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: I'd rather have meta than rng that decides who instawins.
Having some choice is nice, but I would rather not have a lawn mower, a chainsaw and a zergling rush each and every game.
: its fucking rotating game mode map ffs. dont expect good scores on urf lmao
I'm not expecting a good score, I'm saying I should have had worse.
Nightjar (OCE)
: nah it's because people would just abuse the system, such as working out an equation to work out whether they should dodge the next game or not depending on the trends in teammates and enemy mmrs and the calculation for how much lp the game is worth . Or with scorecard, so that people can't play a certain way to abuse it for hextech rewards (though I'm pretty sure everyone has already worked out how rating system works and what the minimum requirements are to get an S+ on each champion cough..cough...logarithmic by gamelength... cough).
Honestly, the entire game is flawed and no matter what Riot do, it won't help.
: MMR system
There is... on external sites. Nothing Riot is willing to divulge on how they do it, same as the scorecard, they won't tell you how that is done either, my bet is the system they use is either: Terrible Shit Complex Extremely basic All of the above And they don't want you to know how bad they run the show. Come on Rito, prove me wrong!
: Three Keys and no chests... Riot why?
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Bookbash (OCE)
: He's not bad, but there are other OP champs such as Galio, Rammus, Wukong, Ezreal, Sona, Ryze, Veigar, and Malzahar that I'd rank alongside him, possibly with Ezreal being the most OP.
Unless I am just that much better with him, I have never seen anyone be as OP as Jax is, it helps that none of his skills are skill shots.
: I agree that sometimes teams aren't balanced in ARURF. However, I don't think ARURF is as bad as most people think; we get to see some non-meta URF champs like {{champion:10}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:98}} which can actually be pretty strong when played right (in my examples, they were the carries of their teams). Sure, people are kinda forced into it, but I think that we have a good amount of rerolls and the problem is that most people just use their rerolls too readily. When a new changes are suggested, it's difficult to predict how they'll turn out. With your idea, it is likely to solve the problem of getting weak champs, but by giving people a selection to choose from we might see the same group of champs appear over and over again, similarly to URF (but not as severe). It's an idea worth implementing though, and I think it would improve player satisfaction overall.
While you may see the same champ, it is not the same players of that champ. Look at last URF mode, I chose Jax like 99% of the time, and so far have seen him 3 times... in the last 3 games. Twice I had him. First game I had him and went 31/4, next game the enemy had him and went 8/11, I got him again and went 19/5. So while you may see Jax or Garen (again 3 games: them 10/15, Me 24/8, Me 18/17) all 6 of those games I won. I got Cass and went 15/8, mt teammate got her a few games later and went 6/4. So no, it won't matter if you see the OP champs, it comes down to the player still and how they can handle these champs in URF mode.
: Win rate don't mean shit to me, you can go 20/0 and some dumbass on your team is 0/15 and looses you the game, what does that have to do with you as a player, so Game knowledge is always better, the more knowledge you have about the game, the more times you should be winning.
Aye. There are not enough pieces of paper in the world to note down the amount of games I have lost due to bot lane being fucks.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Pretty sure Riot made it so premade 5's or 4's get matched against the same 99% of the time
It still doesn't stop the 2's and 3's from trolling your games.
Chezyboi (OCE)
: Wait I got cucked by daylight savings !? Yeah I set my clocks so maybe that was offset with the riot server time. Good to know!
Our DST is not for like 2 weeks or something, it's a bit later than normal this year.
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Chezyboi (OCE)
: I thought it was normally an hour ago ? Ah well hopefully it's live then!
Daylight savings time? Do you have that in NZ?
Chezyboi (OCE)
: Could you please let me know when it's live XD in a custom waiting
I don't think it will be, oh wait, the fuck, it gets active at 11 right? Which is 1 minute away lol.
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: Yeah buddy! The person who switches the server on must have dozed off, they had one job!
Well I guess it's time to open the bourbon, nothing else much to do.
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cjan64 (OCE)
There are also some champions who have a CD on their Passive, yet no CDR on that either. It sucks ass really, In the first 4 games of ARURF I played, three of them had Sona on the enemy team and twice I have been given Garen and basically guaranteed a win. The fun times of random URF.
: more pressingly it's 1:36 and it's still not live!
Yeh I was wondering that. You must be in NZ right? 10:39 here in Melbourne and nothing.
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: How a player SHOULD be ranked I made this spreadsheet like 4 years ago and still to this day it stands to prove that using a personal scoring system WORKS. I have proven that those players who care nothing more than kills will not gain a great score, those who play only for themselves will gain nothing and those who do not help the team get nothing. I have proven that if you use my system you can and will gain LP if you go for the objectives and do what is needed, what the game was designed for, rather than trying to gain something just for yourself.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: I say this to everyone thats looking to join the ranked climb =D But I believe this to be true for a good ranked experience. First of all welcome to the Ranked Climb =D prepare to test not only your skill but also your grit and resilience. First up check out these 2 great posts by our Instructor; Also I always highly suggest checking out these videos. Its great to see you are open to advice in your journey. I'll talk about two things to try and help you on the Ranked Ladder. 1) Your game play and how to improve 2) Your attitude towards the game and your ranking. I'm going to start with attitude first because I believe this is one of the most important things to get right before you can improve and climb fast. **Attitude** When you are playing Ranked focus on your own game play, never look to push blame onto others. Unless you are literally Faker then there are probably things you could have done better to put your team in a position to win. Check out this video from Gbay99 - Always stay positive, if you don't have something nice to say don't say it. If you are negative in your team chat not only will you add fire to the fuel but you could also potentially start your team on a downward spiral to fighting each other in chat instead of playing the game and trying to win. Remember League of Legends is a team game you have to work together as a team to win. #TeamWorkOP - **Gameplay** You've only just started on your ranked journey, there is going to be a lot to learn (hell I've played for 4 years and still have lots to learn). Don't get discouraged by losses and make sure you learn something from every death (why did you die? were you out of position? misjudged damage of opponent? etc) and make sure you always continue to learn about the game. There is a lot more to this game than just csing and fighting champions. Check out this sick play list from UNSW LoL Society - It will teach you a lot about trading in lane, lane control, team fighting, and also how to use a lead. Hope this all helps and good luck on the Rift!
I think you are full of shit, but than again I have always thought that about anyone who works for Riot. Yeh, I hate your company and what you done to a once great game. Honestly, if you removed Dynamic queue it would make the game that much better, also reworking or removing your scorecards so players focus on WINNING AND NOT GETTING A GOOD FUCKING SCORECARD! Or, you could eventually implement my idea of having an LP gain and lose system for YOUR OWN PERSONAL SCORE. Yes, it WILL work.
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Kürama (NA)
: Yes weekend game mode!! [One for All is live from 11 AM - 3 AM AEST from Friday - Monday!](
No, no weekend game mode. It is not in the client.
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Damocracy (OCE)
: Don't be a racist. It's the person not their race or culture. I see plenty more racist, homophobic and toxic comments from English speaking people than any other non English speaking people combined.
He is right, he is not racist, he is making a legitimate point that other players from other servers are coming here and giving us shit for playing bad. It is not an issue with being Chinese, it could be the Koreans. It is simply due to other players on other regions having different play styles and to them, even if you are planning it, to go 0/3 in ANY point of the game is bad. To me going 0/3 is nothing as long as you are not tons of CS and too many levels behind. If you are purposely doing it, like in Siege mode to stop the enemy pushing and force them to go B or stop them taking a tower, sure, no problem. But if you are top lane and 0/3 by the 5 minute mark, maybe not. But again, since other servers have different play styles they come here for an easy win and when they see someone do something stupid, make a mistake or have 1 death more than they do, they run around calling you bad and how you should stop playing, I see it all the time too, not to mention the weird ass symbols (no thanks to not having language packs installed) and Asian words that show up in chat, it makes it quite difficult to communicate with them and work together, they just see you as a lower class player and give you shit for it. Region lock would work, if you are within a certain region based on your IP (yes, it is easy enough to get around), than the game should recognise this and stop you making accounts on other servers, you have your own server for multiple reasons, most importantly lower ping so you can play at your most optimal level.
: Play Ranked for only LP and elo. Play Normal for champion mastery. Don't bitch about mastery rating if you are winning ranked games, it isn't the main focus of that queue.
The problem is, players don't think this way, they want good scores all the time so they play to Riots metrics and ruin ranked games. It makes me angry, not that players are just farming or choosing assassins and going for kills, but that Riot are changing the game to allow this to happen. I see great players, those can use Vayne the right way, dodge attacks and get lots of damage and kills, but if they do that, generally Vayne sacrifices CS to get an early kill advantage, an early lane advantage, an early tower advantage, cn than roam and help get more kills and push for an easy early to mid game win. But no, I see those types of players who can also read the map well simply avoiding all fights only so they can farm a ton of CS and get the odd kill that pleases them, in ranked, no thanks to Riot changing the goalposts.
: > And that is why I am saying we should have the individual scores for each game you play in with no or little comparison to other players using the same champ. Then the system would favor champions over others, and people would get easy S ranks on OP champs and struggle with getting an S on Nunu. > I could go AD Garen in top lane and go for broke, it works, but should I? Will it give me the best chance to win? Will it be the best option for the team? Of course not, but players do it because they realise it gives them what they want, not what is needed in that game for the team, which is also why players take Ekko, Teemo, Vayne and so on in the top lane, they get what they want, a good end game champ who can give them an S scorecard. Winning helps with rating as well.
> [{quoted}](name=Buttsubushi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Ayqhe7Wl,comment-id=00020000000000010000,timestamp=2016-07-27T10:13:23.574+0000) > > Then the system would favor champions over others, and people would get easy S ranks on OP champs and struggle with getting an S on Nunu. Ah but you are wrong, I have proven this before. I have made a spreadsheet that gives a score for each stat in the game, and I mean every stat, not just focusing on kills and CS like Riot are doing and unlike Riot, I placed stats like assists and even deaths above kills. I actually had kills near the bottom of importance and had damage dealt, damage taken and turrets even above damage to enemy champions, which I had above kills. You see, the ones who actually play the game, those who care to bother knowing what actually needs to be done to win, we know what stats matter, Riot don't. I think Riot have their head to far up Masters and Challengers ass to realise how the game should be working now. Getting kills is the last thing we should be focusing on. I can go into a game and get triple or quadruple the damage of anyone on the map, I have even had those rare games where I got triple damage against EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GAME combined. But I got a shit scorecard, why? My CS and Kills where down. Let me ask you this, if you were to go Nunu (or better yet Voli) on full man mode against 5 enemy AD, all you would be doing is building armour and health, right? That means you would survive everything and can tank all day every day, therefore you should, if playing right, tank more damage than both world wars combined. But currently as it stands, if you get low CS and kills, you get no recognition from Riot for the effort. If you use my formulas, and again I have proven this before, you WILL get recognised since your damage taken would be that much higher, and if done right you will have tons of assists in comparing your stats against NINE other players, not 900,000 other players, and therefore you get a better overall score (scoring system on my spreadsheet), the game will recognise this and you will get a better scorecard. I just had a game as Teemo on TT, I played, average at best, but I got an A, how? I got enough kills and CS since we dragged the game out long enough to at least try to have some fun. I mean, the game was over at like 10 minutes, I decided not to group with my team ever just to not have a 15 minute game, and therefore rorted Riots system and got myself a decent scorecard.
: welcome to what the entire community of MOBA gaming needs to understand, to improve your win rates, focusing on objectives and fighting to control them is the ideal situation. KDA is nothing if it steers teams away from taking your objectivies... Whats a few deaths to hold out longer? Just gotta make those deaths worth it, kill or not. Still aim to contribute as best you can. Edit; Its like why Sivir is such a popular ADC in Ranked play. Her push power is obscene and gross, even if you farm her in team fights, if Sivir switches to decent split pushing... Not much you can do to stop her breaching every turret with just 2 waves of minions and basic items.
No one is going to learn this, it has taken 5 seasons for Riot to introduce the scorecards and now all that is doing is putting the focus on kills and farm over objectives. It is no wonder this game has gone so much downhill this season with Riot trying so hard to put the focus away from what is actually important.
: i agree with this statement, riot can you change score card to as is said above
I just finished a Siege game, 22:30 TOTAL for a win. When you come across players like that, those who run instead of fighting, WTF can you do to increase your KDA? You can't and you suffer for it because someone else had a longer game or played against more aggressive players. It is a joke and I should just give up on the scorecards and simply focus on the wins.
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: How... Just how..?
: Lord Teemo Save My Soul
If I bothered to actually try I never lose lane. 2 games ago I had top and bot tower gone before 10 minutes, welcome to hell, not much you can do other than premade, thank you Riot for the Dynamic Queue.
: Dynamic Queue matchmaking update
I can't speak for everyone, but I for one don't care about emblems, I care more for having matchmaking fair for everyone, including those who mainly solo. Or at least give us a real incentive to actually play solo. What are the solo players win/lose rates before and after the dynamic queue changes? I think that will give us some real insight into where the dynamic queue changes are taking us.
Erøse (OCE)
: >review the chatlogs and stuff and how the players was being toxic, and if the it is confirmed that the player is toxic read before you reply, I said that maybe a bot or something would review the chatlog and how the player was being toxic and if the player was not toxic and still reported then nothing happens and maybe the false reporters can get a punishment
Yeh but a bot cannot differentiate between someone typing no bad words and being a cunt vs. someone who types all bad words, but doesn't actually say anything bad to anyone in particular. I am for having a system that punishes those who deserve the punishment, but Riot either needs to recruit paid staff to do so, or recruit players who actually give a toss and get them to do it for free. By implementing any other system, especially that of the old Tribunal system, you are essentially giving players the power to spam punish without actually reading the content and making the correct informed decision since the reward they were giving was not worth the time it took to do it properly, this meant players either spammed anything or didn't do it at all and those who did do it right? Well since there were so little of us we couldn't keep up with the system by doing it the right way, so it was inevitably removed and has yet to be replaced.
Tele (OCE)
: Most of these are pretty good ideas actually. In fact, **Riot** already had a similar system to your "player reviewed reports" idea. They called it the [Tribunal]( The Tribunal is essentially a report system where players act as a jury and vote on punishments. **Riot** took down the old tribunal a while back, but now they've started work on the [updated tribunal](
The Tribunal system sucked ass, giving players the ability to spam whatever they want just to get the rewards they 'earned' was the dumbest idea since the dynamic queue changes. The rewards you got, if you can even call it that, was not enough to justify spending the right amount of time per case to actually review the chat correctly and make an informed decision, therefore players would just spam whatever they wanted, get through their 20 cases in 20 minutes and get the same IP you would if you had just played some games, but with less stress than actually playing. Unless you get the right people who actually care and want to make this game better, regardless of pay or rewards, you may actually get somewhere, too bad there are just too many who want nothing more than to punish everyone since it makes them fell like a big man.
: Current Matchmaking is Garbage
This is no thanks to the queue changes they made to cater for their precious Masters and Challengers rank, 10 points if you can guess what that change was. If your MMR is higher than it should be, true you should be vs'ing those of a higher MMR, but since the queue system cannot match your own MMR with others in the appropriate rank, instead of placing you with those in your current or a lower rank, it takes those in a higher rank than it should so it can 'balance' itself out. It is fair in Riot's eyes, and fair enough if you are a gold level player you should not be vs'ing those in Bronze. But now let's look at the flip side, this means those in Platinum now have to face a Silver because the matchmaking system cannot place you anywhere else, which means if you get a Bronze 5 who just won 10+ games because they left rank, got good and started to win, it will be the exact same situation, they will be matched with you since the MM system cannot put them anywhere else and than you will be coming back here to complain the exact same. Rant over, the MM system sucks balls and it is all due to the dynamic queue system they put in place, yet they refuse to change it. You get players like yourself who get matched with others 2 leagues higher, and soon you will be getting matched with those 2 leagues lower, or you will get stuck with players in your rank who have no idea and shouldn't be at that rank who will suck complete ass and drag you down for a free lose that shouldn't be.
Bookbash (OCE)
: Carbon got caught out too much because LGC did not inch their way up the mid lane, he tried to ward alone. Sometimes teams get outdrafted (especially in OCE). Notice how future teams have been banning Thresh and Ashe against Sin Gaming? Yeah King has some issues with his builds. LGC always get him to go mid game build. But then again, only good teams will take advantage of this issue ^_^. I don't think things need to be over-balanced. They have three bans to balance things. They just needed to play smarter. On the subject of bans, notice that when dumb teams forfeit their bans against Nuovo Gaming in the OCS, that they lose because Cheese is too beastly on Swain? Haha. OCE gameplay is very weak in terms of macro-level play. Let's hope it improves. But they won't make worlds this year, dynamic queue has ruined their practice chances to improve. And OCE teams don't have a budget to bootcamp in Korea. I think only the day when League gamers are paid like a full time job, will OCE players genuinely start to threaten the other region's dominance.
I don't know about what you are saying, I constantly see games, not just OCE, whatever random Twitch or Youtube game I watch and very rarely see a balanced game. Only when a team has a bad early game and good late game and IF the game goes long enough do you see the game turn around. Generally games overall, once a team is in front, will stay in front and just get further away with no real chance for the opposing team to fight back, let alone win. I have my own games that when it gets to that point, I just stop caring and stop trying, win or lose, there is no point at the moment to even bother trying once you get past the point of no return. Riot give you no incentive to group up, go turtle style and drag it out until everyone has 6 items at level 18, not like you can get that to happen anyway unless you are 5 man premade.
: im not disagreeing with you but it is what it is at the moment, whining about it isn't going to get you an s score, improving cs, warding and kda will.
I honestly could not care less about my own personal scorecards, I am trying to raise awareness that is it rubbish and not fair for the general populace, especially those who actually try to play the game the way it should be, by getting objectives and trying to get the nexus. I have always been one who loves to play with others who just try their best to play well together and get the win regardless of how well you play. But with all the changes Riot are making, it just isn't the way it used to be and is focusing more and more on leaving players behind for yourself or your premade teammates.
: errrr mate, it is more about cs per min, and gold per min. A longer game will require you to consistently have high farm and gold, how do you think people get an S when the other team ff@20? I can get easy S on graves jungle as long as I get heaps of kill part, force my laners to shove and take early towers even if they don't want to, and farm both jungles and net every vacant lane's CS. It is scummy, but well it works. Unfortunate tho.
Scummy is not even close to what it is, thanks to Riot in what they are doing first with the Dynamic queue and now with the scorecards, players are only playing some games just for the rewards and scores, not to actually play as a team and get the objectives so you can get the win.
Ninox (OCE)
: > I could easily get an S+ in every game S ranks are something like the top 2% of scores. You aren't _supposed_ to get them every game, and they are by no means supposed to be easy to get. That would entirely defeat the purpose. S ranks are meant to be an accomplishment, not an expectation
However due to how Riot has worked their metrics into the scorecards, it is no longer an accomplishment. Go Youtube _**Wood Division**_, you will see players who do not even deserve to be ranked, yet they sit with level 6/7. It is too easy to get the S score if you wanted it, if you are good enough all you need to do is keep the game going long enough, get your CS, and end the game with either a win or a lose and there is your S. You don't actually need to get the objectives, so you don't need to do what you should be doing and that, is fucked.
: He is refering to say playing a champ like Garen in a stupid role like ADC. If you are trying really hard and do decently well, the system won't have many Garen ADCs to compare you against, and most of them were probably feeding trolls anyway, which would inflate your rating. I mean I only got mastery 6 on Yasuo because I only played Yasuo as an ADC for a very long time and I was not godlike but very consistant with stupid high farm. All those other Yasuo ADCs aren't mains and are just "trying it out" or mucking around, making it very easy to get S ranks.
And that is why I am saying we should have the individual scores for each game you play in with no or little comparison to other players using the same champ. I could go AD Garen in top lane and go for broke, it works, but should I? Will it give me the best chance to win? Will it be the best option for the team? Of course not, but players do it because they realise it gives them what they want, not what is needed in that game for the team, which is also why players take Ekko, Teemo, Vayne and so on in the top lane, they get what they want, a good end game champ who can give them an S scorecard.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: That's what I've been complaining about, you have to sacrifice strategy at times to get an S. Some people would rather lose than get an S by just farming non stop and ditching their team, but hey it's here and they ain't changing it, people have been complaining for months and months about this, it isn't doing anything.
Yeh I see it all the time, players who would rather farm for 40 minutes before joining the team, you know, ensuring they get their S score before trying to actually do what is needed.
: It is what it is. Cant really do much other than cater to getting a better score , so try and improve cs,warding and keeping a positive kda
So instead of trying to win, I should simply go for broke and get that S scorecard? You see, it's dumb. The game cannot recognise what you are actually doing to get the win and instead just rewards you for good stats.
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