Tzari (OCE)
: Hahaha yeah, there are lot of problems with going in games without knowing who is on your team. That's why it's more beneficial to duo climb rank as pre made bot, jg/mid or Jg/top
I'm climbing back to silver at the moment, if you wanted to jam normals or something add me.
Tzari (OCE)
: People are too narrow minded to see a bigger picture of just farming up and focusing on objectives instead they just keep flaming people.
Lets not forget the other type of players. People rather farm kills for 40 minutes and wonder why we lose {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Ummm no objectives gained / kills not distributed so gold is with 1 person and what happens if that person dies....ahh yes the people that love to play for KDA rather then as a team. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
We currently have a MID, ADC and SUP we just playing normal's at the moment. Could use a JG when we decide to flex. If you like add me.
Tzari (OCE)
: Absolutely agree with you! Early game is not as important as decision making late. It's an ability to make right calls and rotation on a map is what separates an average adc from an adc main. Then there is other group of adcs/supports who has 0 respect for their partner and think they did everything on their own. I just hate playing with people like that!
The thing is mistakes happen, instead of focusing on recovering or how to improve people start blaming. The excessive use of ? pings for a mistake is ridiculous which seems to be the norm now to many players which is really frustrating. Blaming and excessive pings just tilts the players more and doesn't give any benefit to the team. Mute and move on i guess.
: Leblanc revert was a terrible idea
haha played with one guy that mains her last night. Yup she Broken lol.
Tzari (OCE)
: Looking for a sup main
Getting ADC fed in lane isn't the problem. Finding a ADC that can actually carry after being fed is. Most of the time the other lanes just int, struggles of support mains.
: Any tips on Zyra support?
Here is some basics :) W = Bulbs E = Roots 1. During Lanning try to stack your blubs on the bushes so when the enemy goes to ward there you can use your root skill to turn them to monsters, since your building AP or 1/2 AP they do lots of damage. Your Q has a delay so E is always better imo. 2. When playing against a hook champ try to move around your bulbs and try to spawn some near the adc. So when the hook comes and if you can't dodge or your adc can't you can run your roots on them so the hook gets the plant and not you. 3. Zoning as zyra is good to put your bulbs behind the enemy minions when they walk up root it so plan monters attack them. The bulbs can't be removed unless someone walks over it so yeah fun times for you stacking {{item:3311}} :) Good items to have: {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} I would even say {{item:3116}} is a must have the slow is very nice gives you chance to ult they can't get out or land your other skills. You can also intitate quite well if you don't get poped first. Example flash, root, ult, Zhonya. Then let your team clean up. if they have trouble drop redemption / locket but you get the idea. {{item:3157}} Hope that helps!
: Hello everyone, thanks for checking out our forum post. If you have any questions, please add me in-game or msg me through discord; PapaHuggey#2134. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hmm I have you in my friends list for ages like last season maybe....but we never played a game {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Happy to make new friends :D I main support if you need one some day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Plat 1 (80% winrate - ADC Main) LF Solo/Duo partner - Casual/smurf
Would be keen to play :) I main support, would love to get some pointers :)
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Fatbeats (OCE)
: Gold ADC looking for a friendly support to duo with
Hey mate, I would be keen to duo. I only play support 24/7, have a decent size support champ pool. Happy to do normal to see how we do :)
: looking for duo and/or team
I main support always looking for good adc's Add me :)
Foxilite (OCE)
: Looking for a duo partner in silver
Add me :) can jam some games
I main support add me :) Always looking for good ADC's
: Looking for friendo's of any kind ^_^ - I am Platy 3 but your rank doesn't matter ^_^
: im b3 slowly climbing and im way better than any silver adc and also i wish i was in silver :(
Really? Add me I have yet to see a okay ADC let alone a better ADC in bronze. I main support.
: Hey there add me Ruthlessbogan on LOL im a 600k xp tf main im very coodinated and I like to gank for bot im currently silver 2.
Hi there, will add you tonight and we can discuss further :)
: add me ign : eatyorice2 current rank : unranked (was gold 1) main adc online 12 hours a day
Hey man added you last night, keen for some games tonight if you are on. Cheers
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: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech
What if you play royalty free music can you submit the game play from that? Or do you only want the game music?
Jellytots (OCE)
: Sweet Il add you when I'm home! Nz or Aussie time?
Jellytots (OCE)
: Hi dude, I main adc and am keen to have some games :) Silver 3 nz based add me JellyTots
Hey mate, would be keen to play some games :) I see you like {{champion:18}} Could jam some games tonight between 8:30-9:30
Jacca (OCE)
: Silver V ADC main from Australia Mastery 7 {{champion:67}} Mastery 6 {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} I can also play {{champion:236}} or {{champion:29}} Add me and we can play some norms :)
Hey mate, would be down for some games. Just hit me up when you see me online. :)
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