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: ***
Oh it's not accusation. I have the proof. You forget there's replays and OBS/FRAPS and other screen recordings.
ThatsBS (OCE)
: Na rhey are pretty accurate now. It takes alot to get the restrictions imposed.... j know cos iv been playing since the beginning and haven't had one. I am no saint... plus iv been in the bronze elo with all the hell raisers.... You have to be a cronic idiot to get IMO... surely I must of been close... but the horrible mean summoners on here saying they dont deserve it? Pffft.... Well thats my weekly rant done... Have a great week guys!
Kidding right? Riot are such bad programmers they can't even stop the botting in ARAM or constant connection issues.
: You do the crime, you do the time
False reports are chronic, you don't even have to do a 'crime'.


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