Fitzky (OCE)
: Funny enough my main {{champion:122}} fits into your preferences perfectly. He has very good sustain with his q and has an average skill cap. Best thing is if you are behind you can still be useful as you just need to get 5 stacks off on somebody and you get 100+ free ad and you just go and dunk everyone on sight. All you really need is black cleaver then go full tank and he can still 1 v 5 the enemy team when behind. Very fun to play and my favourite champion.
Only played a couple of games as him (my first was a mirror lane against a mastery 6). How do you handle being kited though?
: {{champion:74}} My personal favourite champ. Depending on your elo and the matchup, easy double kills if you get ganked. You can harass the shit out of most people in toplane all through the early game. Mid-game you get a decent power spike, and late-game you can one-shot all squishies if you build correctly. To summarise, harass early, relatively strong mid, very strong late. Doubt he'll get nerfed any time soon because no one really plays him. He never gets banned and most people have no idea how to verse him. I play him mid and top, but he's also a decent support. High damage + high skill ceiling + loads of fun = perfection.
Haha yeah, I love when i get him in ARAM, my biggest issue is that he seems to really suck against anybody with good range and/or poke, who can destroy his turrets without even being in range.
: i would probably recommend maokai, theres some skillcap stuff like w outplays and using q to hit multiple parts of your ult on one target, but also relatively simple to be ok at (especially in jg where you dont have to lane) and good utility at all stages
Heh, never play him jungle actually. I'll give it a go. Thanks :)
: {{champion:80}} or {{champion:150}} Pantheon: point and click champ, ult timing can be hard to nail down depending on elo, focuses on your ability to look at the map. Gnar: always impactful even when you're behind, 5man stun OP. Hope this helped~
Thanks :D I might have to give Panth a go, but doesn't he fall of really hard late game? Or is that just a high-elo problem? As for Gnar, I never could get into the rage bar part of his kit. It's an interesting mechanic but really hard to time well and very predictable to play against.
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GigaPube (OCE)
: that doesnt matter. just look at the champion frame. master yi has a different one from everyone else cos you've earned a chest with him and now you cant for the rest of the season, with him. you dont need to hover to check that
yeah, i didn't actually know what the frame meant either. He is the only one i have earned a chest from.
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: gold means you have unlocked a chest on this champion and you wont be able to again greyed out means you can get one on this champion
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Sneed (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Voridian,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=55rbnPKf,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-26T01:21:24.604+0000) > > I will say that my last hitting under the tower and defensive play has somewhat improved but losing to somebody you couldn't possibly beat still sucks. my advice is to play passive farm champions like nasus and malzahar, who can punish dives they also teach you important game mechanics dont waste your time with vayne, zed, etc
Good idea :) I don't own either of those champs but i have been thinking about picking up Nasus.
Sneed (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Voridian,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=55rbnPKf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-25T07:19:08.891+0000) > > well that explains it, thanks. I still think its silly though. I (obviously) don't work at riot so i cant say for sure but think they should match >30 players with other >30 players. unfortunately we are in oceania, so there are a way fewer people pre-30, and most of them are more than likely smurfs. you just gotta deal with it. at least you can adopt techniques and learn more against these players
I will say that my last hitting under the tower and defensive play has somewhat improved but losing to somebody you couldn't possibly beat still sucks.
: Just because someone is gold or whatever other rank, it doesn't mean that they're playing at that level in normals. If I'm playing normals with friends or trying out a champ I've never played before, I'm certainly not playing as well as if I was tryharding in ranked with my best champions. Peoples performance varies alot from game to game in normals, there's no way the matchmaking can tell beforehand if I'm gunna try out a new champ for the first time or play with a fun/troll build, or play a champ I'm actually reasonably good at. The same guy that dominates you one game might feed like crazy the next cause hes playing something he's much worse at.
while that is true, some of their skill will be there regardless. Map awareness, warding, strategy (like when to push, take dragon etc) and to some degree last hitting for example. And in the case i was referring to he had the mastery badge thing so i doubt he was new to the champ.
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: there is literally a difference of the matchmaking for normals from most things, see they use the same mmr system but everything is tuned down a notch so there is below 1k so brionze-plat then above 1k which is diamond-challenger so you cant stop it
well that explains it, thanks. I still think its silly though. I (obviously) don't work at riot so i cant say for sure but think they should match >30 players with other >30 players.
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NeoSimmer (OCE)
: a good way to fix this, make a custom put it 1v5 against bots of any difficulty, when you can consistency play safely without dying and getting around 30-50 kills then you are pretty consistent for bots then try to queue up for normals and then try and go say 5/0 every game you play other than support which should be 0/0/5 if you do play support :) that helped me gain a huge chunk of consistency
: How long did it take you to be able to play consistantly?
Thanks for the Replies :) they have definitely given me something to think about i just don't want to be the reason my team loses and have 1/10/8 type games (which i have done occasionally). This game can be quite disheartening sometimes when you look down your match history and see nothing but defeat. Even in bot games i can be really erratic when playing the same champion, 38/1/5 one game and 10/8/6 the next.
: I have been playing since the end of season 2, my best champ is Azir, i occasionally get a score like 22/6/8 on him and occasionally get 1/7/9. consistency only exists in a measurable way without external factors, for example I'm an archer in real life you can train your body and mind to make each shot as similar as you can to the last, and consistency is measured by how close together a grouping of arrows is on the target (regardless of whether it was on the centre or not) but you can only do that when the target is still, the bow is the same bow and the arrows are the same arrows, and the weather is the same. Its only you that you need to train, however in Lol so many factors are variable, you could vs your champions biggest counter and smash them because they sucked, or you could counter pick you enemy and still be smashed because they were better than you. When your enemy is changing, you cant ever be properly consistent, if you were an archer and had to hit a target that randomly moved all over the place with a different bow each time using different arrows, a good archer may be able to hit the target every time, but your arrows would be all over the place, certainly not a consistent little group like when the target was still. if there are changing factors The enemy (the target) your champion (the bow) your items (the arrows) the weather (the allied/enemy champs) i know a LOT of world championship archers, one has been world champion in the most advanced division 5 times, he could shoot an apple off my head at 50 meters and i would only be slightly terrified. But none of them, not even him could have a consistent group on a changing target taking every shot with a different bow and a different arrow, and thats what lol is. So don't expect to be too consistent in Lol, unless you play the same position with the same champ and same items against the same enemy champs played by the same people, every time, you cant expect any proper 'measurable' consistently. rather than being consistent, the best thing you can do is learn how to act consistently in certain situations, because even though the champs and players may change, there will always be certain situations that happen for example: How to play when your team is way ahead How to play when your team is way behind How to play when the enemy team have a fed as fuck player How to play when your team has a fed as fuck player How to play when the game is even How to play when your team has no vision How to play when your team has lots of vision How to play when your team always loses team fights How to play against a CC heavy team the list goes on and on, but those situations (among many more) will happen time and time again, sometimes it will be Zed thats fed and other times it will be Vayne, but as long as you know how to play in situations where someone is fed then you will stand a better chance at overcoming it. It wont be a consistent situation (a fed vayne with a kayle supp will be different to a fed vayne with a blitz support), but you will know how to act constantly. if that makes and sense. Buy my highest rank is only S4 so I'm not exactly the most knowledgable.
Well said, an interesting read. However a good archer should be able to hit a target no matter what bow or arrows used (so long as they are good quality) the grouping may be not as good sometimes but the target would be hit. A novice archer may not be able to hit the target at all sometimes and will sometimes shoot quite well which was my experience with archery, one day i shot so accurately that i damaged one of my arrows by hitting it with another and the next day my grouping was awful. My goal is to be able to play the majority of my games and look back whether i win or lose and know that i did ok and wasnt the cause of the loss or contributed to the win.
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