: dude, they shifted Ahri's power to her skillshots for a reason Reward good Ahri players, and punish the bad ones
this is to get the third orb in her kit to do damage and not be useless, this means its harder do get the full damage from her w if the enemy runs out of range for you to get all 3 orbs to hit, thats also why it does more damage. so a better way to get all that damage is to hit... wait for it... a skill shot
: Ahri's damage is supposed to be more in her SKILLSHOTS, not auto targeted abilities. This would be an overbuff and Ahri isn't even in a bad spot right now.
this is to make all three orbs worth hitting unlike now how only the first 2 do damage till very late game
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: I haven't thoroughly read through all of it but it seems like a major buff- when it comes to buff Riot needs to make it so it's viable and not over-powered to dominate the lane- this means that it has to be viable but also do its bit in a fight even losing lane
its just 120 more damage than what it does now, w/ fb
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: Nah man, don't take down posts. We all have different views, and this is where we share them. If I took down any of my posts that people didnt agree with, id probably have none left xD This is what the boards are for! Discussion. and we have seen some good discussion about Ahri today. For example I never considered her teamfighting ability, I was thinking in only a 1v1 situation, until you mentioned it. So already you've got me thinking in a way I didn't consider before. This is a good post you've made, and it has attracted some friction. Thats good it has got people thinking!
this is very positive, thanks for your input and for the discussion , glad i got you thinking, i should probably make a post explaining all the bad things about Ahri and the reasons before trying to get her changed, like you said too.
: if the only thing that you have to do in a teamfight is press q and maybe e, then she's a little too strong, and a buff would make that worse. I agree with that first reason for the most part though, because she doesn't have a great early game, but a) she hits level six and she's fine, and b) her late game makes up for her early game. It'd be a bit unfair to have a champion that is good in early, mid, and late game, i mean like how would it be if a tristana had an early game power spike like her late game did? As Sessh said, I'm not putting down your views, but I find it a bit hard to agree with
thats fine, ill take it down if ya want me too, if its bothering you at all
: Okay, I can respect that you want to buff her, a lot of people want their champs buffed, and you've stated how. But you haven't said anything about _why_. And good argument need to back itself up with reason. Why does her QW and R need buffs? What is it that they fail to achieve as they are? Why is her already generous movement speed not enough? What could she accomplish with more movement speed that she cant right now? and why does she need to? Because as Fitzky says, she is already one of _(if not **the**)_ strongest mid lane pick atm, and has been for quite a while. So the '_why_' can't be that she isn't strong enough to compete with other mid laners. She's clearly better than most of them already. She also has a 51.42% winrate, which is way above average. So the '_why_' also can't be that she doesn't have enough impact on the game. Her playrate is 7.08%, which easily puts her into the top 20 most popular champions. So the '_why_' definitely cant be that she isn't appealing to enough people. Her KDA ratio is positive, unlike a lot of champions, so the '_why_' also cant be that she doesn't get enough kills. And it's not like she's a difficult champion either, if I'm being blunt; basically your only job as as a player is to land her Charm, once you've done that, the rest is childs play. _(I mean 2 of her abilities literally aim themselves... 3 times....)_ _______ So if the reason for buffing her isn't to make her more viable, increase her impact on the game, make her more popular, increase her KDA, or make her easier. What is the reason? I don't mean to put down your views, but from the community's perspective you've just announced buffs for the game's strongest mid laner. People will respond defensibly if they don't know your reasoning behind it.
what you said make complete sense and i understand, my reason is that she is suppose to be good in a 1v1 with her e, but early she doesn't do enough with her abilities to not still have to aa when all in'ing , so i thought she should have the buff so she can at least you don't have to spend 15 mins poking before you go in, also her team fighting is really just throw a q in the enemies so i though it should do a little more, and e to catch people off guard she does that too in the team fights. it probably sounds like im sooking coz i don't wanna aa 10 times when my enemy laner doesn't but yeah, those are a most of the reasons
: I'm an ahri player and I think she is fine. This is also a pretty hefty buff rather than a small one and would make her wayyy too strong, any single one of those skills buffed to that level is quite a lot
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