well as 500 games on kled, taliyah, xayah, talon, viegar and malz. and i still try new builds here and there and i know when i can even fck around and do troll builds that still work and i guess thats why i'm finally plat3 now. when i was silver i thought there was no way i could ever get gold blah blah but points i will always give: - Mute all at the start of the game. its low elo everyone thinks just like you "i am better than everyone els" when they're not but you are! - practice tool is your best friend. It's there for a reason, use it because you're only going to get better at combos - play as if you're 1 v 5 dont ask for help learn the match ups. - DO NOT EVER IN YOUR LIFE TYPE IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. like kingstix says "do not even say GJ or TY as they will then expect it and if you dont say it later it may tilt them." over dramatic i know but it's so true
: Almost 9 years and you still have not changed/fixed how surrender votes work
The whole point of the new updates and so on is that you have time to come back. Maybe stop wanting to give up and just focus on winning the game you are in
: Tried to leave silver 1 for 4 weeks, win 1, lose 2, with none of those games being my fault... i think i had 3 bad games which could classify as me being the cause, the rest, an inting laner or jg, an afk or a troll Also as a support main it's literally impossible to climb unless you duo... Then as im about to leave Silver 1 99lp with a free win in promos, i get chat restricted for requesting a report on 3 inting players, one of which was hella toxic
you can carry as a support you just need to play the right champs or at least have more practice with them. use the practice tool when ever you can! i normally try 1v1 against a friend or my girlfriend (shes a dirty xerath main) and i wont play that champ until i can dominate lane against them.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I’m no longer a bronze scrub so that’s exciting
AYE!!!! gj my friend you'll be climbing in no time
: ~~That's one I'd probably take up with support. It depends on when they do honour checks for rewards I suppose, if it's at redemption or season end.~~ ~~https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new~~ >If you’ve received a chat restriction only this past season, and are Honor 0 or 1, you will have an opportunity to climb back to Honor 2 by February 11, 2019. If you are Honor 2 at that time, you will get all the rewards you’ve rightfully earned with your blood, sweat and tears. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/TGYs0hwO-2018-end-of-season-rewards-and-honor
O.O oh wow, but i'm guessing what they mean by that is if you have been suspended for anything you will not receive it.
: I mean the Victorious skin kinda *is* a glorified gold skin if you've never had to struggle to gold before. I didn't play ranked at all for years. Placed Bronze first year and just said "nope that's not happening" and waited a while more while I improved (the pro tip being, don't play ranked out of the gate with unrealistic expectations). When I finally went for the climb I wasn't new to the game. I only spent a few games in Bronze, and not all that many in Silver, so Gold wasn't the huge achievement that it is for some people. I think that's why Plat means a bit more to me this year, because it felt like an actual accomplishment rather than just my rank rising to match accumulated skill. I was much more actively focusing on mistakes and how to fix them, improving things I'd been too lazy to improve before, and it paid off. Which I suppose, is the whole point of ranked in the first place :)
I mean i did struggle hard when i first played the game, i got placed in Silver 4 in the pre season of season 6 to season 7 had a month of silver game play then the reset started and i got placed bronze 4... played that season and actually had a mate that was challenger and ranked in the top 50 of OCE solo Que at that time and we played a lot of in-house games with ranked from bronze (me) to challenger and actually learnt that i was best in top lane as i could keep up with the gold player (he was a top laner). So basically a little struggle but i was technically "trained". With all that said and done i really don't really think a skin that has a whole year to make should look so plain when you can literally NEVER have the chance to get them again. I agree that plat is an amazing feeling to reach and cant wait to reach diamond before the next season starts
xiaoxin (OCE)
: If I was eligible for end of season rewards yesterday at end of season, but not eligible today...
pretty sure you're not unless the patch was updated (because then the reward would already be handed out)
Bookbash (OCE)
: Helping is when you give constructive advice for teammates that will help the team progress. If kids have no balls and take it as toxicity, then unlucky. Examples: "Try a hexdrinker", or "be sure to react to the inting Sion before he gets close to the tower", or "You'll need a QSS", or "We need baron to close because we have no siege". None of the above is egotistical, or personal attacks. But kids still take it the wrong way.
correct. the lower the elo (until you hit plat) the worse it is
: wanted to get gold. placed gold. played like 10 games after placement because this game gives me cancer
That's good and bad in the same way, I find that muting all and keeping the emotes as a way to speak is for-filling for me and i don't tend to get toxic people anymore (well 1 in 10 games i might but i never truly know as i have everyone muted). but other than that i hope you stick to the game and hope the new season is better to you <3
: Never had particularly high ranked ambitions, but finally bothered to make the push for plat after...how many seasons in Gold now? So that's kinda neat. For me the most exciting part is all the new preseason stuff coming soon and a shiny free skin (and this year, chromas!) for a champion I actually play!. I can't pretend what colour my border is means all that much to me, but the fact that the Victorious skin is actually for a champion I play more than once every never is a nice time.
Well you certainly picked the right champ to support with (Nami mian >.>) good job tho! yeah I'm yet to have ANY champ i play have the victorious skin but im sure its well off that happening anytime soon as the champs i play are new or i personally think far off. I guess we're counter parts with league as i want to be up there in the ranks and personally i dont think the victorious skin feels very "victorious" i feel like it's a glorified "gold" skin for a champ (but that's between you and me)
Kurinth (OCE)
: Made it to gold for the first time in an actual attempt to climb up just before the start of Worlds. Went 9/1 in placements got s2, was stuck there for a while with some unfortunate games, eventually hit promos off an accidental ezreal game i thought i was a normal draft game, won my S1 promos 2/0. got stuck around 20-40 lp for a few days, took a break for work i had to do for week. Then yesterday i had a miracle run playing really well in pretty much all my games and went 3/1 in gold promos and finished g5 with about 2 hours left before the queue was turned off. It was a stressful day but it was worth it.
thats so good to hear man well done! and yeah i know what you mean, everyone just wanted to actually win one i guess XD i had some great games
Lysaaer (OCE)
: I reached diamond 4 in solo q again this year and I reached challenger rank 90 in flex so I’m keen for all my challenger stuff :D
Well done champ! you are one of the last to get a physical reward good on ya
Typhon (OCE)
: criticism or helping?
> [{quoted}](name=Typhon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=h8RGr6aI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-13T00:48:08.637+0000) > > im feeling like people confuse the two so i feel like it needs to be explained. criticism is where you say things negatively to prove that you are better than the other person. helping is where you actually care about the making the person better. > criticism does not mean you think you are better than the other person.
Rioter Comments
: Midnight. https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/end-season-rewards-2018
Rioter Comments
: The very fucken problem with OCE staff
Riot does put out bans (suspensions and perma bans). 2/4 of my accounts are gone with honor level. with 1 perma banned for calling someone a bundle of sticks over and over again. But in saying that i have asked them to mute my chat completely as im the type of player that when spoken to i need to reply and if i forget to mute all at the start of the game im like a mad man with replying.
: And this post isn't toxic in itself? The irony!
you my friend have lost the plot and are probably one of the people he/she is talking about*
Blazeem (OCE)
: ranked system
the only way we will get something out of riot with this is if we continue to complain about it. In every "can you give us some feed back" i have done i've written about this.
: Why is it strange for me to criticise? If you buy tokens, you could potentially get the skin at any time, so "Was it easy to get?" becomes a mute question. It's just a matter of how many $$$ are you willing to spend. It removes the easy/difficult equation. If you only bought the pass and have to work for every token, then it's a matter of how easy/hard it was to get. How he managed to get the Kai'sa skin, and all the other stuff, while playing less hours than me per week, however, is a mystery. and I want in on that secret. I wasn't aware that Bard was left off the list. Either way, it still doesn't make the event any less rollercoasterish. They need to seriously revamp the way the indicate how long things are staying in the shop, and when/if they will return. The way ESO does it makes so much sense, just put a timer on the item "3 days left", complete transparency. Who knew how long non-skin content like orbs and bundles were staying for. And I don't remember seeing a date on the Kha’Zix chromas _(but I could have missed that one)_. Also league almost never specifies what is legacy content, and what is 1-time limited content. It seems like these chromas could return every year right? Except that I couldn't help but notice that Ashe wasn't among them (which isn't explained), which suggests that her chroma/border is limited, which poses the question, are these ones also 1-time only? Will the Kai'sa skin remain available through crafting? Or is it gone forever? Who the fuck knows. It'd be nice if this stuff was explained to us. Just a little transparency.
as mentioned before, yes i have the pass my friend but i didn't buy that many tokens straight out. I have golden zed, shyv, riven, kled, ekko and have gotten icons wards on so on. each of these "buys" are 400 tokens so even if i bought 1000 tokens they are canceled out by 3 of those golden skins. Basically i'm just asking is it really that hard? i'm not bragging but then again i do have the pass and i do play 5 hours a day. i'm sorry if im offending but i'm honestly just asking.
: What exactly are you fishing for here? I can only add my own experience to this: I have been playing almost every available moment since the event started, and I bought 500 tokens, and I still don't have enough. I go to work, cook, eat, sleep, and occasionally do a few non-league things like meet friends. But other than that, I'm at the grindstone getting these god-awful tokens. So, short of sacrificing my health or job, I've been doing all I can to get the tokens, and still don't have it. :( Does that answer your question? So unless you are getting S's every game, and/or have no job/school to go to, I don't think many people will 'easily' have it.
: What exactly are you fishing for here? I can only add my own experience to this: I have been playing almost every available moment since the event started, and I bought 500 tokens, and I still don't have enough. I go to work, cook, eat, sleep, and occasionally do a few non-league things like meet friends. But other than that, I'm at the grindstone getting these god-awful tokens. So, short of sacrificing my health or job, I've been doing all I can to get the tokens, and still don't have it. :( Does that answer your question? So unless you are getting S's every game, and/or have no job/school to go to, I don't think many people will 'easily' have it.
i work from 6am till 6pm everyday and literally use weekends as league time (i play 18hours a day on weekends) and yeah same i got the 500 tokens... and an extra 200 from the dire wolves khaz skin and ive bought the pass, but also have golden riven golden zed and golden shyv
: It took me exactly 5 re-rolls to get. The other 4 being K/DA Evelynn, Akali, Ahri and Kai'sa. https://i.gyazo.com/4d6c61ceac09f7bd65657d701e7173e9.jpg
i already had the tokens for it so it shouldnt be that amazing
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