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TotalGimp (OCE)
: ranked solo q
Half the reason people flame and troll, is because they know nothing will happen. they don't care because riot wont do nothing. and yeah sure i can record or screen shot things of people trolling, but who really wants to go through all the effort to email riot, and then wait a week for them to get back to you with a result. its really unfair. I think they could come out with Perma mute for people or are consistently toxic and flame. also they should put a system in where if you troll in Ranked, make it so u can only play 2/3 ranked a day. for a certain period of time. teach people a lesson because its never going to stop.{{summoner:14}}
Łeader (OCE)
: Mid-Silver Looking for a DuoQ partner
: Silver 1 LF duo to get to Gold
yo im not silver 1. but im silver 4 and im down to duo. and pretty good one can play a couple games and you can see, xD
KarI Marx (OCE)
: Lf people to play norms with
Mônster (OCE)
: Looking for xayah Main to play with i support main
LeL its been 2 days since Xayah has been released no one is maining her yet. xD
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: LF Supp that plays a lot
You posted on the OCE boards.
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