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: I figured out the Azir rework, you're welcome Rito.
I know that I am bit late to the party and everything may have been said already but I believe that Azir's rework should decrease his mobility and increase his damage. After all, he is an emperor who uses his soldiers to defend himself. The range of his abilities should be increased slightly and shifting sands (E) escape mechanic should be removed. This will fit Azir's profile perfectly and will bring some clarity to the issues surrounding his low win rate. This is because he will have an equal distribution of pros and cons allowing him to be beaten; unfortunately. I have been an Azir main for quite some time and I am happy that Riot is taking the time to rework one of the best champions in the game. Either way I am excited that Azir's kit is being reworked so that I can regain the luxury of tearing apart an entire team. He is in safe hands and I know that you will do the right thing.
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: 22 normal wins, 3 howling abyss and a custom
Yeah, obviously the custom doesn't count,
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