Koyotee (OCE)
: Hey Not That Bard, Currently we are going with times that best suit the biggest chunk of the player community. It is unlikely that there would be enough players who would play Clash at a different start time to make this possible. Just to understand your situation better: what start time would actually be suitable for you?
Thanks for the reply Koyotee, Even if it started 3 or so hours earlier every few Saturdays and Sundays that would be awesome but i can understand where yous are getting at with having to have it at times where a majority of players can play, especially when taking time zones into account.
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Canaan142 (OCE)
: Need a coach to help me improve and get me out of B4
Not too sure if im all that qualified but it's free advice. ~Map awareness~~ * Keep an eye on your map, you're not expected to be checking it every click but do it as often as you can and turning up your Ping volume much higher will help you stay safe * Ping when you're enemy is missing and continue this every 15 seconds until you have vision on them * Ping enemies that you spot in places like the river and jng, this can help your team in other lanes ~Objectives~~ * Be a team player, don't run off to wolves if you can help defend a mid tower from an angry syndra {{sticker:sg-syndra}} but at the same time you need to know when you have to give it up, you dying to 4 people to defend a tower on 140 hp dosn't help your team * Go for the best objective for your team, if you have no towers and get an ace, it might be best to push mid a bit before rushing baron * If you're going to lose objectives try and trade them * If someone is split pushing top and your team is all mid try and play aggressively but don't engage too hard into a 4v5 * Play with your team, if you ping baron but your entire team goes mid to get inhib, go with them running around like a headless chicken dosn't do anything ~Game Knowledge~~ * Perhaps you need a better understanding on how to work against certain characters and one of the best ways is to play some games as them to understand their strengths and weaknesses * Understand how to play safe against different champions, you might stay close to minions against blitz and play away from them when going against someone like {{champion:163}} or {{champion:55}} ~Don't ruin the game for yourself or others~~ You are in what is essentially elo hell. You're not in a very good or nice community and because of that you can expect a lot of trolling, toxicity and generally bad players. Don't allow this to get you down this can take some time if you're not experienced in higher divisions , know when you need a break and don't be toxic. Being toxic is a good way of losing games so instead take this approach instead of being toxic: Think a lot Say little Write nothing
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
Hey can anyone tell me who the blue haired girl is? my mates and i have been trying to figure it out for a while but have no idea.
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Remarto (OCE)
: its only free because they want to sell your phone number to ad sites so expect sms spam if you sign up
finally, a reason for my phone *wipes a {{item:3070}}
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: Need 15 RP to get Surgeon Shen :(
try sending Rito one of your amazing drawing ;)
: Retiring Dominion
Riot please allow us in OCE to play the game on normal queue before you rest this game next to DFG. PLZ RIOT do this for us. sorry for posting on the wrong region, the OCE forums gets ignored {{item:3070}}
Hodgy123 (OCE)
: ***
I don't know why but i got a really good feeling this is a scam, maybe because i see it deleted on every thread
: Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked
i know understand why riot dosnt tell us what the bugs are when they disable certain champion
: How much do I get if I buy a $50 card then? {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Can someone tell me if there is a bonus for it or not? I can't seem to find it :<
seeing as the pre paid card for $10 is the same as credit i think it'll be 6600 RP
Raeion (OCE)
: Is it just me or the sale isn't yet on ?! what's going on ?
ItsRafaXD (OCE)
: What was the scam aobut?
people claiming free RP if u do a few steps (however it's sometimes skins). they tend to attempt to mimic the official league site with this garbage
og1764 (OCE)
: Hey guys, If one of my friends are coming in late then what can we (myself and him) do to ensure that they get their swag-bag? Should I ask the Rito people to give an extra to me so I can give it to him when he comes late, or should he ask them when he gets in? If he's asking when they get in, then where in the cinema would they be sitting for him to find them? Thanks, og1764
{{summoner:11}} the {{champion:133}} {{summoner:14}} the {{champion:133}} °v°
: ***
and watch as they lose money they need to keep the game going.

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