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: > This is crazy, they are sucking the money out of the online industry. They are removing competition for rupert. Abbott was the best investment rupert ever made.
Our Government can't stick to it's word that's my main concern. I don't see this tax as a pain in the ass, just another way to get money. There is enough taxes as it stands. More taxes even though it is only 10%. More taxes will hurt more families as digital good's are becoming the way of shopping. More preferred so to say.
: wow, you have to pay a few dollars more. maybe if you weren't dole bludgers it wouldn't be a problem.
Who said any of us were dole bludgers? The other part is that, it isn't always going to be a few dollars. let's say you have a subscription service like Netflix, or you are subscribed to a few people on twitch. You end up paying a lot extra for what seems like a minimal expense. Look at the big picture (towards the future) not just right now. Because right now this doesn't effect us. But once you begin to buy more online goods. You will feel the money burn in your hands.
: I, for one, don't really understand why this has suddenly become so big an issue. The Australian retailers have been charging us consumers 10% GST on in-store products for years. I am uncertain if GST has already been applied to thing that are purchased online (domestic or international purchases), for as I noted, I am not so great with following such changes; however, if people would use lack of tax on imported online digital products to circumvent the additional cost, then that is why they would make such an application: to even it out. If this law is to eliminate loopholes in the GST, then I only conclude that those whom would mainly be complaining are those that exploit this loophole. However, for those whom would purchase goods that are not available in this country, this can be a problem. I shall make an example (or an assumption, if you are as such indulging): take a subscription-based MMO, those that require the purchase of time/usage. Depending on the service in question, while some have time cards which can be purchased in any number of store around the country, which charge a flat rate based on the value indicated on the card, sometimes, the only method of purchases is through the company's online store; thereby adding this 10% increase to those whom are gridlocked into purchasing by this method would certainly narrow the margin of those whom could actually continue to spend their hard-earned salaries in this manner, whilst inevitably denying them access to property which they had accumulated and/or earned during their previously active subscription time. Other services that also require monthly or annual subscription (anti-virus subscriptions, for example) would see a hike in fees. Whilst I personally feel the that imposing taxes is certainly unfavorable, maybe even to the point of being, depending on territory or national law and/or constitution, illegal, I would say to those whom would complain on this forum, that your arguments are slightly misdirected and, in most cases, grossly underwhelming. League of Legends is one online game service that does have the option of purchasing prepaid point cards, which can be purchased for a flat $10/25/50 at many game retailers, supermarkets or department stores, and the like, if accessible. However, to those whom would have accessibility issues are quite justified to have their concerns. As such, if within your capability, and if it is so necessary, you can purchase your precious points elsewhere. Now, had you referred to how the allocated RP are being distributed based on purchase amounts, then you would be entirely justified, as these rulings are personally made by Riot Games. Whilst there are certainly more pressing issues one should consider when making the decision, such as whether or not quality of service is being upheld or whether information is adequately protected, if you must take your argument somewhere, take it to the company. If you want to rally support for a cause that you claim will benefit everyone, make sure that it would actually benefit everyone. Generalized statements can cause some nasty misunderstandings, and in this case, you might consider that those whom are actually hurting are our local businesses and workers, because they struggle to keep business in our own country. Personal financing is getting more difficult, because businesses cannot support their own finances, let alone that of their employees. Maybe circumstances could have been avoided, years ago, but for now people should do what they can. To anyone that would consider signing this petition, I can only say good luck to you, as while I do not agree to the imposition of GST in the first place, I would consider what is actually important in my life. If I do not need something, if there is something that I can let go of to make my life and the the lives of my family less strained, irritable, or downright difficult, I would certainly make the serious consideration and search for the outcome which is best of all of us. As such, while I shall not be signing this, or any petition of this likeness, one day, just maybe, we may see the taxes leave for good through the diligence of those whom would not be afraid to do what is right. (now I'm tired)
SO with your reply, the point of this petition is to remove the incoming tax, there is already a tax on converting Steam gift cards from AUS to USD, as Valve is only using USD (BOOOOO) the problem is that we don't need more tax, there is already a tax on steam, plus conversion rates, then if you add this 10% tax on top. The petition is for those that agree we shouldn't have these taxes, yes Australia has a high standard of living but that doesn't mean more people need to struggle. We are already tax payers enough as it is. Plus university costs and or college. After that you buy your home or rent it. There's tax on that. There's tax on this, there's tax on that. Even though they are trying to support in-store purchases, they need to stop this, as digital is the way to go, it's instant. It's when you want it. quick simple, no dangerous drives to the store, no chance of you not having enough money in hand. You can't say that you disagree with this. Everyone know's full well we are buying more goods digitally than in-store. the next generation will be even more digital. There is no way in hell we need more tax on it. As tax payers we pay enough as it is. But 10% on all digital goods. Is stupid. The Government says this will remove the tax, they say that it should produce $350 mill in the next 4 years, which is only 0.78% of the debt. this isn't even close to the whole debt. They are money greedy scum bags looking to ruin our money. All they see is "Oh look they are buying more items online, let's tax that because we need it to support our lifestyle!" When in fact they just want to have the money for themselves. I'm not here to force you to sign the petition. But Honestly do you really want them to get away with taxing everything possible? I hope not ...
: Looking for 2-3 players to create a ranked team
Yeah I might be able to, would be nice to have a team that doesn't fight omg haha. ADC/mid I play main Xerath, sivir, vayne.
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