: Your Kassadin. An assassin not a DPS champion. Your role is to jump into the enemy backline and 2-shot the enemy ADC, not 1v1 the tanks. - The tanks in question Maokai and Nasus, have good sustain and built MR. You didn't build a Morello to cut their healing nor a Void Staff to bypass their MR nor a Haunting Guise to shred their HP. you built 0 tank busting items and wonder why you can't damage tanks. - You built Banshees over Zhonyas and looks like you were building a Luden's or GLP next. Which is the wrong choice. Your a Kassadin. Banshess is to avoid CC. Use your Ult to avoid CC instead and you save a lot of gold. - Your cs was 126 at 39 minutes (3.2 per min). Which is awful. - You had 3 items plus boots and lvl 16. Your enemies had 4.5 items plus boots and lvl 18. Of course they are going to be stronger than you. Stop blaming "bad game mechanics" whens it's you not understanding how your champion is supposed to work and you don't build properly for the situation.
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FreeMCman (OCE)
: I’d be down for duo queuing when season 8 hits, I’m a Leona main but can play most tanky cc based sups
: Silver support looking for adc main to climb with !!
Hey, Im a kalista main with 110k Mastery points and im kinda looking for a support main to climb outta elo hell. I have voice comms too. realistically if you can play alistar or something with HEAVY cc i can hopefully carry the game.
: Cool I can play from about 4 aest and play one or two game, I'll give you an add tomorrow :)
: I'm a Rakan main, would be happy to add you and play some later today. What timezone are you in?
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Chazar (OCE)
: Support looking for adc main
Yo, i dont know if you're still looking, but Im a kalista main looking to get better. Im currently level 23 but i queue norm summoners with my silver 3 friend. Leona would make a good sup, im not generally too toxic unless we're versing a teemo adc or draven {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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