Jackayy (OCE)
: New system
ew all you play is yasuo and kat I genuinely feel sorry for you
Jackayy (OCE)
: New system
rather have an afk then a 0/10
: Mastery 6 Tokens (Suggestion)
why would you get a mastery 6 token from the game you only just got 5 from
: There needs to be a crackdown on champs building no damage, and hurting a lot.
JLopean (OCE)
: my last 2 games; a troll and 2 afks, and i lose 36 points. how is this considered fair?
riot games dont give a flying shit about their players just look at tft and now eternals and their horrible matchmaking system that's been broken for years just think about this befoe you leave riot added paid ONLY little legends to tft before tft as even a working balanced game and guess what their still doing even know tft is bad
Ingénue (OCE)
: Are ya going to go in depth on why you think each champion is broken? Would you like some counterplay tips?
Here is your in depth review all these champions and their items need to be guttered for the game to be fun and playable riot are a joke as a company as it stands they rather force these dogshit money grab systems intead of fixing their game and the worst of all is theid trash matchmaking system {{champion:266}} Crits with no crit items masisve life steal grevios wonds does nothing Q cd starts on 1st cast not when it ends {{champion:84}} ) 0 cooldowns and to much damage W last way to long {{champion:63}} ) 0 cooldowns 0 manna cost way to much damage {{champion:122}} passive is broken Q is broken Ult is broken {{champion:131}} broken braindead point and click 1 shots {{champion:36}} Q is broken Ult is broken cant be killed with 1 item {{champion:81}} Q W E broken should not be able to build ice born {{champion:105}} Broken cant be killed W spamm bullshit {{champion:86}} Passuve broken Q damage broken E damage broken Ult broken {{champion:120}} braindead no lethality One shots {{champion:420}} E is byeond broken {{champion:39}} Do i even need to explain? {{champion:40}} Shield spam bullshit 10000 movepseed broken {{champion:24}} W broken way way way to much damage for no items {{champion:126}} Q got buffed in 9.14 they called it a nerf Broken {{champion:145}} Vayne 2.0 Broken {{champion:43}} Broken damag with 0 items 0 mana cost 0 cooldonws {{champion:38}} Needed nerfs got a major buffs braindead and broken {{champion:55}} Extremem ends of beingbraindead and broken {{champion:10}} 0 damage items shreds health broken {{champion:141}} blue kayne braindead walk at enemy 1 shots {{champion:240}} kled 2 items broken {{champion:7}} braindead ppoint and click broken {{champion:64}} braindead point and click broken {{champion:99}} braindead {{champion:11}} Extremem ends of beingbraindead and broken {{champion:82}} poassive is broken {{champion:518}} 0 mana cost 0 cooldowns {{champion:56}} W is broken ult is broken {{champion:133}} broken damage ranged garbage {{champion:58}} Same as kled broken after 2 items {{champion:107}} Passive is bugged hits you out of ranged 0 cooldowsn "assassin" can 1 shot an entire team without need to escape {{champion:92}} Q cd says 12 seconds its actually 5 should start on 3rd cast not 1st {{champion:13}} 1000 damage spammable 0 mana cost Q on a tank with 5k hp and 400 Mr {{champion:102}} broken as AP {{champion:37}} Point and click braindead garbage 0 items 1000 damage {{champion:517}} do i even need to explain {{champion:134}} 0 mana cost 0 cooldowns {{champion:91}} again with the point and click 1 shots {{champion:17}} again with the point and click 1 shots {{champion:23}} More health then a tank pre 6 crit with no crit items 0 cooldown dash and cant be killed braindead and broken {{champion:4}} spam spam spam 0 mana cost {{champion:77}} aaaaaaaaaa 0 mana cost way to much damage 0 damage items {{champion:67}} remove W Rework Ult into something else current Kit broken {{champion:8}} 1000 ddamage 10000 health point and click spam spam spam {{champion:19}} no damage item does more damage then full build draven {{champion:498}} stupid design {{champion:101}} spam spam 0 mana cost 0 cooldonws high damage {{champion:157}} Honestly? {{champion:350}} Absalute garbage cant be killed braindead trash {{champion:238}} way to much damage {{champion:142}} nice meme {{champion:143}} 0 damage item support melting anyone with no cooldonws and no mana cost
hes weak as actual fuck LMFAO beaten by every single top laner and none meta top laner
: TFT - most BS RNG system
100 games only won once game is dogshit half hased bullshit cant even call it a game let alone a game mode
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Ingénue (OCE)
: Totally agree with this
honestly if i had the communication skills of heartvine i would have made this post looks more legit instead of a shitty complaint i just want the rest of the community to know this is a massive step backward for league and riot especially because its such a MASSIVE add on to mastery
HeartVine (OCE)
: I'm going to be honest, the whole "Eternals" concept seems great. A system that allows players to earn achievement, and even on specific champions, that they can then use to show off their prowess. It sounds great, in theory. Then someone along the line decides to monetise the crap out of it, like most everything else in LoL these days, and, as a result, the entire concept becomes disgusting... Personally, I'd *love* to see a good achievement system in-game, and I'm sure most of the community would too, but this is just the wrong way to do it. There is no need, at all, for something like this to cost actual money, and the fact that Riot have said "We took a look at how other games have tackled similar systems" in the [Dev Post Exploring Eternals](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-au/2019/08/dev-exploring-eternals/), and then decided to package them with RP purchases, just shows how out of touch they are, since putting achievement systems behind a paywall is something that any decent game isn't likely to do (in fact, many of them will provide small amounts of "premium currency" to the player for acquiring certain achievements). As a personal recommendation, I'd suggest that no one bother to use the system at all. We need to show Riot that we don't like it, and that's not going to work if people are still buying into it (even if you're getting the RP for free from things like competitions or giveaways). Please, don't condone this from Riot...
yay people agree with me thank you as soon as i get unbanned on NA boards ill post this there try to get a bigger crowd to notice
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: solo q anxiety?
Take a watch of this video man explains alot might actually help :) https://youtu.be/NZi-grqY37c
: Community Events August
nah their just full of trolls who shit shame you and think they know everything OCE is just nothing but plat elo mentality
: mark wtf you dont understand dyslicksique
no because I'm not dyslexique*
: Poppy skins
she will get a pajama guardian skin soon like the rest of them
: >after it triggers They're well aware of that I'm sure. It has a visual effect when it triggers, so you know when it should be critting. Evidently, OP is experiencing it not critting *after* it triggers. Personally, I don't build the item so I can't speak to its reliability.
: Anybody else still see the 100% crit item not critting alot in TFT after it it triggers?
its a 5% chance each second to gain 100% crit not an automatic 100% crit gain item LMFAO read 1st bud
: [I2G] Looking for Players for Improvement Team
I would 100% be up for this but people tent to not want to play with me as im quite negitive about the game and things that happan, i think the game is quite unbalanced matchmaking champs items ect. And that hinders me from improving
: The 300 token ones were always just chromas. The 2000 token ones (token price has varied) are the prestige skins which are separate from the original skin. Basically: Chroma - Need the base skin. Prestige - Is its own skin.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=6EvIVdXe,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-23T09:49:24.477+0000) > Prestige - Is its own skin. Prestige - still a chroma but but not at the same time
Jacksin (OCE)
: Why the hell are there so many AFKs?
in my experiance you or someone els ints, feeds or trolls and then refuses to surrender so we afk the game and go play another one while we wait
Socon (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Grouchy Poro,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=T4kj0nLH,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:52:11.018+0000) > > Kayn/ ????? you run and someone and they die explain how thats michanically hard Depends on the mmr you're playing at :) But Kayn has many small mechanics to keep in mind to play him at his maximum potential at all stages of the game.
small michanicsa? assasin run at someone spam all your abilties to 1 shot them red kayne spam all you're abilities and press r when you're low on hopefully a tank or high health oponent kayne is braindead
: I don't know man, you have a history of fabricating stories to fit your narrative. How can you assure me of what you are saying this time is any different?
fabricating stories? what giving you proof that you dont play anything but aram and during the day is not true but actually fabricated even with clear evidence? get lost you're a lost cause
Jellerino (OCE)
: A poem about my ranked experience
this is legitimatly perfect. As a fellow support main i feel you
: Let me get this straight
I bought the ward and the 3 emotes and all the rest have been used on champ shards for BE because BE is to hard to get. The last week of the event im going to buy 3 Orbs so i can roll the 3 skins into 1 perminant
: Just ignore him at this point, he literally isn't going to stop trying to defend this stuff and pretending that there is a proper reason.
there is no proper reason you get 14day banned for telling someone to go kill themselves no argument so whya r the people saying it to me going unpunished......
: See all the above points. If the system missed something and it's being manually reviewed it's not going to be a fast process. Maybe there was something else in that history, maybe you had someone muted and missed some context, maybe it just hasn't reached the front of the line for manual review yet. I don't know the whole story and neither do you, that is entirely my point.
sorry but there is only one context in telling somone to kill themslves
: A player not receiving a ban doesn't mean nothing was done. OP.GG doesn't show chat restrictions for example. Nor does any one player have the full story of another player's history and account status. Manual reports are also slow.
you dont get chat restrictions for telling people to kill themslves its a guaranteed 14day ban riot says that all the time but again i dont see a 14day break in their match history
: Are we just going to ignore the fact that bruisers have been consecutively strong since season 1? Morde, Darius, Garen, Jax, Irelia, Aatrox, Gnar. Do I need to go on? Assassins shred resist, so having high health will do nothing when they are hitting you for true damage.
resist do nothing full stop thats the point a ad champion with 1 health item has more hp then me or the same and i have 5 health items plus more damage its a joke
: If you feel such behaviour is being missed or overlooked by the system then I would encourage you to submit a ticket to player support with those reports. That kind of language is taken very seriously and has no place in this game or anywhere else. Naturally, support won't be able to give you any information about another players account, but you can at least ensure it's receiving the review that it should.
done that riots reply "bla bla bla copy pasted message we will investigate it bla bla" never actually investigats it with clear proof in a picture or small clip player goes unbanned
: Because IP bans are basically ineffective in the age of dynamic IPs and are more likely to deny an entire university or net cafe the game than denying any single player. That said, threats are taken very seriously, and assuming you didn't make it to post-game to report I'd recommend submitting the screenshot (removed from this post under the name and shame rules) to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They won't be able to give you any information about any actions taken, since the status and any information regarding another player's account is private and not something support can share, but submitting a ticket ensures a manual review. To be clear, post-game reporting is always best to use where possible, as manual reviews are much slower and don't inform the IFS so it can make faster and more accurate decisions in future.
majority of people that tell me to kill myself dont get banned even if i report them i check back days and weeks after and they dont have a 14day break in their match history.
: Since TFT came out not near as much, but before that, multiple games a day.
Rioter Comments
: >**i** like to shit talk trash players The keyword being "I". *Your* bans are about *your* behaviour. Someone else doing a bad does not change your actions/reactions, nor does it make your bad behaviour magically ok.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=1psJbHnP,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-14T08:21:49.901+0000) > or does it make your bad behaviour magically ok. its not okey at all but its no were near as toxic as actuslly flaming a random. we all know trolls and greifers mever get banned so people like me with impulse and angery issues take it upon themselves to bring justice. i rather flame a troll/inter then report them because i know that report does nothing
: Zhonya's also give armour though. Zhonya's and maybe a health item is often enough to prevent the one-shots, which is all an on the ball APC needs to turn around and pop the assassin. If the assassin is stupid fed that's a different story, but you said "any assassin champ", not "a stupid fed assassin". As for Morde, I haven't played all that much since his rework (TFT and all that), but a decent Morde who isn't absurdly underfed and has at least alright positioning isn't going to get one-shot by anyone except maybe a very fed Veigar.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=gEEZ0IXF,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-14T08:25:57.122+0000) > > Zhonya's also give armour though. Zhonya's and maybe a health item is often enough to prevent the one-shots > im not trying to be rude here but i have a legit question. Do you even play the game?
: > [{quoted}](name=Grouchy Poro,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=gEEZ0IXF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:55:43.598+0000) > > mord and lyx both get 1 shot with 0 effort by any assasin champ. I mean, Morde is a literal walking tank and can 1v3, Lux can buy zhonyas and render any assassin useless.
you're wrong but sure zonyas only delays your death for 2 seconds and mord cant 1v3 unsless hes 6 items agaist 1 item players
: Just play TFT and do nothing at all. You should last beyond 10 minutes with zero interaction at all. Another path is to do the missions and play OP champs (Lux, Morde) in normals and 1v9.
mord and lyx both get 1 shot with 0 effort by any assasin champ.
Socon (OCE)
: Top: Irelia/Gp/Riven/Ryze Jungle: Leesin/Shaco/Kayn/Gragas/Nidalee Mid: Zed/Asol/Azir/Ekko/Yasuo/Taliyah Adc: Kalista/Caitlyn/Vayne/Draven Support: Thresh/Taric/Bard/Pyke Irelia: Managing resets, getting good stuns, utilising ultimates slow and disarm potential, correct w usage. Gp: Barrel placement, dubloon farming, positioning Riven: _**combos**_ Ryze: Everything Leesin: _**Combos**_ feat. Energy management Shaco: Box placement, vision control, fear usage, ultimate usage, 100% premeditation Kayn: Combo usage, health management, cooldown management, positioning, terrain scaling Gragas: Combos, cooldown management, terrain scaling Nidalee: Everything x2 Zed: Energy management, cooldown management, geometry, positioning, blink/shadow management, combos, terrain scaling Asol: ~~Positioning~~ Azir: Everything Ekko: Combos, ultimate usage, terrain scaling Yasuo: Positioning, combos, flow management, terrain scaling Taliyah: Combos, terrain, positioning, geometry Kalista: Everything Caitlyn: Trap placement, combos Vayne: Geometry x10, combos, stealth management, cooldown management Draven: Axe Tresh: Everything Taric: Everything Bard: Everything Pyke: Everything
Kayn/ ????? you run and someone and they die explain how thats michanically hard
: People here are talking about skillcaps, but "Mechanically intense" doesn't necessarily mean "difficult". For example, Lee Sin and LeBlanc, are _mechanically_ complex, but that by no means makes them difficult. They require a lot of button pushing it's true, but essentially function around a set number of core combos, playing them is mostly just your fingers memorising the right order to press buttons. Once you've practiced the combos enough, you can play them blindfolded. Meanwhile champs like Aurelion Sol, are mechanically simple, but much more difficult to play. 80% of Sol's damage comes from 1 ability, and that ability is either on or off. His other abilities are for the most-part just _'press the button and a bunch of cosmic fire comes spewing out'_ not a lot to it really. Sol's difficulty comes from having to always be watching, thinking about, and predicting EVERYTHING! Once someone gets close to you, that's it, you're gone, no buts. If you don't have an eye on literally everything thats happening in a fight, you'll find yourself trapped in with a Talon or a Yi, and your jig is up. Unlike Lee and LB with all their dashes and invisibility and shields, Sol has no training wheels, you make a mistake, thats a grey screen for you. You have to predict everyone's movements including your own, and put yourself in the right position at exactly the right time. Know when to go in, know when to get out, you have to know all the other champs and what they can do, and how fast/slow they can get to you. Moral of the story: Things aren't always as they seem. And theres no 1 solution. ___________________________ But tbh, if you're new, don't go looking for high mechanics champs. In fact, don't go looking for any kind of champs yet. Just try out the champs on free rotation each week, give each one a proper go. When you get enough BE, buy champs you are interested in. If you wanna be a wind samurai then buy Yasuo, if you want to set shit on fire then buy Brand. Eventually you'll find two things; you'll find a champ you love, and you'll find out what kind of champs you enjoy playing. Once you know that, nothing else matters, difficulty/mechanics/etc. it doesn't matter. You're far more likely to succeed playing someone you love and are interested in and by sticking with them through thick and thin, than you are playing whatever happens to be 'meta' that week. Or whoever has more mechanically difficult abilities. Just have fun, and everything else will follow.
No Lee Sin and LeBlanc, are Not mechanically complex Leblanc has 1 skillshot then rest is braindead dashes and point and click and so does lee sin 1 skillshot neither off them are hard to hit
Nightjar (OCE)
: {{champion:64}} was, is, and has always been the highest skillcap champion. At first he doesn't seem that bad, but watch a high elo leesin main, and you'll see that he has so many combos to master, so much flexibility, and whilst he has a strong earlygame, the difference between a pro leesin and an average one, is the pro leesin doesn't actually fall off in the lategame, whereas the average one does.
thats you opinion and its wrong.. a {{champion:41}} 1 keg combo is harder then anything lee sin can pull off, gp is also higher skill cap lmfao
: There will be more yes, but we won't have any details in advance.
whats sad is our collected points get removed at the start of each year they should remain perminant like Gems
: Rek'Sai
rek sai is a strong championa dn pros like to pick her from time to time. Whats not okey is she has 3 skins and shes a 5 year old champion
: Yea I know I can't play Draft Pick until 11:00 and it annoys me cause i get the lane i want more often in draft than in blind, and also i get to ban who ever i really don't want to go up against. So I'm voting a thumbs up on the Permanent Change
to bad riot dont care about OCe baords or this would have thousands of upvotes
: > This is a request from the _**whole**_ of the Oceanic community that play League of Legends. I am a part of the Oceanic Community, and I made no such request. When the first line of your statement is a blatant lie, why should anything that comes after be taken seriously? > This needs to stop. And it needs to stop now. What is your solution? Shall we submit a DNA test upon account creation? Or perhaps sit a language Exam, to make sure we don't know any other language than English? What exactly do you want to happen? I'm curious here. > filled with Chinese players It's also filled with Australian players, and in terms of sheer numbers, I'd hazard a guess that there are more Australian/NZ players causing problems than players of any other specific demographic. I can tell you, I've been flamed at a lot lot lot lot LOT more in English than I have in any other language. So from my perspective, it's the English speaking players that are the problem. Maybe we should look at us before targeting anyone else. Or better yet, just treat bad behaviour as bad behaviour regardless of who does it.
bit it isns't a lie majority of legitimatre OCE players noy tranfers are sick of their games ruined by these people that go unpunished i do didagree with it just being Chinese but its mainly people from indoneasia and imigrants into our country
: Hard Agree, but i don't play at specified times (i'm more of a midday-midnight player), and i still encounter them, in lesser numbers, but point remains the same, they do nothing but flame (in their own language so AI does nothing about it), spout equally as racist BS (OCE Dog, AU Dog, etc...) if they can be racist toward us and get away with it, whilst also ruining the game so its unwinnable, Why can't we, they're a fucking problem that needs to be sorted, Server lock OCE to OCE only players, they have their own fucking servers to use.
WiFilter (OCE)
: then dont play, this behavior shows that your attitude will not change regardless.
you're not reading my comment are you lmfao? there is no "my behavior" its other players behavior not mine omegalol my comment is basically saying you can "reform" but it takes effort you're own effort, i still think riots system is shit and i also still like shit talking trolls but not in ways that can get you banned. League is a great game story art skins lore ect balance not so much but holy hell can people be %%%%s sometimes lol
Choopi (OCE)
: Unban. 11/6/2017
used to get permi every few months because i like to shit talk trash players or trolls or inters kinda stupid if you ask me ive enver flamed anyone inocent lmfao but w/e. ive only had to permi bans in the last year and a half at the start of this year that accoount was almost a year old and then 2 weeks ago i got my main account banned for extremely unfair shit but its riots rules they dont care and i cant do anything about it I would say ive reformed but i still like shit talking
: > [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EOiihRQv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-11T07:10:25.989+0000) > > Yeh, people "hording" summoner names is annoying. I honestly think the name decay system needs to be revised to promote actual commitment in retaining the names, rather than simply being able to play 1 game every 6 months minimum, or 2.5 years for level 30+ accounts. > > Unless that person actually spent money to grab the name, they really shouldn't have it, as new account *shouldn't* be able to take inactive Summoner names from other accounts (refer to the [Inactive Summoner Name Rules](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751914) support page. If you're interested in pursuing that, you can try submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) about it and see what conclusion they come to. Unless they bought a name change on a level 4 account, then they took it off that account. I can't really do much if they did buy a name change, but the fact that I cannot take the name when they play 6 games a year is bullcrap. This is the third name I have lost to low-level accounts hoarding the names. It's just a stupid system as a whole.
im in OCE and i have 5 accounts i swap out of when i dodge Grouchy Poro is my main Tiamat taric Chocolate Cake Ornn Bot and Ornn with 100k mastery on Ornn i wouldnt say i horde them as i will play these forever but i do have 5 cool names
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